Call of Duty®: Mobile Bootcamp Part 2: Getting Started in the Game: Multiplayer Edition

Learn how to put together a loadout, further navigate the Multiplayer menus, and get a few tips and tricks for success during this guide for post-tutorial action in Call of Duty®: Mobile.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Bootcamp Part 2: Getting Started in the Game: Multiplayer Edition

Learn how to put together a loadout, further navigate the Multiplayer menus, and get a few tips and tricks for success during this guide for post-tutorial action in Call of Duty®: Mobile.

The tutorial is done, those first Multiplayer games have flown by, and now, you have decided to get right back into the fray of Multiplayer.

In this guide, we go over some finer details of Multiplayer, including how to set up a Multiplayer Loadout and Scorestreak build, breaking down some of the game modes that are available to play with, and some basic tips that might help you rack up a few more victories online.

As our old friend Gaz would say, “Let’s do this.”

Building Out a Loadout

Before we talk about in-game Multiplayer strategies, let’s pull back and explore the Loadout menu a bit more.

Here, you will eventually be able to customize five separate loadouts with a Primary and Secondary Weapon, a Soldier type, an Operator Skill, a Lethal Equipment, a Tactical Equipment, and three Perks. Depending on your level, some of these options will be locked and must be earned through levelling up.

On the left side of the screen under your current level is the Primary Weapon slot, which was interacted with during the tutorial. Click this to select a Primary Weapon for use on this Loadout.

Weapon Selection

On this screen, it is possible to filter and sort weapons in only a few taps. The left-most drop-down menu – which shows as “Default” when first opening this menu – gives the option of sorting weapons by Weapon Level, “Get Time,” and Name.

The middle drop-down menu filters weapons by a specific rarity, while the right drop-down menu filters weapons by class. Here are all the weapon classes that are available in Call of Duty®: Mobile:

·       Assault – Usually tailored to excel in mid-range gunfights.

·       Sniper – The preferred weapons of marksmen; recommended for long-range shootouts.

·       LMG – High capacity heavy weapons with longer reloads than most weapons.

·       SMG – Smaller weapons that usually perform well at closer ranges.

·       Shotgun – A weapon class that deals high damage at the cost of a short effective range.

Below the weapon select menu are a few slots where you can pick out a Camo for that weapon and attach an Optic and up to three Attachments, which are earned by levelling up a weapon. These Attachments provide benefits to a weapon including an increased magazine size, reduced recoil, a longer effective range, and more.

After picking up a Primary, select a Secondary Weapon by tapping the menu right below the Primary Weapon menu. This is similar in design to picking out a Primary Weapon, and includes three weapon classes:

·       Pistol – A sidearm that is quick to swap to.

·       Melee – A non-ranged weapon that can knock down an enemy in one hit.

·       Launcher – Shoots explosives to damage enemies, Scorestreaks or both.

Jumping over the Loadout selection widget to the right side of the screen, there are a few menus to select some additional pieces of your loadout. These include:

·       Soldier – Personalize an Operator with cool Skins, Headgear, Backpacks, Clothing, and Suits

·       Operator Skills – Powerful tools that charge over time in battle.

·       Lethal Equipment – Explosive devices and other equipment that can knock down enemies.

·       Tactical Equipment – Equipment that has unique effects in battle against enemies or equipment.

·       Perk Slots 1, 2, and 3 – Items that Modify an Operator in a variety of ways, such as increasing HP recovery rate or concealing you from enemy UAVs.

Scorestreak Selection

Every Operator in Call of Duty: Mobile comes complete with three Scorestreaks, which are earned in-game by taking out enemies and completing objective tasks such as capturing flags or picking up dog tags.

By default, you will have the following Scorestreaks selected:

·       UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that reveals enemy locations on the mini-map.

·       Hunter Killer Drone – Call a Hunter Killer Drone to destroy enemies.

·       Missile – Remote-Controlled Missile with a cluster bomb payload.

After reaching certain levels, this Scorestreak selection will expand with more options that offer other powerful tools to be used in Multiplayer games. You can change Scorestreaks at any time through the Multiplayer menu.

For those just staring out, try equipping the UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, and Airdrop Scorestreaks. These are three of the easier to earn Scorestreaks in game, especially if the Persistence Perk – this makes it so that Scorestreak progression is not reset upon death but doubles the cost of Scorestreaks – is equipped on a loadout.

A Few Words on Multiplayer Game Modes

With the Loadout and Scorestreaks are set, you are now ready to drop back into Multiplayer… But what can you play?

Call of Duty: Mobile comes packed with several different Multiplayer game modes, including but not limited to…

·       Frontline – The game mode that was playable in the Tutorial. Two teams have separate designated spawns on either side of the map. A team earns points whenever one of its members takes down a member of the opposing team.

·       Team Deathmatch – Similar to Frontline, but after the initial spawn at the beginning of a match, spawn locations are randomized.

·       Domination – Work with a team to capture three areas on the map which award points over time.

·       Free-for-All – Every soldier for themselves! Eliminate the other players to earn points.

The Multiplayer menu also lets you choose a preferred map to play on. For those who do not have a map preference, select the Random option before hitting the Start button.

Tips & Tricks for Multiplayer

Learning how to play Call of Duty: Mobile is easy, but mastering it is a whole other story. To be a top-tier Multiplayer player on mobile, or even a Legendary Rank Play soldier, it will take plenty of practice.

With that in mind, here are a few other tips that might help you get one step closer toward that next level, next rank, or another victory:

-        Practice Makes Perfect – Testing out a new weapon or an unfamiliar map in Practice mode, which can be selected in the Multiplayer menu, never hurts. You will get Multiplayer experience in a more controlled environment here but will not earn any Player or Weapon XP.

-        Be in Control – While in Practice or in-game, try a variety of different Sensitivity levels, adjust on-screen button locations and more by using the Settings. The level of customization through here is enough to satisfy nearly every player, so tweak those sliders as much as you desire.

-        Get to Cover! – Standing out in the open is frequently a dangerous move. Use the crouch button to crouch or go prone behind cover, which could act as a defense against incoming fire.

-        Variety is the Spice of Life – Even if you find that “one weapon” that seems to always work, it may be worth your while to try other weapons, especially on maps that are heavier on certain distances for engagements, such as buildings with opportunities for close-quarters action.

-        Squad Up! – Invite friends to group up and play Multiplayer together. Communicate with your team through the in-game chat or get together with your friends IRL for a Call of Duty: Mobile party.

-        Play Hard, Rest Hard – If that one last win isn’t coming, take a break for an hour or for the day. A set of fresh eyes can do a world of difference when trying to keep up with the fast-paced action of Call of Duty: Mobile.

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We’ll see you on the go, and online.


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