Skylanders SuperChargers Review Round-Up

See what critics are saying about the new Skylanders.

by Scott Lowe on September 22, 2015

Skylanders SuperChargers is racing its way stores this week and fans have been posting their excitement and launch day photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. But it’s not just the fans raving about Skylanders SuperChargers—critics are praising SuperChargers’ expansion of the Skylanders universe, vehicle-based gameplay, and new characters and toys. In celebration of launch, we’ve rounded up some highlights from reviews thus far. Check them out:


Loads of Fun for Everyone

Superchargers remains the best of the franchise to date, delivering players into a rich tapestry of genres peopled with colorful characters, an amusing storyline and a genuinely fun experience to share with friends and family.” – Polygon 8.5/10

Skylanders SuperChargers has great toys and loads of fun stuff to do. Better still, it isn’t (necessarily) going to break the bank. It gets my dad stamp of approval.” – National Post 8.5/10

“Skylanders, too, continues to pass as one of the best kid-friendly games out there, and thankfully, its appeal doesn't stop at puberty. Skylanders SuperChargers is a fast-paced affair, never lingering in one spot for too long, always offering something new and fun to do. It's a great game to play with kids, and one grown ups shouldn't be ashamed to try.” – GameSpot 8/10

“'Skylanders SuperChargers' is that game that can make the toys to life concept feel exciting again. It can pull together different family members locally or online, and you better believe it will make players want to get a boat and plane to augment that vehicular fantasy.” – High-Def Digest 4.5/5

SuperChargers is jam-packed with enough content to fill at least two separate games and it’s all quality stuff. The platforming is as strong as ever and the kart racing is some of the best to come along in years. More still, there are enough mini-games, side-quests and collectibles peppered throughout the experience to result in an almost endless playtime. From top to bottom, SuperChargers is clearly a labor of love and fully deserves the countless hours that people of all ages will be addicted to it.” –Hardcore Gamer 4/5


The New Vehicles

“As solid as the platforming is, it’s the vehicles where SuperChargers shines.” – Hardcore Gamer

"Some of the best boss battles in Skylanders take place when you're driving a land vehicle. One sequence had us (my six-year-old son "drove" while I controlled weapons) chasing a villain in a large airship, dodging mines and firing upon drones in a kinetic display of explosions and flying debris. Another boss fight had me using portals to warp from one large platform to another, chasing down another baddie who flitted from area to area.” – GameSpot

“All three vehicle types control remarkably well--experienced gamers won't have any troubles getting their heads around the controls, but it's notable just how well some of the touches here make it a more accessible game for younger players.” – GameSpot

“The best part of the vehicle missions is how cooperative play works. Instead of having the two local players hop into two vehicles and then try to deal with the visual cacophony of high-speed, button-mashing, split-screen action gaming, Superchargers drops both players into one vehicle. One of the players focuses on driving while the other handles the weapons. It's an excellent pairing that made the cooperative play something to look forward to, and improved upon the basic elements of those action vehicle missions.” – Polygon

“Boating levels are the best, though. Not only does the wavy, translucent water look inviting enough to swim in, you can dive below waves to find hidden routes and then jump back up through the surface to catch a little air. It feels fantastic.” – National Post


So Much to Explore

“While the vehicles adds the most visible "new" element to Skylanders, there's plenty more here that expand upon the series' traditional action adventure (with a little puzzle solving) formula. Nearly every level and area you'll explore in Skylanders comes with a unique gameplay twist.” – GameSpot

“The levels play with gravity, with humor, with painterly backdrops and size. There are even clever tweaks at some of gaming's tropes. Just when you think you've seen it all, you find yourself sitting back down to do something new and spectacular. The best part is that the game never really ends.” – Polygon

“Vicarious Visions has also clearly worked hard to inject some variety in level design. You’ll encounter discombobulating shifts in gravity on one stage, arena-style brawling matches in another, and even a bit of 2D exploration of books in a chapter set in a library.” – National Post

“Being on foot is a good as ever. There's combat, puzzles, platforming, and all kinds of little secrets hidden around.” – High-Def Digest


The New Toys

“As with previous games, placing a toy on the game's physical portal (and the game still accepts all of the older generation Skylander toys) places it within the game world for you to play with. The level of detail on the toys remains impressive, and the vehicles (which often have moving parts like wheels or propellers) are similarly well built.” – GameSpot

“What’s especially cool about the vehicles is how they move. Most of these detailed and beautifully painted toys are articulated, with moving parts ranging from Hot Streak’s blue translucent wheels to Stealth Stinger’s rotating helicopter blades to Reef Ripper’s fanning fin.” – National Post

“I'm talking about the style, which I think is light years beyond where the series has been. Even some of the returning characters that have the SuperChargers treatment are so dramatically different, and for me, better.” – High-Def Digest

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