Mode Recon: Gun Game

Quick with a Pistol, Sharp with a Shotgun: Gun Game is Back!

Mode Recon: Gun Game

Quick with a Pistol, Sharp with a Shotgun: Gun Game is Back!

Play Gun Game, free.

As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ramps up, expect more free modes, maps, and content to join the fray. For now, practice your aim, polish your weapons, and jump into a match: Gun Game is here!

One of the most exciting modes returning to Call of Duty, Gun Game is a longtime fan-fave. Read on to learn how this frantic, Free-For-All mode is a perfect setting for the aspiring weapons expert in all of us.

Pistols at Dawn. Ahem, Spawn.

In Gun Game, players are tested on their gunfighting proficiency. So, all players start the match with an identical handgun, random attachments, and zeroequipment, perks or Field Upgrades.

That’s right: no Frags, Smoke, Proximity Mines, or Dead Silence here. Your kills depend on your ability to point and shoot with accuracy.

To progress to another weapon from your starting pistol, you must get a kill with it. Eliminate an enemy to immediately receive the next weapon with another set of random attachments. Keep getting kills to cycle through the weapons until you reach your final loadout, that’s a little unique.

The only exception to the “zero equipment” rule appears as part of your very last loadout: a Combat Knife and two Throwing Knives. 

“Winning is good for business.”

And we agree. There are three distinct ways to take home the W in Gun Game:

1.    Upgrade all the way to the Combat Knife and execute a Finishing Move.If you’re not already familiar with Finishing Moves, these are accomplished by pressing and holding the melee button. You will execute a devastating kill that’s totally unique to your Operator.

2.    Land a kill with the Throwing Knife. This is where your precision is truly tested. Gun Game matches can really pick up speed, especially toward the end, as everyone strives to get that final loadout. It’s no easy feat hitting a moving target with a Throwing Knife, but that’s why this frenetic game mode makes for great target practice.

3.    Earn the highest score before time’s up. If no one manages to land a Finishing Move or Throwing Knife kill before the time limit, the player with the highest score takes the win. So, don’t fret if you haven’t reached the last loadout. With perseverance, you could still land at the top of the leaderboard.

Fun with the Gunsmith.

Gun Game is one of the best game modes for familiarizing yourself with Modern Warfare’sunique and powerful arsenal of weaponry.

Each gun in the game comes with distinct attachments. These could be perks, under barrel attachments, optics, muzzle attachments, ammo improvements, and so on. A weapon could sport a combination of all attachments, or a mix of just a few.

No matter which weapon you get your hands on, you’ll be able to get up-close and personal with some fine examples of Modern Warfare’s deep weapon tuning. 

XP for days!

Players should expect to cycle through a unique roster of powerful weapons and attachments, including weapons not yet unlocked through gameplay. So, Gun Game has an added benefit: adding to that weapon XP stash.

Any time you kill an enemy, your gun earns XP for later use – even upper-echelon firearms that you haven’t unlocked in Multiplayer.

For instance, earn XP with the AK-47 in Gun Game, and your AK-47 slot will save that XP, even if you haven’t unlocked it yet. Then, when you finally earn the AK-47, voila: you got yourself a head start on leveling up that weapon.

What about melee?

To keep your enemy from advancing to the next weapon, try a melee kill or a full-on Finishing Move. But, watch your own back, too. Fall victim to a well-planned melee attack and you’ll respawn with your previous weapon.

It’s called a demotion, and it doesn’t feel great when you’re on the receiving end. But, you can always try a few swift melee attacks yourself to keep your enemies’ guns a few levels below yours.

Get the lay of the land.

Before you hop into a match, get familiar with a couple fun map environments for Gun Game.

St. Petrograd

The sheer amount of vertical play levels, narrow cross-map routes and sharp turns makes every St. Petrograd match a thrill. And, the large-scale map, with room to explore, keeps things interesting.

Be vigilant in Gun Game: enemies can take to the rooftops for a better view. If you need to move through open areas, slink along walls or the sides of buildings – it’s not like you can throw Smoke to cover your tracks.

Hackney Yard

More medium-sized maps, like Hackney Yard, lead to faster gameplay than in large maps where opponents are spread out.

Get a kill? Be ready to use your weapon as soon as it’s in your hand. You never know where the next enemy could come from. Before you enter the warehouse or tire shop, scan the entrances and listen for nearby footsteps.

Now, pack out.
Gun Game is available right now, for everyone. Head to the lobby to play Gun Game and start earning that weapon XP!

If you’re new to the mode – or need a quick refresh – pick up our top tips first.

A few pointers:

1.    Check your aim.
One missed shot can give away your position, so think before you shoot. You don’t want to fumble a stealthy shot, giving your enemy a chance to shoot back (and earn a new weapon while you’re still working with the same gun). Be patient and don’t rush.

2.  But, everyone is a threat.
If you see movement, that’s your cue to act, or at least strategize how to act. In Gun Game, all players are up against each other, so you must eliminate an enemy as soon as you see one. It would be … unfortunate … if they were to see you first.

3.  Be an expert tracker.

Without Field Upgrades or Perks, you have to use your core senses. Use the red diamond-shaped enemy markers on your distance meter to identify target locations. Pay attention to how the enemy markers grow and shrink to gauge their overall distance from your Operator.

4.  Turn up the volume.

Footsteps are one of the most valuable pieces of intel when playing Gun Game, because your loadouts are so limited. Scale up your expert tracking skills by paying attention to how enemy footsteps sound. Whether loud, soft, fast, or slow, hostile footfalls can tell you if an enemy is above you, behind you, or in the next room. 

5.  Advantageous Play.

Small and medium-sized maps tend to herd opponents toward one another. This can be cause for confusion, which could lead to 2:1 or 3:1 gunfights. Take advantage of the crossfire to eliminate a distracted opponent or sneak in a final bullet, so you get the credit for the kill and progress to your next weapon.

Now, get out there and gun it.


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