Call of Duty®: Mobile Weapon Focus: QQ9

Our new series for Mobile focuses in on the latest weapons to hit your smartphone, starting with the fast-firing, high-damage SMG known as the QQ9.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Weapon Focus: QQ9

Our new series for Mobile focuses in on the latest weapons to hit your smartphone, starting with the fast-firing, high-damage SMG known as the QQ9.

Released during Radioactive Agent, the QQ9 SMG is the latest base weapon to hit Call of Duty: Mobile, and it makes a serious case to be your preferred CQB weapon in your loadouts.

Reaching Tier 21 in this season’s Battle Pass system will grant you the QQ9, as it is a free tier item that does not require the Premium Pass to unlock.


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In this brand-new series for Call of Duty: Mobile, we’ll focus in on the QQ9, break down its strengths, talk about its skins, and show one way to configure it for your next Multiplayer session.

Welcome to Weapon Focus, QQ9 edition:

QQ9 Overview

By definition of its in-game statistics, the QQ9 is a submachine gun with a high fire rate, high damage, great mobility and decent accuracy.

At extreme-close range – within about five meters – and, to a lesser degree, short range – within about ten meters – the QQ9 is incredibly competitive within the category of CQB weapons. Like most SMGs, its effectiveness drops significantly after a dozen or so meters, which is where assault rifles and other weapons start to have a more advantageous damage profile.

Still, even within two dozen meters, the QQ9 has a forgiving-enough profile to hold its own in these types of engagements.

This competitive beast does have to be tamed, however; a high fire rate with such a high caliber leads itself to significant recoil. Expect the weapon to kick high and slightly to the left and right as you continue to aim down range or, to an even greater extent, fire from the hip.

Unlike other weapons, such as the Cordite, the recoil pattern leads to slightly less clustered shots without manual adjustment. However, if you can soothe this savage recoil, the QQ9 can reward you with exceptional accuracy, even if the iron sights may take time to get used to.

As for magazine capacity and reload speed, the QQ9 comes with a standard 30-round mag that takes a few seconds to swap out. Given the weapon’s fast fire rate, reloads may be commonplace, and those moments of vulnerability could easily leave you open to a counterattack.

Skin Spotlight

Along with its base version, an Epic skin for the QQ9, the QQ9 - Flood, is also available within the Radioactive Agent Battle Pass.

Reaching Tier 50 with a Premium Pass on your account will grant you this skin which, outside of its functional similarity to the base QQ9, has two weapon perks:

Double kills instantly add bullets into the clip, and kills are broadcasted with effects. While the latter perk shows some flair, the former slightly remedies the QQ9’s base 30-round magazine capacity.

In using the QQ9, it’s worth considering picking up this Epic camo, but you are not at a severe disadvantage with only using the base weapon or opting for another camo if one becomes available in the future.

Configuration Recommendation

Ultimately, the best attachment configuration on the QQ9 is the one you are most comfortable with. However, the above configuration shows one way to kit the weapon to its strengths.

First, because it is a free attachment slot, we filled the optic slot with a Red Dot Sight to give a clearer sight picture while aiming down sights. Then, in order, we put the following three attachments on the QQ9:

Quickdraw quickens aim down sight speed, which makes it faster to get into a position that could result in more accurate fire.

Extended Mag is an obvious boon to the QQ9: it increases the magazine capacity from 30 rounds to 45, decreasing the potential number of times that you need to reload.

Rounding out this attachment trio is the Foregrip, which will aid in managing the weapon’s high vertical recoil.

As for perks, equipment, and Operator Skill, it all revolves around personal preference. Do you choose Lightweight to play into the QQ9’s high mobility? Or Fast Recover to bounce between engagements quicker? In order to advance into the QQ9’s effective range against an enemy, do you prefer disorienting them with a Flashbang Grenade or confusing them with a Smoke Grenade?

All of these choices, Including the attachments you put on the QQ9, is up to what you want to focus on in your loadout, but ultimately, the QQ9 – whether it is the base weapon or its Flood camo – deserves a place within them.

We’ll see you on the go, and online.


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