Warzone Mode Recon: Plunder

A mad dash to gather the most Cash; this is Plunder.

Warzone Mode Recon: Plunder

A mad dash to gather the most Cash; this is Plunder.

Battle with your squad to collect the most in-match Cash and escape from the tension-filled combat of the warzone. This new mode requires strategy, teamwork, and an epic race to collect Cash.

Here are the rules of Plunder:

Collect Your Cash: Loot, complete Contracts, and of course, steal it from rival players!

Protect Your Cash: Deposit your Cash at Cash Deposit Helipads and with portable Cash Deposit Balloons. Deposited Cash is safe and cannot be stolen!

Reach $1Million: When a team reaches $1 Million in Cash the Bonus Round is triggered – a two-minute frenzy to collect Cash. At the end of this Bonus Round, the team with the most Cash wins. 

Need more intel? That’s what we’re here for; watch the explainer video below and read on to see our reconnaissance on this new game mode:

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Similar to Battle Royale, the Plunder game mode begins with you and your squad infiltrating Verdansk.

That, as well as the basic mechanics and map, are the lone similarities between Plunder and Battle Royale. There is no circle collapse in Plunder, allowing your squad to access the whole of Verdansk freely. Furthermore, there is no post-death Gulag. When you fall in this warzone, you redeploy automatically after a short period of time.

Your main objective is to collect more Cash than any other squad does. Cash can be earned by completing the following:

Loose and Looted Cash: Gather loose Cash on the ground or in Supply Boxes. This is the easiest way to gain Cash. In Plunder, Supply Boxes are found more frequently than Battle Royale and Cash amounts found in Supply Boxes are increased in order to help squads reach that $1 million mark faster.

Cash Drops: Collecting packages from planes that periodically drop Cash during the match. These are known as Cash Drops. Check your Tac Map and listen close to in-game alerts to see where these planes are dropping free Cash.

Heist: All Banks in Verdansk have vaults with Cash… But their alarm systems are still active, and they will audibly alert nearby squads of your robbery in progress. Consider this a high risk, high reward strategy for gaining Cash in a short amount of time.

Attack Choppers: During the bonus round (the final two-minute frenzy) of a Plunder match, you may begin to see black helicopters appear in the sky. These Choppers will fired down at all players but hold a lot of Cash. Should you engage them (ideally with a rocket launcher) you could find yourself ahead of the pack at the end of the match. This is the most difficult, but potentially the most lucrative, way of getting Cash.

Slaying enemies: Enemies drop a percentage of their total Cash on the ground upon death.

Completing Contracts: Contracts reward a Cash payout to your entire squad upon completion, and the Cash is evenly distributed to all squad-mates that helped complete the Contract.

Cash Deposit Helipad: Find a Cash Deposit Helipad to deposit and protect your Cash. These are found throughout the map and identified on the Tac-Map with a piggy-bank icon. There is no limit to the amount of Cash that can be deposited at a Helipad, but Cash Deposit Helipad are not available until a team reaches 300K.

Cash Deposit Balloon: Utilize a Cash Deposit Balloon, a special Field Upgrade that can be found in Supply Boxes or purchased at Buy Stations and used anywhere in Verdansk. With a Cash Deposit Balloon, you can only deposit a certain amount of funds, so your squad may need to purchase more than one. Cash Deposits are available as soon as the match begins, but they can be destroyed while being used, so pick a safe place to deploy and fill them. 

Buy Stations: There are times where you need to spend Cash to make Cash; Buy Stations allow you to purchase Killstreaks, Armor, Cash Deposit Balloons and more… Albeit at a higher cost than their price in Battle Royale.

Down, But Not Out:Your held Cash drops by a percentage of your total that was carried on your Operator. Cash that has been deposited is safe and not dropped. However, you will respawn back into the match, so the choice is yours: land in safety and connect with your squad or drop back into the fight on that enemy team that stole your Cash. 

Win Conditions: The second any squad’s Cash adds up to $1 million – deposited Cash and carried Cash is added among squadmates to determine this total – the game enters a Bonus Round. As soon as anyone’s cash reaches $1 million it is auto deposited so you can jump right into the fight without worry of losing cash. Any additional Cash earned on top of the $1 Million during the Bonus Round can still be lost. The team with the most Cash after the Bonus Round wins the game. 

Hunting for First: Top squads in Plunder have their general location exposed on the Tac Map, once the first-place team reaches 200K. The leading team will be marked via circle with a Crown in the middle. Additionally, the two squads with the most non-deposited – so carried, not total – Cash will be marked via circle with a money bag in the middle. The smaller the circle around the Crown or money bag, the more Cash they have. 

 Tips for Plunder

1. Respawns are on, BUT… Every death means losing a portion of your Cash and wasting valuable seconds that could be put towards earning more Cash. Those who are alive longer in Plunder tend to become the victors.

2. Tango Down. Taking out enemies may not only reward you with Cash, but also the loot they gathered around Verdansk – including Killstreaks or Cash Deposit Balloons. If a squad is holding a lot of Cash, you may want to engage with them to take them out and take a percentage of their carried Cash. 

3. Explore All of Verdansk. With no circle collapse, all of Verdansk is yours to loot and explore. Taking time to check every house, nook, and cranny may give your squad the Cash needed to put you one step closer to that $1 million mark.

4. Come Prepared with your Loadout. Operators in Plunder drop into Verdansk with the custom loadout of their choosing. Be sure to set that up before loading into a match and sync up with your teammates to ensure that you are a well-balanced squad in terms of weapon coverage and perks.

5. When there’s Smoke, there’s Fire. Active Cash Deposit Helipads and Cash Drops come with smoke, which may alert other teams to your squad’s presence. Be prepared for a fight when drawing close to colored smoke or use it as bait to hunt down other squads.

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