King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Now Available

Watch the new launch trailer.

by Josh_Engen_ on July 28, 2015

Ever since Sierra announced King's Quest’s resurrection, adventure gamers have been anxiously waiting to experience King Graham's latest exploits. And today's the day; King’s Quest's first chapter, A Knight to Remember, is finally making its way into gamer’s hands. And to celebrate the occasion, Sierra cooked up a brand new launch trailer. Check it out below.

So, how does King's Quest differ from the original? Well, that's a complicated question. The video game industry has changed a lot since King's Quest 8 was released in 1998, and many of the elements that made the original titles unique have become standard. It was one of the first franchises to employ animations and 3D-environments, and it gave players the ability to physically control their on-screen characters. In the 80s, King’s Quest was a technological masterpiece, but gamer expectations have evolved. So, The Odd Gentlemen needed to find a way to modernize the franchise without unraveling its classical roots. The graphics are probably the most noticeable update. The Odd Gentlemen recruited a team of artists to hand-paint the characters and scenery, giving the new King’s Quest a classic feel. This couples nicely with the game’s narrative, which chooses charm and wonder or realism and grit.

However, the narrative itself is probably the game’s most impressive improvement. Branching storylines have become a staple of episodic titles, but The Odd Gentlemen has crafted a narrative that’s not simply about selecting a specific plot line; it’s about how you will be remembered. Every in-game decision influences the overarching plot, so if you want Graham’s story to be about bravery, you'll need to be bold. And if you want it to be about compassion, you'll need to show sympathy toward the in-game characters. A Knight to Remember is a sort-of prequel to the original King's Quest title, which was released way back in 1984. The story follows one of Graham's earliest adventures, happening before he was even a knight. The game is framed as a bedtime story being told by a very old King Graham to his granddaughter, Gwendolyn.

Chapter One is only the first stop for The Odd Gentleman’s King’s Quest revival. Four more chapters are currently in the works, each one following Graham at a different point in his career. So, by the time you’ve polished off the last chapter, you’ll understand why he’s the greatest adventurer in all of Daventry.

If you haven't already downloaded your copy of King's Quest, head over to Sierra’s website and order a copy. And if you'd like to stay up to date on future chapters, don't forget to follow Sierra on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, Activision's Twitter account is always full of news and information.