Submit Your Greatest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Moments in the Point & Shoot Film Festival

Share your most epic clips for all to see.

by Scott Lowe on February 23, 2015

Whether it’s a boost slam double kill or just you and another player having a mid-boost jump shoot-out, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is filled with memorable moments—and we want you to share yours with the world.  Today, we launched the Point & Shoot Film Festival, which gives players the opportunity to share their greatest gameplay experiences from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC for all to see.

By visiting, fans can share their clips, vote on other submissions, and check out KillCameraman Randall Higgins’ picks of the week.  You can browse the best videos through interactive leaderboards or by content type, including footage from specific maps or modes, like Exo Zombies.

To participate, all you have to do is record your epic Advanced Warfare moment through your next-gen console’s built-in software or your preferred capture solution, then upload your submission to YouTube, and share the link through Feel free to get creative with your videos, but naturally, we ask that you adhere to a few basic guidelines. First, you must be 18 years old and up. Second, your clip must be captured from Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC. Next, if you should decide to add commentary to your video, it must not include obscenities. Finally, the video cannot contain any media you don’t own, such as music, graphics, and more.

For inspiration, check out one of my own personal clips that I shared earlier this week:

For more on the Point & Shoot Film Festival, including additional rules and guidelines, check out the official website. As always, stay tuned to the Activision Games Blog for all things Call of Duty, Destiny, Skylanders, and more.