Taking to the Land, Sea, and Sky in Skylanders SuperChargers

We talk to Activision’s Lou Studdert about the new game.

by Scott Lowe on June 18, 2015

In Skylanders SuperChargers, players will experience a brand-new style of play with the introduction of an array of land, sea, and sky-based vehicles. Joining the series’ signature ground-based gameplay, vehicles open up an entirely new range of environments and combat. What’s more, this week we announced that we’re teaming up with Nintendo to bring two of their most iconic characters, Donkey Kong and Bowser, to Skylanders SuperChargers, complete with their own unique toys and vehicles. To learn more about Skylanders SuperChargers and the collaboration with Nintendo, we sat down with Lou Studdert, Associate Producer at Activision at E3 2015. Check it out:

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