Blackout’s Slept On Stunners Part 2: The Auger DMR

Harness the precise power of the Auger DMR.

Blackout’s Slept On Stunners Part 2: The Auger DMR

Harness the precise power of the Auger DMR.

The Slept On Stunners series aims to shine a light on items that may not be a part of your standard Blackout loadout. In Part 1, we explored the benefits of lugging around the Hellion Salvo and the pros of having a launcher. For Part 2, we tackle one of the most powerful tactical rifles in its class – the Auger DMR.

The Pros and Cons of Assault Rifles

If you’ve played some Blackout matches, you may have gained some understanding of how gravity creates bullet drop-off which affects engagements. Each weapon has a different rate of drop-off due to bullet size, speed, and the distance of the weapon from the opponent. If you go into battle without these considerations often an easy kill can turn into a panicked fight for your life.

Generally speaking, assault rifles are great at medium range. However, simply laying on the trigger often means your aim might not always be on target due to recoil patterns. Plus, corralling recoil may be more difficult with a  farther away target.

Although the assault rifle class are all full-automatics, the key to defeating other players is landing shots on enemy targets, not just rapid firing. That’s why the Auger DMR makes a strong case in ranged fights. It has the capability to hit targets from a distant with less drop-off and a high damage-per-bullet rate, so you can afford to miss a few.

You will be trading in a fully automatic for a semi-auto, but it might be worth considering given the benefits.    

The Silent Sniper

Sniper Rifles don’t allow you to equip the suppressor attachment in Blackout. The trade-off here is they’re so powerful the noise you make with a few rounds could be worth taking out an enemy. However, revealing your location still gives away a key advantage in almost any Blackout situation. With the Auger DMR, you can get range and equip a suppressor.

The ability to deal damage at long ranges with the shroud of a silencer covering your bullets more is worth considering even though you will have to land more shots on target with the Auger than with a sniper rifle.

 A silenced weapon means the directional damage indicator isn’t as strong when an opponent takes a hit. While your target is trying to figure out where they got shot from, consider using that extra time to land those final shots to finish them off. If you’re looking for a silent sniper-type weapon, the Auger DMR might just be for you.

Scopes, Mags, and Versatility

You could make a pretty strong case for the Auger DMR simply due to the versatility it offers. It can truly be modified to fit your playstyle and still have the ability to find success, largely due to its strong damage-per-bullet profile.

If your loadout demands a longer-range, sniper-type weapon, throw on Extended Barrel, a Sniper Scope, and deal heavy damage from long distance. If you prefer to emphasize fast firing and utilize it more as a mid-rage weapon – in the vein of an assault rifle – try a 2X Scope, Grip and Hybrid Magazines (providing extra rounds and faster reload time). The more modest scope allows for quicker ADS time than a sniper scope and the smooth handling of the Grip will help you to track fast-moving enemies to land more shots.

Semi-automatic weapons can be intimidating. However, the Auger DMR is very much worth your time and consideration and can be a deadly additional to your arsenal. Next time you see one in Blackout considering picking it up and trying out some of these insights.

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