Prototype and Prototype 2 Arrive on PS4 and Xbox One

Prototype Biohazard Bundle brings the complete Prototype experience to the newest generation of hardware.

by Scott Lowe on July 14, 2015

Ever since the launch of the latest generation of consoles, fans have been asking us if we would be bringing Prototype to the PS4 and Xbox One. Well, I’m happy to deliver the answer: yes, and it happens today. Available as a digital download via the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Game Store, the Prototype Biohazard Bundle includes Prototype and Prototype 2, which have both been updated to feature Full HD rendering, improved framerate, and higher resolution textures and effects. What’s more, the bundle includes all of the DLC that came with the original RADNET Edition of Prototype 2, as well as a majority of the in-game content previously offered through retailer pre-orders.

Prototype Biohazard Bundle is available with an MSRP of $49.99 as a digital download. We’ll also be offering each game individually on August 11 in North America. For all the latest on Prototype and more, stay tuned to the Activision Games Blog, follow @Activision on Twitter.