Introducing SpongeBob™ HeroPants, Arriving February 3

A new SpongeBob experience is coming to Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV.

by Scott Lowe on January 06, 2015

What better way to kick off the New Year than with the announcement of a brand new SpongeBob™ game? Activision and Nickelodeon have teamed up to create SpongeBob™ HeroPants, a new game for Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV.

Take a trip under the sea to the town of Bikini Bottom in a new platforming adventure set after the events of the forthcoming film, The SpongeBob™ Movie: Sponge Out of Water, to be released on February 6. In SpongeBob™ HeroPants, SpongeBob’s dreams are coming to life, altering the very fabric of space and time. Players will progress through alternate manifestations of Bikini Bottom as they attempt to repair SpongeBob’s mind.

To restore order, players will need to employ the unique superpowers of six playable characters— SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton—to solve challenges, battle enemies, and unlock new areas. In addition to platforming combat and exploration, the game features puzzles, boss battles, upgradable skillsets, and a plethora of hidden items to discover. Those that pick up SpongeBob™ HeroPants for Xbox 360 will be able to take advantage of drop-in/drop-out four-person local cooperative play.

SpongeBob™ HeroPants will launch on February 3 — just a few short days before the release of The SpongeBob™ Movie: Sponge Out of Water on February 6.