Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Co-Op First Look

Join together and take on enemies of all shapes.

by Scott Lowe on October 10, 2014

It’s not often that a developer has the opportunity to bring a modern classic into a new generation. With Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, Lucid Games is building upon the series’ outstanding legacy of fast, frenetic gameplay while adding challenging new 3D environments and enemies, boss battles, online multiplayer, and for the first time ever, a new single player campaign called Adventure Mode. But for all of its innovations, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will also mark the return of fan favorite modes and game types, including local co-op for up to four players.


Like Adventure Mode, co-op will task players with progressing through a sequence of levels that blend a variety of environments, challenges, and game types. There are 10 levels in total, each with their own distinctive battle mode, including classics like Pacifism and King, or new modes like Infection. Although players may come to master these modes in singleplayer Adventure Mode, co-op adds new dynamics that require collaboration and strategy. Each level has been optimized for multiple players — opening up the play field and providing a wider view of the map — but as the frequency and volume of enemies increases, evasion and concentrated fire become critical, leaving it up to players to decide whether work together or divide and conquer.


For example, King introduces randomly spawning safe zones, which are the only areas players can fire on enemies from. While each offers protection, the safe zones are active for only a brief period once entered. In singleplayer, a player can jump from safe zone to safe zone with comparative ease, but with multiple players on a map, a team must be mindful of how safe zones are expended or else find themselves without sanctuary. Another mode, Claustrophobia, players must fight to survive as the walls of the environment shift and the map grows smaller, leaving increasingly little room to circumvent enemies.


For those who prefer friendly competition over close collaboration, however, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions also introduces a new online multiplayer component, which will be detailed soon. Fortunately, fans wont' have to wait long to get their hands on the next-generation of Geometry Wars — earlier this week we announced that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will arrive on PS3, PS4, and PC on November 25 and Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 26. Anyone in the Los Angeles area can also check out Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions' co-op mode this weekend at the Indie Cade, which takes place from October 9 to October 12 in Culver City.


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