It’s Time to Party in Crash Team Rumble Season 2

It’s Time to Party in Crash Team Rumble Season 2

The party never stops when Crash Team Rumble™ Season 2 launches September 12! Get ready for all new ways to play -- new modes, maps, a new hero, and new power -- all releasing during the upcoming season. Grab your friends and hop into the brand-new Party Mode, a 4-player co-op remix that gives fans a fresh take on Rumble. Throw down on two new maps, fraught with danger and new strategies to uncover, and prepare for the arrival of Ripto, who is crashing the party from the Spyro universe!

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Party Mode Brings Fast Paced Co-op to Crash Team Rumble

For players looking to take a breather from competitive matches, Season 2 delivers with Party Mode! Assemble a team of 4 and unwind in 5 distinct mini-game rounds, each with their own challenges. You’ll need to work together as a team to accomplish each task, while simultaneously collecting clocks that increase your remaining time! Master each Party Mode Wave and you may even unlock a secret Boss Wave, the ultimate test of skill for Crash veterans. Every round, your team’s score is calculated based on how quickly you complete each goal, so you’ll need to practice minimizing your time, and maximizing your score!


Party Mode Rounds come in 5 different types:

·      Speed Run – Race through speed pads with your teammates while dodging hazards like bumpers and nitro crates. Players are connected by a tether that increases their speed, but breaks if players move too far apart from their teammates. Don’t leave anyone behind, and race as a group to achieve the best times!

·      What’s Cookin? – Work together to collect specific ingredients and add them to a huge pot that travels around the map. Make sure to communicate with your teammates to ensure you aren’t grabbing the wrong ingredients, and always keep an eye on the pot!

·      Get Lit – Players must use a candle to light lanterns scattered around a massive tower before time runs out. Your candle will burn out, so you’ll need to rely on your teammates to re-light it to keep up the pace. Careful timing and coordination are the keys to success!

·      Dig It – Search across the map for buried bones and reassemble them in the center to uncover a full skeleton! Some bones are larger than others and need multiple players to carry them. Make good use of the ping system, and time your jumps in tandem to ensure the best times.

·     Bounce Balloons (releasing later during Season 2) – Leap high in the sky above Calamity Canyon, and bounce across huge balloons to score points. Each wave generates different sets of balloons; your team will need to bounce on a certain number of each shape to claim victory. Bounce carefully, as multiple players leaping at the same balloon may find themselves plummeting back to earth!

Dragons Beware, Ripto is Crashing the Party

Say hello to your new king. Ripto is back to cause mayhem and mischief as the newest Booster to join the hero roster! Wielding his scepter, he controls the battlefield with a myriad of deadly and powerful spells. Blast your foes away with huge fireballs, summon lightning to strike enemies into the ground, and conjure huge tsunami waves to leap into the air. In the hands of a skilled player, Ripto can combine his abilities together to create devastating combos. Be on the lookout for his release later during Season 2!


Duke it Out in Two New Maps

No season would be complete without new arenas to throw down. Season 2 brings even more new maps to the table than Season 1, with Waste Deep and Jazz Junction releasing soon. Explore the dangerous sewers of Waste Deep, littered with Cortex’s diabolical experiments. Be the first to activate the relic stations on this map to wreak some mad scientist havoc on the enemy team! Later in the season, players can also rumble on Jazz Junction, a night-time map in the midst of a jazzy jamboree. Boogie with the local musicians and equip game-changing masks to turn the tides of a match. It’s a hectic and playful arena, where no match is ever the same!

Season 2 is live today, complete with an all-new 100 tier Battle Pass! Progress through either the free or premium track, and unlock new skins, cosmetics, music, and more. The Season 2 Premium Battle Pass is included with the Crash Team Rumble Deluxe Edition, or available via separate purchase for 950 Crash Coins for Standard Edition owners. Completing all 100 tiers of the Season 2 Premium Battle pass will also reward you with 1000 Crash Coins total.

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