Introducing: The VLK Rogue Shotgun

Get up close and personal with the VLK Rogue, a deadly and agile new shotgun now available for all players to earn in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Introducing: The VLK Rogue Shotgun

Get up close and personal with the VLK Rogue, a deadly and agile new shotgun now available for all players to earn in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Expand your close-quarters arsenal with the VLK Rogue shotgun, a new weapon now available for all players to earn in Modern Warfare. The VLK Rogue is a high damage and high mobility shotgun that is extremely customizable. 

Complete the in-game weapon challenge to unlock the VLK Rogue. It won’t be easy, but the reward is worth it. Read on to meet the latest addition to the shotgun class and find out how to complete the challenge.

Meet the VLK Rogue

The VLK Rogue is a 12-gauge mag fed shotgun with extensive options to modify range, stability, and maneuverability. Decimate in tight spaces or compete in the mid-range with a tighter pellet spread or even single shot slug rounds.

Here are just a few things that make the VLK Rogue such a powerful addition to the shotgun class:

1. Extreme Customization

Expand on the VLK Rogue’s short-range capabilities for a hip-firing blaster or gear up for more power at a distance. Adjust pellet spread with Muzzle and Barrel attachments for different playstyles. With nine attachment slots, you can go to either extreme with plenty of variation in the middle. 

2. Pump Grip

The Pump Grip attachment slot is unique to the VLK Rogue, featuring three new attachment options. Each grip comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, but all three offer added recoil control, important for staying on target over successive shots, especially with a kicker like this.

3. Overkill

Not willing to rest all your hopes on close-range power? The VLK Rogue makes for a perfect primary weapon companion using Overkill. Blast enemies around tight corners and inside buildings, then swap to an SMG or assault rifle to cover the mid-range or to finish off fleeing opponents.

How to Complete the Challenge

So how do you unlock the VLK Rogue? Let’s break it down.

1. Navigate to the Loadouts tab.

2. Choose the loadout you want to edit and find the VLK Rogue listed under shotguns.

3. Select the VLK Rogue to view its unlock criteria: “Using a shotgun with 5 attachments, get 7 kills in 15 different matches.”

4. Equip your preferred five-attachment shotgun and get to work.

5. Track your progress at any time by returning to the VLK Rogue in the Shotguns menu. There is no time limit to complete the challenge.

Blueprint Review

Available in the ‘Hang Ten’ bundle, the Pipeline blueprint is a short-range powerhouse wrapped in Hawaiian style. A five-attachment weapon for the hardy and brave, the Pipeline favors mobility and speed over damage range and stability. It excels at clearing Domination flags and Hardpoints and anything up close, with rapid handling to pivot on a dime.

The 6” Revolt attachment offers a short, compact barrel that sacrifices range for speed and agility, with a wider pellet spread for tight spaces. The 5mW Laser improves hip fire accuracy and sprint to fire speed. No Stock and 4 Round Mags stack improve movement and aim down sight speed, so that you can better run down your enemies and take them on up close. Still not fast enough? Stippled Grip Tape further increases aim down sight and sprint to fire speed. Mobility, mobility, mobility.

Pipeline Loadout 

Primary: VLK Rogue Pipeline Blueprint

6” Revolt, 5mW Laser, No Stock, 4 Round Mags, Stippled Grip Tape

Secondary: SMG

Perks: Quick Fix, Overkill, Amped

Specialist: E.O.D., Battle Hardened, Scavenger

Field Upgrade: Trophy System

The Pipeline blueprint decimates at short range, with an attachment mix focused on rapid mobility and hip-fire power. To keep in close-quarters form, equip Overkill with your preferred SMG, aided by the Amped perk for a faster weapon swap. Switch to the SMG for mid-range engagements, or when you don’t have time to reload the Pipeline’s 4 Round Mags.

Quick Fix patches up your wounds more quickly to better handle successive engagements, with Specialist adding protection through E.O.D. and Battle Hardened and finally Scavenger to refill ammo supplies when you’re really on a tear. When you’ve cleared the area and it’s time to defend, throw down the Trophy System to counter incoming grenades and projectiles.

Challenge Tips

Unlocking the VLK Rogue requires some good shotgun practice. Here are our top suggestions for completing the challenge with ease.

1.  Confirm Five Attachments

First, make sure you’re meeting the challenge criteria, which means using a five-attachment shotgun to get 7 kills in 15 different matches. Take an already leveled shotgun and get right to the challenge, or level one up until you have access to five attachments — just know that kills won’t count for the challenge until you’ve got five attachments equipped.

2. Get the Blueprint

Pick up the Pipeline blueprint in the ‘Hang Ten’ bundle to work toward completing the challenge while getting hands on play with the VLK Rogue. Once you gain access to the base version, you should have enough attachments unlocked to make preferred changes, such as increasing the magazine size or tightening pellet spread.

3. Use Quick Fix in Hardpoint

Hardpoint is perfect for racking up quick shotgun kills, on defense and offense. With Quick Fix, you’ll heal up faster after each kill and gain the benefit of increased health regeneration while in the hill. Keep your health in top shape and blast away.

4. Equip Stim

You can never have too much defense when using shotguns. You’re going to take damage, but instead of running away, stay aggressive and force your way up close. Use Stim to recover from damage with minimal downtime. Heal up and get back into the fray.

5. Increase Mobility with Bumper Jumper

The faster you are, the better you’re able to close the distance on enemy players. If you haven’t already, try the Bumper Jumper control layout for easier mantling that doesn’t force you to take your thumb off the right stick on console. This small change improves your ability to mantle and navigate vertically while remaining on target.

And now you’re ready for the challenge. Go get those kills — we’ll see you online.


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