Modern Warfare® Special Ops Briefing: Door Kick

Break into Aniyah Palace with these tips for Door Kick, and you may find yourself beating the Infinity Ward time in no time!

Modern Warfare® Special Ops Briefing: Door Kick

Break into Aniyah Palace with these tips for Door Kick, and you may find yourself beating the Infinity Ward time in no time!

“Infil. Retrieve enemy intel. Move to extraction point.”

The latest update to Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® added a new Classic Special Ops experience for your playing pleasure: Door Kick.

Set at Aniyah Palace, located about two klicks outside of El Nadaar, Urzikstan, this fast-paced experience will test your skills in sweeping multiple rooms for hostile forces and intel.

Here’s a breakdown of what Door Kick entails, the arsenal at your disposal for it, and a few quick tips for acing this Classic Special Ops experience:


After selecting your loadout at the beginning spawn area, you must go forward and collect three key pieces of enemy intel on laptops. Two of them (A and B) are in homes, and the third (C) is within the palace.

During your trek, you will come across hostile forces with a variety of loadouts, such as shotgun-wielding close-quarters defenders and light machine gun toting palace guards. In the road between intel pieces A and B, you will also face off against a vehicle ambush.

Once you collect the third and final intel piece, you will sprint northeast out of the palace and to the extraction site (D) while an enemy Juggernaut chases you down. Then, after activating the extraction zone, you will defend yourself against enemy heavy armor vehicles and another wave of reinforcements as the helicopter hovers down for the rescue.

Throughout this mission, one member of your team will be assigned to use the Chopper Gunner. This player will frequently assist the rest of your squad on the ground in wiping out all hostile forces with heavy machine gun fire and rockets.

A 3-star ranking requires you to complete this mission within 3 minutes. The Infinity Ward time to accomplish this mission, set by the developer’s best Operators, is set to 2 minutes, 48 seconds.


Your Arsenal

Classic Special Ops experiences limit your loadout to only a few weapons and equipment pieces. Here are the weapons you can choose from:

·      Assault Rifle– The default primary weapon is an all-around wise choice, as it can allow you to deal with defenders at all ranges.

·      Pistol– Your default secondary is a great backup weapon, especially when your AR runs dry. However, there are four weapons on the table you may want to swap the pistol out for.

·      Shotgun– This will clear tight rooms efficiently, which may come in handy when collecting the first two intel pieces. As the mission progresses, however, you may want to swap this out for an enemy weapon with more range.

·      Submachine Gun– Fast-firing and effective at close-range, the SMG may also make the two initial sweeps easier while still holding its own at medium distance.

·      Marksman Rifle– One shot, one kill; this can pack a punch in the latter half of the mission as you invade the spacious palace and defend against enemy forces.

·      Light Machine Gun– While we don’t like to play favorites, an LMG could do major work in the second half of this mission. Capable of fighting those at a distance and being the most powerful against Juggernauts, the only downside to this weapon is the sluggish reload time, which may leave you vulnerable to a counter attack.

Here’s your choice of equipment:

·      Frag Grenades– A serviceable starting lethal that can help knock out small rooms.

·      C4 – The alternate lethal grenade can do more damage to vehicles than a frag but using it effectively may take some practice.

·      Snapshot Grenades– Your starting tactical grenade gives an impressive amount of intel on enemy locations in small spaces, such as in the houses where the first two objectives lie.

·      Flash Grenades– An alternative to Snapshot Grenades, these may be helpful when you want to blind and disorient groups of enemies rather than know their positions.

Quick Tips

·      Use that cover. Enemies within this mission pack a punch, so use cover whenever possible, even if you’re shooting for that Infinity Ward time.

·      Watch your six. Failing to fully clear out an area may cause lingering enemies to follow you as you go to each objective. Be methodical in sweeping out hostile forces, and you won’t have to worry about this.

·      Killstreaks are key. While collecting intel, you’ll come across three Killstreak drops. These are a Sentry Gun, Cluster Strike, and a Juggernaut suit. Using these could be imperative to your survival, especially against enemy Juggernauts and vehicles at the end of the mission.

·      Chop up the palace. Much like the various Killstreaks around the map, the Chopper Gunner is another essential tool for your squad’s survival. It may be in your squad’s best interest to put your finest pilot in the Chopper Gunner seat, as they might have to save your squad from the worst that AQ throws at you.

·      Bring a buddy (or three). If you’re having trouble completing this mission, play it with friends or Modern Warfarecommunity members! Proper teamwork with a variety of loadouts could make getting that Infinity Ward completion time a bit easier!

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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