New Weapons, New Challenges, a Special Treat for Season Pass Holders and More in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Build a whole new loadout starting today, with a brand-new unique energy rifle that Season Pass holders can access right away, along with a new melee weapon to add to the mix.

by Kevin Kelly on February 28, 2017

While the winter-themed fun of ‘Tis the Season might be melting into our memories with spring on the way, there is plenty of new lethal loot available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare starting today.



First up, Season Pass holders can get their hands on a brand-new weapon right now. It’s the R-VN assault rifle: a two-round burst, auto-fire, energy rifle can also be split into melee mode for faster movement and one-hit kills. When you crack this thing in half and charge into your enemies, it works sort of like a very lethal defibrillator.

If you already have a Season Pass, you’ll find the base version of the R-VN available in Create a Class right now. Additionally, non-Season Pass holders can earn the base version of the R-VN by getting 200 kills with an energy-based assault rifle (R3K, Type-2, or Volk) that is equipped with an accessory you’ve earned through weapon prestige. Varieties of the R-VN will also be available to all players in Supply Drops, and if you find one of those it will also unlock the base version.

As a reminder, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Season Pass not only gives you immediate access to the R-VN and access to four DLC map packs, including the recently released Sabotage, but Season Pass owners will also get 10 Rare Supply Drops and 1,000 Salvage upon activation. If you haven’t picked up the Season Pass yet, now is the perfect time.


We also have some good news for players both with and without a Season Pass. A slew of weapons that have previously only been available as part of the Quartermaster Collection have moved into the Prototype Lab and are now able to be crafted with Salvage. These include:

  • Reaver – Machete
    Shredder: Melee attacks with this weapon cause enemies to explode
    Stockpile: Increased ammo. (Stacks with Extended Mag)
  • Volk – Corruption
    Mo’ Money: Every kill grants extra experience
    Sharpshooter: Increased damage range. (Stacks with Particle Amp)
  • Erad – Destiny
    Roll the Dice: Gain 1 random attachment when you respawn
    Readiness: Reload faster when mag is empty. (Stacks with Dexterity)
  • DMR-1 – Binary
    Deathbringer: Double kills instantly reload your magazine
    Steady: Reduced hip spread. (Stacks with Laser Sight)
  • DCM-8 – Even Keel
    Stability: Reduced recoil. (Stacks with Foregrip)


A handful of new weapon prototypes are entering the Quartermaster Collection, including a brand-new melee weapon for Infinite Warfare. Up until now, the CQC tactical knife has been all alone under the Melee category in the Secondary Weapon section, but that’s about to change.

Starting today, this blood-splattered new bladed weapon will be available to add to your loadout, and should inspire fear in combatants as you wield it while rounding corners.

  • Axe – Headsman
    Hurl: Can be thrown and picked up
    Haste: Slightly increased movement speed

With these new weapons and new ways to melee, you can give your entire loadout a complete makeover, starting now. Just watch out for those axes.

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