Catch some Air with the Airborne Chip Event starting on November 4 in Call of Duty Mobile

Unlock a new Battle Royale class for Call of Duty Mobile

by Stephanie Glover on November 04, 2019

Another limited time event is taking flight in Call of Duty Mobile – The Airborne Chip Event.  The event starts on November 4 at 4PM PT and ends on November 11 at 4PM PT. Players who complete all the tasks during the event will earn the Airborne class in Battle Royale, enabling you to take flight mid-match and glide over your enemies. 

Want to rise above your foes? Here’s how to unlock the Airborne Class.

Battle Royale Bucket List

There are 10 objectives players must complete to achieve the Airborne Class that range in difficulty: 

Log in 3 total days.

Play 1 Battle Royale match.

Play 2 Battle Royale matches.

Use 1 Operator Skill in Battle Royale.

Use 2 Operator Skill in Battle Royale.

Survive in Battle Royale for 1500 seconds.

Survive in Battle Royale for 3000 seconds.

Kill 5 enemies in Battle Royale.

Kill 10 enemies in Battle Royale.

Place in the top 10 in Battle Royale 2 times.

Many of the objectives overlap, and you could theoretically complete multiple objectives in a single game. Playing a match, killing some enemies with Operator Skills, and placing in the top 10 all in one match could set you on the path to tackling a lot of birds with one stone. Consider working to complete more than one objective at a time to ensure you reap the reward before the event ends. 

Take Flight

Once you complete the objectives, you will unlock the Airborne Class. This class opens a whole new set of Battle Royale tactics and strategies. 

Similar to other classes, Airborne gives you two unique tactical advantages. The Ejection Device summons a catapult that ejects your team into the air and turns on your wingsuit so you can glide. 

You can use the Ejection Device to escape sticky situations, gather visual intel on an area, reach new heights to give your team a vantage point, or take a relatively safer path to a new destination on the map. The choice is yours when and where to use the Ejection Device, but the opportunities within gameplay are limitless. 

The second ability in this class is called Lightweight. Lightweight makes you more buoyant while using the wingsuit. Together, they are the perfect combination for those wanting to perfect an aerial assault. 

If you’re looking to mash up your fight or flight response, complete the objectives and earn the Airborne Class to create new epic moments in Call of Duty Mobile.  The Airborne Chip event starts on November 4 at 4PM PT and ends on November 11 at 4PM; tackle all of the objectives before the event ends and catch some air. 

See you online.  


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