How to Level Up and Prestige in Call of Duty: WWII

We’ve put together these seven tips to help players level up their character and unlock loadouts.

by James Mattone on November 22, 2017

Progression in Call of Duty: WWII should be familiar to Call of Duty fans: each kill or objective play, such as capturing a flag or holding a Hardpoint, will earn a player a certain amount of experience points. Leveling up your soldier through 55 levels of progression will provide more weapon, equipment, and training options for your Divisions, along with free Supply Drops that give you cosmetic customization options, XP boosts and weapons for your soldier.

Whether you want to unlock all of the loadout options in Call of Duty: WWII, or are looking to make it to Master Prestige, here are seven tips to help you level up.

It’s All in the Playlist

Call of Duty: WWII currently offers nine standard playlist options, four hardcore modes, and one featured playlist has a Carentan-only set of games if you purchased the Season Pass.

You may be inclined to play Team Deathmatch right from the Multiplayer lobby menu, as it’s the first option in the list of game modes. However, there’s more experience to be gained if you expand play beyond just TDM.

Assuming you play Team Deathmatch, each kill in that game mode is worth 100 experience points, while other game modes offer other ways to rake in the points. For instance, you can earn 200 experience points from capturing a point in Domination, or 125 points for defending a Hardpoint, or 600 XP for completing one of the attack stages in War Mode.

Objective-based game modes such as Hardpoint, Domination, and War are often the most lucrative ways to earn experience in Call of Duty: WWII, so try to experiment with the different game types to see what fits your style.

Complete those Challenges

Another way to earn a ton of experience quickly is by completing challenges in Multiplayer.

Occasionally, you may find yourself earning a couple hundred or thousand experience points from winning in certain game modes, earning kills in a specific Division or with a Scorestreak, or even by participating in Headquarters activities.

Not all Challenges are easy to come by though. Sometimes, you will have to play different game modes, use certain types of equipment, or get specific medals through tougher tasks like sticking enemies with grenades or earning long killstreaks.

If you want to see all the challenges you can complete in Call of Duty: WWII, go to the Soldier tab in the pause menu, then look for it under the Dossier option. This will provide a good idea of what kind of feats await you in Multiplayer games and beyond.

Take on Orders and Contracts

On top of Challenges, Orders and Contracts also offer an additional path to level up faster by giving you experience points, experience boosts or even Supply Drops.

Orders from Major Howard can be picked up daily or weekly, and are essentially smaller challenges that you can complete in a short period of time. For example, you may be tasked with collecting rifle headshots, and on another you may have to trek into Capture the Flag for a victory. You can find Major Howard directly ahead inside the bunker in HQ.

Contracts, on the other hand, are time-sensitive challenges that expire if you do not complete them, and can be purchased from the Quartermaster with Armory Credits. You’ll find her just to your left when you head into HQ. If you feel like you can earn a lot of kills in a short period of time, then this can become a rewarding way to earn experience.

Sign up for Orders and Contracts whenever you can each week, and you’ll pick up the pace on your journey to higher levels.

Weapon Variety is Key to More XP

You may be asked to use a certain weapon to complete certain orders and challenges, but you can also earn experience by leveling up your weapons and completing their camo challenges.

For each weapon in Call of Duty: WWII, there are 15 different camos to unlock through completing tasks such as earning 100 headshots or one-shot kills, or earning kills while playing as a specific division. Each weapon class also has a special camo for completing all weapon challenges of that specific class, and there may be a special camo in store if you complete every single weapon camo challenge in the game.

These challenges, coupled with bonus experience earned by leveling up your weapons, are sure-fire ways to rack up XP in Multiplayer.

Complete Collections for XP Boosting Weapons

Speaking of weapons, you will have the opportunity to earn epic weapons that give more XP per kill by completing Quartermaster collections.

By opening the Supply Drops that you earn from leveling up and playing the game, you can unlock Emotes, customized Pistol Grips, Uniforms, Calling Cards and more. The items you find will be a part of a different Collection, and you can also unlock individual items in a Collection with Armory Credits, earned through collecting your mail and completing orders.

Upon completion of most Collections, you will earn a weapon variant that gives you a 10% XP boost with each kill. You can see all the sets in the Quartermaster’s Collections section, and keep track of which pieces you need to complete specific Collections. If you want to kick your experience into high gear, figure which Collection contains your favorite weapon, and work towards completing that Collection with the Quartermaster.

Prestige in Call of Duty: WWII

So, you’ve completed your progression all the way to the end of the 55th level. Are you ready to Prestige? If you choose to accept it, you’ll receive ceremony in the HQ, and you can start on the Road to Prestige all over again. But besides the bragging rights, why would you want to Prestige? Here are a few reasons.

First, while you do lose all of your loadout options and have to start from scratch, you can choose one weapon, piece of equipment, Scorestreak, or Training to keep with your soldier. That means that no matter how many times you Prestige, you will always have your trusty M1 Garand or Ball Turret Gunner to fall back on.

Also, resetting your progression means that you will continue to earn Supply Drops through the levelling system. This can allow you to stock up on collection items so you can earn some really neat customization options and weapons.

Hitting Prestige also gives you more Division slots, as well as special Calling Cards, Helmets, and other commemorations for your soldier.

And finally, we won’t spoil what lies beyond the 10th Prestige, but let’s just say you will be handsomely rewarded for the days of play that it took for you to get to that point.

Hopefully these tips will help get you going, and well on your way to Prestige. We’ll look for you on field!

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