Mastering the Commando Division in Call of Duty: WWII

A new Division has been introduced in Call of Duty: WWII. Learn how to become a master Commando with this guide!

by James Mattone on August 31, 2018

In addition to the new Call of Duty: WWII Shadow War DLC Pack, Sledgehammer Games added a brand new Division to Call of Duty: WWII.

The Commando Division are known for dropping into battle via parachute in order to take down enemies efficiently and effectively. That could be chalked up to the rigorous amount of Basic Training they received before the war, which comes into play as part of the Division’s progression.

Commando Progression:

I: Paratrooper insert to designate drop site on spawn

II: Health regenerates quicker & kills trigger healing

III: Multi-kills & headshots grant extra score + ammo

IV: Second Basic Training

When spawning in with the Commando Division, you will drop out of the sky upon your initial deployment, and every spawn after that you will land wherever you place the Paratrooper Insert (the default and required Tactical Grenade for this Division). Use this to tactically insert near an objective or away from where allies usually spawn, and you may be able to confuse or get the jump on enemy forces.

Furthermore, you have full weapon functionality while you drop in, so feel free to open fire on any enemies on the map, especially those who are trying to shoot paratroopers out of the sky.

The next two progression tiers make taking down enemies worth more through healing and score buffs as well as extra ammo. The more enemies you take out, the more you can take full advantage of those bonuses.

Wrapping up progression is the Commando Division’s ability to take a Second Basic Training. Aside from equipping the Specialist Basic Training, this Division is the only one that allows you to have multiple Basic Trainings. Here’s some of the Basic Training combinations we’ve cooked up to get you inspired:

Espionage + Clandestine

Get intel for days with this loadout. Know where enemies are upon respawn with Clandestine’s ping, paint the mini-map for your team by damaging enemies, and once they are eliminated, pick up their Intel packs for your next target.

Duelist + Shifty

Pistol specialists, this one is for you.

This combination allows for dual-wield pistols with two attachments, such as Steady Aim and High Caliber, a deadly combo for those hunting for headshots.

Escalation + Anything

By itself, Escalation is a perfect fit for the Commando Division. With a maxed out Division, each enemy you take out will trigger healing and give faster aim-down-sight speed, and multi-kills will give extra score and ammo PLUS refill the weapon’s magazine. The second Basic Training can be used for whatever fits the loadout, such as Inconspicuous to pair with a suppressed submachine gun, or Lookout for a sniper class.

We hope these tips will help you master the Commando Division and give you a solid jump in Shadow War, so drop in and bring the fight!

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