Feeling Lucky in Warzone: 10 Tips to Increase Your Odds

A range of tips from drop locations, loadouts, perks, and more that tip the scales in your favor

Feeling Lucky in Warzone: 10 Tips to Increase Your Odds

A range of tips from drop locations, loadouts, perks, and more that tip the scales in your favor

Warzone is a massive cross-platform free-to-play combat experience from the world of Modern Warfare. Warzone features two modes, varying mechanics, and can be conquered through different strategies and tactics. However, you choose to engage in Warzone these ten tips will help increase your chances on the battlefield. 

1.    Adding the Hardline perk to your loadout gives you a 25% off price on Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, and Armor Plates at a Buy Stations. If you are the squad member who is often going shopping, consider adding this to your loadout to get some savings. 

2.    A Perk that can make you a little bit luckier when looting is Kill Chain; it increases the chances of finding Killstreaks, such as UAVs and Cluster Strikes, in Supply Boxes. So, if you’re looking for a lucky break for Killstreaks, ditch the four-leaf clovers and grab this perk.

3.    Consider adding a launcher to your loadout in Plunder to make a different during the bonus round to take out Attack Choppers. Attack Choppers hold tons of Cash and if your team brings one down, it could turn the tide in your favor. 

4.    Before queuing up a match of Plunder, add Pointman to your loadout to increase your earnings. This perk gives all the members of your team more money when contracts are completed.

5.    Weapon Blueprints are ideal for crafting loadouts in Warzone because they allow you to use higher level attachments that you may not have unlocked. Get more insight on Weapon Blueprints here and some suggested loadouts here.

6.    Plan your challenge completions and activate XP tokens to maximize your rewards. For instance, close to completing a daily challenge, weekly challenge, and an Operator Mission? Activate an XP token, then complete all three to get a serious boost to your XP that might be more careful planning than luck. 

7.    Speaking of planning: try flying out to far-flung corners of Verdansk during Plunder matches. Buildings in remote areas, such as above the Dam, are more likely to have unclaimed loot, as other players may be drawn towards named areas. 

8.    There are three variations of the Gulag you can be sent to when you become a “Prisoner of Warzone”. There are unique tips and strategies for each, so study the layout before it’s your time to fight to better your odds. Get insight on each Gulag layout from the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guide

9.    While not necessarily the most important tip, the victors of any Warzone match get their whole crew shown off in an ending cutscene. Consider giving your Operators some cool skins to make all your enemies jealous of both your skills and your taste in fashion. 

10.    In Battle Royale, any player can access a Loadout Drop to get their loadout, even if they didn’t call it in. Look for the red smoke, and you may be rewarded to a distracted foe who is waiting for the drop and access to your loadout once it lands. 

Want more intel on Warzone? Complete details on Warzone can be found in the free Official Warzone Strategy Guide which features of 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk, loadout suggestions, and more, available at CallofDuty.com.

Warzone is live and available now to download. 

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