A Grand Tour of the Call of Duty®: Mobile Battle Royale Map (Part 1)

The Battle Royale map in Call of Duty: Mobile, brings together Call of Duty® history with brand new locales. Look out for these fresh and familiar sights as you loot, hunt, and survive the Battle Royale on mobile!

A Grand Tour of the Call of Duty®: Mobile Battle Royale Map (Part 1)

The Battle Royale map in Call of Duty: Mobile, brings together Call of Duty® history with brand new locales. Look out for these fresh and familiar sights as you loot, hunt, and survive the Battle Royale on mobile!

Call of Duty rich history and countless memorable moments and locales serves as an inspiration for Call of Duty: Mobile.

With the help of Tencent Games, this expanded universe can be in the palms of your hands through Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale map, named “Isolated.” Here, numerous locales from familiar games blend with brand new areas to explore on this massive map.

From west to east, this three-part guide will give you a grand tour of Isolated, highlighting each of the main areas while also giving some tips as to where to find loot and do battle.

Let’s drop in on Isolated, starting with an exploration of the small island located off the west coast of the main landmass:


Landing on the small island’s north shore takes us to the Pier, a seaside town where a seafaring vessel or two usually come to anchor.

Here, several housing complexes give way to plenty of potential loot spawns. In terms of vehicles, it’s common to find a Tactical Raft on the water, and there could even be a Helicopter near the eastern-most trio of houses.

Should you want to take a dip in the ocean and swim north of the Pier, there is an even smaller island with a lone house. This place defines the term “isolation” on Isolated; given its location away from every main area, someone who lands here may find themselves alone, potentially with a decent amount of loot and a few stashes to collect.

Just be sure to bring a boat should you journey to this tiny rock. It’s a long swim back to the main island from here, and the collapse yields for no soldier whether they are on land, sea, or in the air.


The crown jewel of Black Ops, Nuketown defines the other half of the smaller island off the main Isolated map.

Here on Isolated, the original Nuketown is nestled in the bigger community seen outside the main Cul-de-Sac, but the original Green and Yellow houses could still be prime locations to set up a solid defense.

In exploring Nuketown, Pier, and the rest of this tiny island, be aware of where the collapse settles. Should the safe area fall on Isolated’s main island, it may be wise to find a Patrol Boat to make a quick escape. Otherwise, there are two main bridges that span across the ocean, including one that leads us to our next notable area. 


Crossing the Northern-most bridge from the smaller island to the main island takes us to the Dock. Here, the layout of the Multiplayer map Shipment from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare® is nestled among the containers.

Shipment is known among Multiplayer veterans for having plenty of frenetic action in close quarters.

Within the confines of its container set, Shipment on Isolated’s Dock area can also be a place for fast-paced fights, and its containers could contain some useful items for survival.

It's also possible to get on top of these containers, as well as others, for an overwatch position over this area of the map.


An abandoned railyard sits just southeast of the Dock with two large warehouses highlighting this potentially loot-filled building complex.

This area is based on, and has many similar features to, the eponymous Multiplayer map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

When travelling through this area, look out for enemies who may be walking on the upper catwalks of the southern large warehouse, or even on the pipes outside. This may be where those looking for long-range fights find a high ground advantage, while the interiors of the warehouses and surrounding buildings might be more conducive to close-quarters shootouts.


The multimillion-dollar safehouse is on Isolated in all its swank, yet subtle, glory.

This locale originally appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2® in Multiplayer as a map based on the memorable Loose Ends Campaign mission.

You won’t have to worry about any Shadow Company forces turning up here though; what you should look out for is all the loot that could be potentially stashed here.

The mansion is also on some high ground; those who are on the top floor of the Estate can look down on enemies attempting to breach the safehouse. Should you want to lockdown the Estate, it might be a good idea to use those Deployable Shields at the various entry points to slow down attackers.


East of the Estate is the Forest, a new area to the Call of Duty universe that is definitely unique compared to the other main parts of Isolated.

Though you may be expecting a lush woodland, this Forest is a barren wasteland thanks to the hot and arid climate from the south. It is also technically in a valley with hills to the north and east, with sparse vegetation and craggy outcrops.

With little room to hide, this area is prone to shootouts or drive-by attacks, as a rival player may travel on a single main road that cuts through the heart of this wasteland.

There are a few buildings to explore and loot within this area which, on occasion, can potentially have some powerful items. Given that loot may be found here, however, these houses could become warzones rather quickly if players are not finding much action outside.

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