Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Surviving the Pandemic and Infected: Final Stand

Fight against or as the undead in Pandemic, the newest Blackout limited-time mode, and Infected: Final Stand, a new twist on the Multiplayer party game mode, as part of the continuation of Operation Apocalypse Z

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Surviving the Pandemic and Infected: Final Stand

Fight against or as the undead in Pandemic, the newest Blackout limited-time mode, and Infected: Final Stand, a new twist on the Multiplayer party game mode, as part of the continuation of Operation Apocalypse Z

Bring out your undead in Multiplayer and Blackout.

In celebration of Operation Apocalypse Z: Survivors, the second phase of the fifth Operation in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Blackout and Multiplayer are both getting new limited-time modes that put you in the middle of a true zombie apocalypse.

Right now in Blackout, a Pandemic has struck the landscape and is turning fallen competitors into zombies, while in Multiplayer, the Infected game mode has been revamped for a more tactical team-based fight for survival.

Here’s what you need to know about Pandemic and Infected: Final Stand, as well as our quick tips that might help you in your quest for survival... or for feasting on the competition. 


Welcome to Pandemic, where your squad goes up against the living and the undead in a test of survival at the height of Operation Apocalypse Z.

This Quad-based game mode drops you and your team onto the post-apocalyptic main map with up to 76 other players in what, at first, seems like a normal game of Blackout. With fog rolling in, you will drop in, scavenge for supplies and attempt to eliminate others....

And only after the first player has been downed will you realize that the Pandemic has begun.

Upon death, any and all players will respawn as a zombie for the remainder of the match. These playable zombies have super speed, jump higher, see human survivors as pulsing red outlines, can stay underwater longer, don’t take fall damage, and can see survivors’ footprints, which is akin to the Tracker Perk in Multiplayer.

While a zombie cannot wield any ballistic weapons, they can swipe at humans and throw two Hell’s Retriever axes per spawn. Two melee attacks to a human player will down them, while the Hell’s Retriever will inflict 100 HP per throw.

Although zombies have only 100 health with no regeneration capabilities nor armor pickups, they’re able to respawn in waves every 15 seconds.

Pointers for Pandemic

Like most Blackout games, the last Quad standing will be victorious, and by standing, we mean surviving.

In other words, take your usual tips for general Blackout survival and apply them here. What you should also plan for, however, are the human-controlled zombies that throw a wrench, or in this case, a glowing axe and decaying limbs into the equation.

After the first few survivors turn undead, be aware of entering tight spaces, such as individual houses or small corridors in buildings, as these welcome close-quarters engagements where a zombie may be at its deadliest.

Keeping your distance against the undead with the help of long-range weapons, such as snipers and tactical rifles, might be a good strategy, as they’ll force zombie players to test their throwing arm in order to deal damage.

Now, being a survivor is great – but what happens if you become a zombie? Don’t fret, fear, or flee the lobby, because it’s a hell of a good time getting some sweet revenge as the undead. Zombie players win if they eliminate all survivors before time runs out.

As a zombie, it’s wise to force close-range engagements, as it gives you the opportunity to hit those reliable melee attacks for nice chunks of damage. So, use your enhanced vision and tracking abilities to scope out survivors, then close the gap with super speed to get up-close and personal.

Alternatively, when it comes to using the Hell’s Retriever, it might be an unexpected source of damage on those who doubt a zombie’s ranged capabilities. Take some practice in Multiplayer or Blackout with the Combat Axe to learn how it arcs and hits targets, and don’t be afraid to chuck that Hail Mary downfield against a pesky survivor.

Infected: Final Stand - Classic Game Mode, New Tricks

In a usual game of Infected, one soul turns undead and tries taking out survivors one by one, growing the horde until everyone in the lobby is Infected.

This time around, however, it’s all a bit different.

Infected: Final Stand is a brand new, round-based mode that places players on two squads that alternate between survivors and zombies, with the first team to four round wins becoming the winner of the match.

Each member of the Zombies team has limited lives to take out all the survivors within the time limit. Survivors choose from pre-set classes and are tasked with either surviving the full length of the round or eliminating all Zombies. Survivors also only have one life, but can be revived by teammates during the round.

Infected: Final Stand - Intel for Success

Those who have played the original Infected might be familiar with to succeed: avoid zombies as the survivors and get right up close to survivors as the zombies.

But with these new rules comes a few new tips.

First, as the survivors, the ability to revive teammates is both a blessing and a curse. Picking up a fallen ally can help extend the chances of winning a round, but most often, a downed teammate might be swarmed by the undead.

Try to use better judgement when a teammate goes down; if an entire horde is surrounding them, take them out first before going for the revive.

As the Zombies, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on those downed survivors, because an overzealous medic could be an easy target if they have tunnel vision toward saving their friend. While it may be better to focus on taking down remaining survivors, consider patrolling near early downed players to potentially avoid a game-changing revive.

Last, but certainly not least, keep in mind that all Zombies have limited lives. As a survivor, it’s important to note that a relentless undead foe might come back for more, while those Zombies will immediately jump back into the fray even after a tough death.

Whether you’re playing Pandemic or Infected: Final Stand, we hope these tips find you well and that you have a lively time experiencing these spine-tingling limited-time modes in Multiplayer and Blackout.

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