10 Tips to Surviving the Battle in Call of Duty®: Mobile Warfare

Our list of tips ‘n tricks to making the best of your loadout, your surroundings, and finishing off your enemies on your way to victory in Warfare.

10 Tips to Surviving the Battle in Call of Duty®: Mobile Warfare

Our list of tips ‘n tricks to making the best of your loadout, your surroundings, and finishing off your enemies on your way to victory in Warfare.

Season Three of Call of Duty: Mobile debuted a new game mode for Battle Royale – Warfare. This large team fight which bears similarities to Ground War means new strategies and new tactics are needed to land on top of the competition in Battle Royale. 

Warfare is available until February 16, so take these tips and do your best to outlast the enemy. 

1.    High Class Warrior

Classes worth special consideration in Warfare are Scout and Defender. Use Scout to get intel on your enemies, as well as see their footpaths. Plus, Scout can help you avoid surprises and know when an area is safe to loot. For the Defender class, the Transform Shield can protect you against an enemy firestorm and Reinforced will buff you against any grenades. 

2.    Dropping In

The initial drop in Warfare comes with its own mix of strategies. Do you want to drop near teammates and loot up in relative safety? Or do you want to find a weapon quickly and eliminate nearby opponents to give your team an early lead? Neither are bad choices and playing riskier isn’t a game ending option, because if you do get killed, you’ll respawn and have a chance for redemption. 

3.    Scavenge and Loot

The collapse still happens at the same rate until it encloses both teams in the small circle. However, this means access to more items to scavenge is cut off. When the final circle does happen, looting will be difficult because of the number of players due to the infinite respawns. With this in mind, get your loadout together sooner rather than later.

4.    Vehicles

When you reach the final circle, vehicle travel can be more difficult because of the number of players still involved in the match. However, in early rounds securing a vehicle, particular a chopper, can be a good strategy. You can take your time looting with the knowledge that a vehicle can zip you out of the collapse. If you manage to find a helicopter, consider loading up with teammates and raining down on enemies below. 

5.    The Joys of Respawn

In Warfare all players have infinite respawns. The goal of the game is to reach 150 points with one kill equaling one point. So, you don’t have to “play your life” whenever you drop in. Feel free to be more aggressive in your approach as getting kills is ultimately what wins game, just be careful not to be taken down too much or you’ll be boosting the enemy’s score. 

6.    Dropping Back In

When dropping back into Warfare, it’s important to consider your loadout. Do you have a powerful arsenal that could down a bunch of enemies like a War Machine? Or is more scavenging needed in order to really be an offensive threat? Make the decision on where to drop in based on your playstyle and if you have the guns to back up your approach. 

7.    Using Equipment

In Warfare, you may come across multiple enemies or drop into a crowd upon respawn. Using equipment, particularly flashbangs, works wonders as both offensive and defensive tools of battle. Consider tossing a piece of equipment to help you rush an enemy or execute a strategic retreat. 

8.    Love Your Loadout

Speaking of loadout, if you find a weapon you love make sure you keep it, even if it runs out of ammo. When you drop back into the match, you’ll be given a full cache of ammo, so that powerful weapon will be up and running again. If it doesn’t help you in this life, it can make all the difference in the next life. 

9.    The Battle for Airdrops

Airdrops are extremely important in Warfare since it is one of the best ways to get quality gear. However, getting a quality loadout is even more important because if you’re stuck with something you don’t like, you’ll get the same arsenal every respawn. Securing an airdrop usually comes with a fight, so be ready and consider the advantages of attacking with teammates. You can use surrounding firefights as cover or a Transform Shield, if you have the Defender class equipped for protection. There are many options to choose, but often a strategy is needed to take an airdrop.  However, if you love your loadout, it may not be worth the risk. 

10.    Teammate Connection

Using a mic in Warfare means a world of difference, you can call out to teammates to help secure airdrops, grab a chopper, or get help from enemy attacks. If you do use a mic, consider pairing it with the Scout class to be the ultimate intel source for your teammates. 

Enjoy Warfare until February 16 and use these tips to help you find victory in every match. 

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