Check Out the New Trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Ascendance DLC

Get a first glimpse at the new DLC pack arriving March 31 on Xbox platforms.

by Scott Lowe on March 24, 2015

Although the launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Ascendance DLC on Xbox One and Xbox 360 may still be a week away, fans can check out a brand new gameplay trailer and get a brief glimpse of the four new multiplayer maps, new episode of Exo Zombies, and epic OHM directed energy weapon arriving on March 31. Revealed last week, Ascendance is the second of four planned DLC packs and adds four new multiplayer maps—Perplex, Site 244, Climate, and Chop Shop—along with a new Exo Grappling Ability. Available in a new Ascendance-exclusive playlist, players will be able to use the new grappling mechanics to quickly propel themselves to elevated vantages across each of the four new maps, creating an awesome new gameplay dynamic.

Ascendance also includes the next installment in the Exo Zombies saga, Infection, which follows the four survivors as they venture outside the walls of the Atlas Corporation facility to a nearby town. The outbreak rages on with new and unexpected mutations, but players will wield new weapons and take refuge in a familiar fast food chain, Bugertown, in their fight for survival.

Ascendance launches on Tuesday, March 31 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 with other platforms to follow. Check out all of the new content, including the new OHM directed energy hybrid weapon, in the trailer above and be sure to tune in to the live broadcast of the Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox this weekend for the world gameplay reveal and more.