The Holidays have arrived with the Winter Festival Grand Prix in Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

Get in the Holiday Spirit with a New Track, Characters, Karts, and More!

The Holidays have arrived with the Winter Festival Grand Prix in Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

Get in the Holiday Spirit with a New Track, Characters, Karts, and More!

Ready up to crash, ahem, dash through the snow in a decked-out nitro sleigh in Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The Winter Festival Grand Prix is set to go live on December 12 at 7 AM PT (3:00 PM UTC)! A yuletide-themed new track, festive skins, holiday karts, and more that’s sure to bring good cheer to all players of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. As with all Grand Prix seasons to date, this content is available for every player who has purchased the game to unlock at no additional cost. All players should have to do is download the update on Thursday and you're ready to roll in a winter wonderland.

Want to know how Crash and friends are celebrating the season? Watch the trailer and read on to get all the details on the Winter Festival Grand Prix. 

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From Cookie to Track

Fresh from the oven, the newest track – Gingerbread Joyride – brings all the fun of the season. This fresh new course is baked and ready for racers to take in the festive sights on their way to the finish line. Enjoy the merry scenery of the gingerbread village and then take in the splendorous sights while you drive by a frosty winter wonderland en route to cruise past the competition. 

Gingerbread Joyride turns up the dial to celebrate the holidays but also brings the intensity of any CTR Nitro-Fueled track. This track is available to all players who download the update at the start of the Winter Festival Grand Prix, so jump in and start your engine.

Tis’ the Season for New Racers

Alongside a new track, some very special new racers are here to join in on the winter fun. First, we’ve seen the demand and had to make it happen - - Rilla Roo makes his way to CTR Nitro-Fueled, available in the Pit Stop this season! Second, Yaya Panda from Crash™ Nitro Kart 2 makes her debut, available in the Pit Stop as well.  Finally, for the first time in CTR Nitro-Fueled, we’re bringing you a brand NEW character that’s not from the Crash (or Spyro) universe.  Move over reindeer, there’s a high-flying moose on the scene.  Welcome Hasty to the CTR Nitro-Fueled family!  Those in tune with Crash history may see a nod to some deep CTR lore with this mammalian aviator. Above all, we wanted to give the game a new character that had personality, style, and who could make a bombastic entrance in this game full of over-the-top characters. Hasty can be unlocked with Nitro Points in the Nitro Gauge this season!

So that’s it for new characters this seas…  wait … this just in!  In time for the holidays, our two favorite CTR TV announcers – Chick ‘n Stew -- have decided to leave the broadcasting booth and hit the track! Not satisfied with clucking it up on the sidelines any longer, our favorite duo will be joining the fray this season as new  racers available in the Pit Stop! 

Celebrate the season with any of these five new racers available through the Winter Festival Grand Prix!

A Festive Sleigh Ride

Want to make sure your holiday ride has all of the holiday spirit?

We’ve got you covered with three themed karts meant to warm any racer’s heart. Plow through the tracks with the Snowplower (unlocked with Nitro Points in the Nitro Gauge), get the sweet and sugary Candy Cone that’s looking stripes above the competition (also unlocked in the Nitro Gauge), or grab the ultimate holiday machine - the Nitro Sleigh (available in the Pit Stop).

Brake for Coco and More in the Pit Stop … including a very Special Spyro Skin

We’ve left our cookies on Gingerbread Joyride, but we’ve got Coco, a baby Coco pajama skin that is. In addition to Coco, don pj’s for baby Crash or grab the reindeer skin for the adult Crash bandicoot. Also, with Arctic Nash and Winter Tawna, we’ve got the skins you need to celebrate in holiday style.

Plus, the holidays are alive with festive pastry wheels, merry paint-jobs, and winter wonderful stickers fit for the season.

But, there’s one Pit Stop item that stands out above the rest – the Winter Guardian Spyro skin. An almost ethereal vision of Spyro, with a sleek icy hue and imposing antlers, the roastmaster gets a new epic look for the season. Pick it up to celebrate the joy of the season and our favorite lovable dragon. 

Winter Rewards

You can earn plenty more holiday rewards this season in the Winter Festival Nitro Gauge. Fill the gauge to get the ugly sweater for Polar that will be a contender in any competition, a slick ski-suit for Hasty that’s ready for the slopes (who knew a Moose could look so svelte?), and more by completing challenges throughout the Winter Festival Grand Prix.

Don’t forget to battle to be the best, or earn the most Nitro Points, and finish in the top 5% of the Grand Prix leaderboards. You’ll be rewarded with the Championship Kart (if you don't already have it) and the Winter Festival signature decal!  

Feel the cheer and start the holidays early on December 12 in the Winter Festival Grand Prix from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

Then be on the lookout for details on Grand Prix #7 after the new year.  Get ready for the post-apocalyptic chaos of Rustland!

Happy Holidays Bandicoots!

Internet required for Grand Prix, Wumpa Coins, Nitro Points, online multiplayer (gaming subscription service sold separately), access to the Pit Stop and other features.

Grand Prix content and timing subject to change.

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