Iron Sights: Verdansk’s Official Magazine, Summer 2020 issue

SHOP BEFORE YOU DROP: Collect in-match currency to purchase Buy Station items and turn the tide of war.

Iron Sights: Verdansk’s Official Magazine, Summer 2020 issue

SHOP BEFORE YOU DROP: Collect in-match currency to purchase Buy Station items and turn the tide of war.

Part 1 - Boxed Goods

Pick up Boxed Goods (Armor or Munitions) to upgrade your stay in Verdansk. All Boxed Goods contain enough supplies for your entire travel group.

For the safety conscious traveler, the best way to not look like a tourist is to blend in with the locals. Better than an anti-theft bag, wear the one-size fits all Armor Plates to dress like a Verdansk native. Plus, you can wear three at once for maximum protection and carry up to eight with the Armor Satchel. 

Looking to “eat”? Better than a food tour, get your fill with a Munitions Box. Best if used before (or after) an intense engagement to fill up an empty Operator. The Munitions Box stocks up the squad so everyone has the energy for whatever comes next. Spread the word to your fellow travelers… a couple of rounds should do the trick. 

Boxed Goods are available via insta-delivery at Buy Stations with zero shipping and handling fees. 

WZFU009 Armor Box
WZFU001 Munitions Box (Not Pictured)

Part 2 - Mail Order Kits

Loadout Drops

"Ramirez - get to the roof and check out the supply drop!"

 - Sgt. Foley, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

During your time in the Battle Royale game mode of Warzone, you may have the opportunity to call in or come across a Loadout Drop package. These packages are directly airlifted in from outside the theater of war and contain all of your Loadouts that you set up in the pre-game menus. 

Loadout Drops allow you to collect your weapons from any of your chosen loadouts. Loadouts are created pre-match in the Loadout menu. They can contain weapon blueprints from the Battle Pass system or elsewhere, or consist of your own Gunsmith creations.

Loadout Drops do come with some pomp and circumstance as they arrive; other players will be able to see smoke and the helicopter drop in the package, turning that immediate area into dangerous territory. It may be wise to scout ahead before and while your Loadout Drop arrives, as you may not be the only one looking for a serious loadout upgrade.

If you don’t come across a Loadout Drop during your travels, then the Buy Station will happily provide you one for a nominal fee. Often a Loadout Drop can be a lifesaver worth every shekel. 

*Note: During Plunder/Blood Money matches Loadout Drops are not available. 

WZKS053  Loadout Drop   $10000

Part 3 - Local Classifieds (Warzone Contracts)

Bounty Hunter Needed – Help wanted on tracking a rogue operative. Operative coordinates and deadline will be sent to HUD upon contract acceptance.

Sitter Needed – Going out of town and need a trusted Operator to secure an area. Location varies. Area coordinates sent upon contract acceptance. 

Lost Gear – Looking for an Operator (Not named Pandora) to open Supply Boxes. Can keep items, just want things to go to a good home. Must open all three Supply Boxes within deadline for $. 

Temp Job – Help. Overrun with blueprints. Need Operator to accept blueprint contract no questions asked. Follow prompts to receive payment - extracted blueprint. 

Most Help Wanted – Operator needed for an undisclosed role in a target practice exercise. Evade your pursuers for given time limited to collect payment. 

Sales Contract – A future season of savings! Get to Buy Stations quick; get a discount. Contact your local Atlas Superstore for more details. 

Part 4 - Get Premium Insurance with Killstreaks

The best insurance plans have your back during the toughest times. Choose from our four available offers that fit your exploration needs: 

Shield Turret is our quality Home Insurance offering. Planning on settling down in one spot? Then get the utmost protection with a Shield Turret to defend your turf. Ideal to protect against ground assaults. 

The Cluster Strike is our signature Umbrella Policy. When the sun is shining, rain down from above with the Cluster Strike. Just make sure you stay out of the cloud and avoid any harmful splashback. 

The Precision Airstrike is Rothwynn’s unique Property Insurance. Deploy to protect a stray Loadout Drop or Cash Drop, cover a teammate’s back, and even protect an area. If you deem something as yours, keep other travelers out with a Precision Airstrike. Recommended for exterior use. 

The UAV is for the nomad in all of us. The ultimate Travel Insurance that goes where you go. Pop one in a pinch or get a survey of the land ahead with a UAV. 

Insurance for your needs, quality by Rothywnn. All Sales Final. For complete trip reimbursement and protection, be sure to visit the Gulag.

WZKS032  Shield Turret (Not Pictured) $2000
WZKS051     Cluster Strike    $3000
WZKS052    Precision Airstrike (Not Pictured)   $3500
WZKS031        UAV (Not Pictured)   $4000

Part 5 - Give the Gift of Travel with Squad Buybacks

"The life you knew before is gone. Today, we fight to bring it back."

 - Captain John Price, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Down, but not out. The Gulag can be an unforgiving place. Even the best Operators can find themselves on the wrong end of a duel. After elimination, their comrades are still fighting the good fight in Verdansk, and now they are at greater risk without the other half of that dynamic duo, third wheel, or fourth wall of defense. For, as the old adage goes, there’s always strength in numbers.

Within the Buy Station, you can purchase individual redeploys for any teammate who has been eliminated during the game. That specific teammate will redeploy via infil plane back into the match, albeit without any loot and minimal Cash on hand.

If one acts during a Fire Sale, Squad Buybacks don’t force you to chose between your fallen comrades. For even the lousiest of teammates is worth the price of $0.  

WZWZ001  Squad Buyback       $4,500 
    $0 (only during Fire Sale)


Part 6 - Self-Care

Take a load off with these two items that promote a healthy you. Breathe easy with the Gas Mask and pick yourself up whenever you’re down with the Self-Revive Kit. For the independent Operator in all of us, no matter the mode, choose self-care medication items for the moments that matter most. Both of Rothywnn’s Self-Care products are available via Insta-delivery when purchased at a Buy Station.

If you can’t afford your medication, a Supply Run Contract may be able to help. 

WZWZ002  Gas Mask (Not Pictured)     $3000
WZWZ003   Self-Revive Kit  $4500

*Modern Warfare Suggested Retail Price (In-Match Cash only). Subject to change. 

Verdansk isn’t a real place. It exists only in Modern Warfare and Warzone so jump in to experience Verdansk the only way you can, in-game.   

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