The Wild, Wild West of Modern Warfare®: The 2v2 Gunfight Tournament Beta Launches Today!

An In-Depth look at the Gunfight Tournament Beta

The Wild, Wild West of Modern Warfare®: The 2v2 Gunfight Tournament Beta Launches Today!

An In-Depth look at the Gunfight Tournament Beta

If you can’t identify the target, you are the target.” – Captain Price, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Gunfight is an intense 2v2 duel available to play in Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer. When the mode first debuted during the Alpha, we gave the community a few tips and tricks, plus an overview of the initial maps.

Now, it’s time to put your skills to the test, and enter the Gunfight Tournament Beta, live now and available for a limited time. Think you have what it takes? Then read on for everything you need to know about the Gunfight Tournament Beta.  

Rules of Play

Gunfight is an intense cage match where players are given one life, one randomly chosen loadout, and one teammate to head into battle and eliminate the opposition. The gameplay of Gunfight remains the same during the tournament, but they are a few other things you need to know about on the road to victory.

The tournament is single elimination with 32 players, 16 teams, and 8 rounds on the way to being crowned the victor. You advance with a win or go back to the lobby with a defeat. For each victory you earn XP and other rewards. For winning the tournament for the first time you can earn a high tier cosmetic reward and XP!

The tournament is bracket style, and you’ll be able to see the teams on both sides of the bracket. You’ll wait at a menu screen before the match and have a little bit of time to choose your Operator and discuss game strategy. Afterwards you’ll load into the game and play your first round. If you win, you’ll advance to the next round. Just note, you may have to wait in the lobby until your opponent finishes their match. 

Map Knowledge

With each of the 2v2 maps, there are some unique tips that can expand your options when making tactical decisions in-game.

Gulag Showers

If you want a bird’s eye-view, you can climb up the sink and get a look at the center of the map. Just make sure the other team doesn’t pick you off while you are gathering intel.

Hill and Pine

Because of the aesthetic of these maps, consider choosing the Grinch Operator, earned by getting 100 headshots in MP, or the Krueger Operator, earned by doing 25 Finishing Moves. These Operators and their skins can help camouflage you on the maps which may give you an edge over your opponent.


The canal is accessible from both spawns, and you can drop down for a stealthier route across the map.


The overtime flag is more exposed than most on this map. Consider other options aside from capturing the flag, if the match comes to it, as running to this open location could be a death sentence.

Stack and King

These two maps have elevated centers which can help you gain visibility on both sides of the map. Just be mindful to use the cover while you’re at the top, so you don’t get easily picked off.

Master of the Duel

Mastering Gunfight requires a unique skillset that stands apart from other MP modes. We’ve listed out our top ten tips to help you bring the best to the tournament.

1.     Communicate: If you have a mic, turn it on and talk it up. Calling out enemy location, health, and other information like “Flag is Up” is a gamechanger. Make sure you clarify with your partner the names of locations, so no one gets confused,

2.     Look with Purpose: You only have one life to live and peeking to gain intel on your opponent’s location can equal death, particular if you are playing with snipers. If you want to peek, be prepared to fire.

3.     Know the Loadout: Does one of your weapons have range? If you only have a pistol, how many bullets are left before it’s gun down and fists blazing? When the round starts make sure you take account of what’s in your loadout and think of creative ways to use it. Don’t forget you have lethal and tactical equipment which are available to use 5 seconds after the round starts.  These can be great to gain a competitive edge in the fight.

4.     Strategize: A round of Gunfight can go by in a flash, so be ready before it starts. Have an initial strategy such as one rushing player and another who stays back and snipes or choose to push from the left with you and your partner to overwhelm an opponent. The choice is yours, but when you see your loadout consider finessing your strategy in a way that utilizes your strengths and fits your playstyle.

5.     Mix it Up: If you go left every time and rush the opponent that may work the first few times. But after a while, the enemy will probably catch on to your strategy. Try to play each round differently while capitalizing on known variables like flag location or if one team has a significantly weaker player.

6.     Know your Strengths and Weaknesses: Speaking of the weaker player…. Nobody is perfect, but if you have weaknesses don’t put them on display for the enemy to exploit. Snipers not your weapon of choice? Play the rusher with the secondary and work with your teammate to pin down the opposition. Not the best at hip-firing? Find a secure and tactical position to mount your weapon and takedown the enemy when they cross your path. You don’t have to be stellar with every weapon in order to win, just play smart and play to your strengths.

7.     Shake it Off: You need to win 6 rounds in Gunfight to claim victory. If you lose a couple of rounds, it may just mean your comeback will be even more epic. With every new loadout, you have a chance to play the game differently. The ‘Shake it Off’ mindset: new loadout, new game.

8.     Capture the Overtime Flag: The end game mechanic of Gunfight brings out new strategies because eliminating opponents isn’t the only way to win. Make the choice between the flag and taking down the enemy wisely. Also, the enemy may plan to rush the flag, so be on alert.

9.     Wait ‘em Out: If NO ONE captures the flag or eliminates the other team, the team with the most health wins. Remember there is no health regeneration in this mode, so if you’ve hit an enemy their health will have depleted. Your team’s health is displayed at the top, and you can estimate enemies’ health with some quality team communication. If you don’t need the flag to win, consider staying back and sniping the flag. If the enemy pushes up, take ‘em out. If not, take the W.

10.  Play with Friends: It’s always better if you know your partner because you know their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, playing with friends makes things more fun. If you do play with a random teammate, check back at tip one (communicate) to make the most out of the experience.

Have fun playing the Gunfight Tournament Beta available now on all platforms!

Stay Frosty.


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