Warzone Mode Recon: Battle Royale

Fifty teams enter Verdansk, only one gets exfiltrated… This is your mode recon for Battle Royale.

Warzone Mode Recon: Battle Royale

Fifty teams enter Verdansk, only one gets exfiltrated… This is your mode recon for Battle Royale.

Welcome to Warzone Battle Royale - a massive combat arena where 100 plus players are put into squads of trios and fight for survival. 

Here’s your initial three steps for mastering Warzone Battle Royale:

Loot: Drop in with your squad and gear up for combat. Gather weapons, ammo, and armor. 

Upgrade:Complete Contracts, visit Buy Stations, and access your custom loadouts when Loadout Drops appear. 

Survive:Be the last squad alive to win. Eliminate opponents and escape the gas.

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Battle Royale is easy to understand, but difficult to master. Here’s a breakdown of a typical match, as well as some tips on how to be the last trio standing:

Battle Royale Overview

You and your squad start on the infil plane ready to jump out over Verdansk. After the plane crosses a section of the area as marked by your Tac Map, the rear loading ramp drops down, allowing your squad to drop out and parachute down to safety.

At the beginning of a Battle Royale match, the Tac Map shows the first safe area; while you could land anywhere in Verdansk, the circle collapse will shrink the playable area over time, causing those outside of it to eventually succumb to the gas.

Once you hit the ground, your squad’s objective is to survive longer than everyone else in the lobby. Looting items, killing enemies, and completing Contracts all help you outlast the competition, as they will boost your loadout and give you in-match Cash.

Cash can be spent at Buy Stations. Though optional, should you start collecting Cash (by completing Contracts, finding Cash in the environment, or looting foes), you can spend Cash at a Buy Station. Simply find one on the Tac Map (the Shopping Cart icon), visit it, and purchase Armor Plate Bundles, Gas Masks, Killstreaks, a Self-Revive Kit, and even a Loadout Drop, a way to gain your custom loadout – including perks – in Battle Royale.

After a few minutes into the match, the first circle collapse begins, then another cycle starts once the first collapse is complete. You can see how much time is left until the next collapse – or when the current one is over – under the mini Tac Map on the HUD, and you can see where it will collapse on the Tac Map itself.

When your Operator drops to zero health, they enter a downed state and bleed out. You must either be revived by a teammate or use a Self-Revive Kit to keep your inventory and continue fighting. Otherwise, upon your first death, you will be captured as a “Prisoner of Warzone” and sent to the Gulag.

Once in the Gulag, you will be pitted against another fallen player in a 1v1 match for redeployment. Watch other prisoners fight, throw rocks, and study the Gulag map layout to plan for your own fight. 

Winning your Gulag fight gets you back into the game via redeployment. Losing a Gulag fight or dying after being brought back into the match from a Gulag victory, eliminates you from play. However, live members of your squad can redeploy the fallen by purchasing a Redeployment Token at a Buy Station. A fireteam is fully eliminated with no chance to redeploy after all its members are dead and eliminated.

Note: Although there is a Gulag on the Verdansk map, it is not the same area where “Prisoners of Warzone” are taken. 

The game ends when only one fireteam – or part of a fireteam – is left standing. Although the circle collapse can (and will) engulf the entirety of Verdansk, the game does not end until one team is deemed victorious.

Top 5 Tips for Battle Royale

1. Loadout Drop Inbound! Look out for Loadout Drops during a Battle Royale match – or call one in with a purchased Loadout Drop marker – to gain your custom loadout. These Loadout Drops are also marked by smoke and a Tac Map marker, so expect to have some company when trying to gather your custom loadout. Anyone not just the person who called it in can get their loadout from a Loadout Drop, so if you see the Smoke consider pulling off a heist and stealing the drop for yourself. 

2. Consider Completing Contracts. Contracts reward you with loot, Cash, XP, and even special rewards, such as seeing where the next circle collapse will fall. These contracts also stack, meaning that completing more Contracts results in your entire squad getting bigger payouts.

3. Revive and Stay Alive. Make an effort to revive squadmates who have been downed due to a firefight. A squad of three is usually far more powerful than a lone wolf, so leave no Operator behind!

4. Don’t Back Down (or Back Out). Backing out of the game once you’ve been eliminating puts your entire fireteam down an Operator down for the rest of the match. Your teammates can still buy you back into the game with Cash, so don’t give up!

5. Learn from Losses, Celebrate your Victories. Battle Royale is a difficult mode to win. Learn to improve from those losses, and you may soon be telling the rest of the lobby to GET SOME when you are the last squad standing.

Brush up on your Battle Royale skills by playing Practice Mode, available in the Warzone lobby after completing Combat Training which instructs players on the fundamentals of Warzone.

Want more insight on Battle Royale and Warzone? Get complete intel on Warzone including more than 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk identifying over 300 zones, loadout suggestions, and more from the Official Warzone Strategy Guide, available free at CallofDuty.com

Warzone, a massive combat experience from the world ofModern Warfare,is free for all players on March 10.


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