Mode Recon: Realism

No HUD. No Mini-Map. No Problem.

Mode Recon: Realism

No HUD. No Mini-Map. No Problem.

The Realism Moshpit Playlist is now live in Modern Warfare® Multiplayer. This photorealistic, immersive mode is Modern Warfare gameplay at its purest. Without a HUD, mini-map or loadout information, Realism’s stripped-down interface makes for an exhilarating combat experience that allows players – and their favorite weapons – to shine.

Read up on Realism and get ready to crush this Featured Playlist. 

Stop being nice. Start getting real.

Success in Realism depends on trust. Trust your weapon, trust your guts, and trust your teammates to help the whole squad survive. Not only is there little on-screen guidance – unless you score a friendly UAV – but there are adjustments to certain combat functions. To underscore the high stakes of this mode, Realism dials up the headshot damage big-time, yet limits health regeneration to the standard level.

If you think that makes for a sweaty smokeshow of one-hit-kills and rapid-fire respawns, think again. Adding to the challenge is a total lack of hit markers, point tracking, and earned XP alerts. In other words, there are zero on-screen signifiers that your weapons or tactics are effective. In this setting, each successful hit feels like an achievement.

“Get your teeth out. Time to hunt.”

Out of the box, the Realism Moshpit playlist is stuffed to the brim with a variety of maps and objective modes to keep the competition interesting.

Maps like Azhir Cave, Hackney Yard and Gun Runner all get a Realism treatment – including their Night variants. With a rich visual definition that surpasses even the super-crisp appearance of regular Multiplayer, gamers of all platforms will view each map in a new, realistic light.

To raise the stakes even higher, this Realism Moshpit playlist is all objective modes: Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and Headquarters. 

Objective Guidelines and Lessons for NVG


When this mode gets a twist of Realism, there’s no way to gather intel about enemy movements – other than what you hear from your Operator. So, it’s important to proceed with caution. Without a heads-up display, it can be hard to tell if an enemy is staking out point B, or if point C is protected by a Sentry Gun. 

You can identify teammate movements by the friendly blue dots above their Operators. With that knowledge, try using your teammates’ movements to help gauge enemy positions and good attack points. Just consider returning the favor and communicate when possible or by joining a cluster of teammates at an objective to provide fire support, unleash a Smoke Grenade, or both.


The only on-screen marker in Hardpoint Realism is the hardpoint itself. As with normal Hardpoint, you must be on high alert when occupying the objective. In Realism, it’s important to listen for enemy footprints to know when a threat is approaching.

When hardpoints change, there’s no way to know which map area is up next in rotation. As controlling the hardpoint can be easier when your team reaches the objective first, you might consider sticking closer than usual with your teammates to ensure you all make it to the next rotation alive. Group up and flank the open spaces to keep surprise casualties at a minimum.


It’s challenging enough to capture and hold the HQ, but in Realism, it’s always a fight to the finish.

To get that sweet, sweet enemy intel, consider equipping a UAV Killstreak or switching to the Recon Drone Field Upgrade. Both provide a temporary overview of enemy locations for yourself and your teammates, which can help keep hostiles out of the HQ. 

… This is where it gets dark.

You already know that Realism matches aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Literally. Expect to see Night variant maps in this playlist as well.

With NVGs equipped, Realism is a fight through the shadows of Hackney Yard, Gun Runner, Piccadilly, and Azhir Cave. While the Night variants certainly don’t make Realism easier, there is one benefit. Laser attachments are still a huge component of nighttime play. And without hit markers in play, a well-pointed Laser lets your shots find their intended marks.

Plus, without any on-screen reactions, using a Laser in Realism mode gives you a feel for how your weapons truly perform at their core.

Soon, you’ll be a Reality star.

An immersive experience from start to finish, Realism is one of the best modes for strengthening core combat skills, like aiming and firing. And, after a few matches in the Realism Moshpit playlist, you might get an even better handle on the maps in the mix.

Check out a few of our must-have tips, then get ready to get real.

1.    Team-killing is Off.

It’s still important to Check your fire!, as unnecessary shots can give away your team’s position. But, if one of your bullets strays toward a teammate, it won’t kill them.  

2.    Take mental notes.
Pro tip: keep track of the equipment you use. As there’s no on-screen inventory, it’s easy to forget that your Gas Grenade or Molotov Cocktail slots are empty. Consider looking for teammates’ Munitions Boxes whenever you think a refill is due. The same goes for your Field Upgrade – it may take a few matches until you can predict when it’s ready to use after recharging.

3.    Be patient.

Without intel, it’s possible to cross an enemy’s path when you least expect it. If you’re newer to Realism, consider taking a slower and more cautious pace. Instead of relying on Double Time for a quick sprint, think about using Scavenger, to resupply bullets from dead players, or Tracker, to view enemy footpaths.

4.    Watch your Killcams.

If you go down in combat, it’s always tempting to skip the Killcam and jump right back into battle. But, to make do with the little intel that Realism provides, you should watch the Killcam. Seeing who took you down, from where, and with what weapon, helps you make key tactical adjustments in your next life.

5.    Squad Up

While we wouldn’t call this classic Modern Warfaremode “relaxed,” Realism is still a fun and entertaining competition. So, party up with friends and give your favorite squad a dose of reality in the Realism Moshpit playlist.


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