Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Winter Docks

A Complete Breakdown of the Gunfight Map Docks in its Festive New Look

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Winter Docks

A Complete Breakdown of the Gunfight Map Docks in its Festive New Look

The Holidays have come to Modern Warfare in a new-themed version of the Gunfight Map, Docks, now entitled: Winter Docks. While this 2v2 playground may have the look of jolly and good cheer, expect a tension-filled fight whenever you hop into a match.

To keep you focused on the match, and not the festivities, we’ve broken down Winter Docks in-depth, so read on for more details.    

Lay of the Land:

Winter Docks is situated on a fairly quiet dock in London. A fog-covered village is to the east of the map with River Thames to the west. On the river, sailboats, tour boats, and other water vehicles cruise by, on the way to their perspective destinations. Back on the dock, the typical well-lit battleground is now set at dusk and adorned with twinkling lights, festive garland, and a light dusting of snow. 

The map holds a few barrels and boxes about that you can mantle, but most notably has two houses centralized on the northern and southern areas of the map. The houses have an upstairs and downstairs and are connected by a dangerously exposed bridge. 

The match starts with teams on the eastern and western spawn behind a wooden wall that provides great initial protection. You can choose to enter either of the houses, rush through the middle and under the bridge, or fall back deeper into spawn behind a small Boat Rental & Tours shack on the western spawn or a black van at the eastern spawn. 

Map Overview:

Docks is a uniformed Gunfight map which means the map is the same for teams at either spawn. You’ll have options in mastering your game strategy; just note that those same options are available to the opposing team.

The house to right out of your spawn (either side) is entered by going up a set of exterior stairs. You can take that path into the house or pull back to the outside area or patio of the second level.  From this vantage point, you’ll have visibility of the patio and upstairs interior of the opposite house, as well as the bridge. 

Inside the house, you’ll have a window that overlooks the entirety of the opposite spawn upstairs, but it leaves your back exposed to enemies. Going downstairs will give you a more protected exit to rush into the opposing spawn.

Going into the house on the left, nets you the same strategies. The only difference is you will start on the lower level and make your way up. The last part of the houses to note is the bridge. From here, you’ll have visibility on both sides of the spawn, but be heavily exposed. It’s a risky move that might not always go in your favor. 

The other portion of the map is a trench filled with sewage. You can get into the trench by jumping down behind your spawn or via a wide entrance located in front of the wooden board that protects the initial spawn.

The overtime flag is at the center of the map underneath the bridge making it a fairly dangerous flag capture should the situation demand it. 

Armament Advice:

Winter Docks, like most Gunfight maps, favors different classes of weapons in different areas of the map. Here’s some weapon specific tips you can utilize when battling in this festive holiday themed map:

·      Handguns – The mobility of pistols is their greatest strength for this map. If you play run and gun, firing on the go with more stability will help to damage or down a foe. Plus, it’s always faster to switch to your pistol in a pinch for a quick fire, instead of reloading.

·      Shotguns – The houses on the map are perfect for close-quarters combat. Consider playing with shotguns here to quickly take out an opponent should you come across one.

·      Submachine Guns – While the map’s small playspace makes submachine guns viable, they might play best if you head to the trench. Pop-up and snap on your enemies with rapid fire for quick eliminations, just mind the recoil.

·      Assault Rifles – This class will always shine above the rest in every area of the map aside from the interiors (which favor shotguns) and sniping from spawn (best suited for snipers and marksman rifle).

·      Light Machine Guns – The high-damage output of LMGs make them great for taking out opponents with precise, on-target shots with fewer bullets. Because of their slower ADS time, be careful when using these in close quarters situations like the houses.

·      Marksman Rifles – When using this weapon consider trying to eliminate your foes in the exterior areas of the maps. Because of the ADS and zoom typically associated with marksman rifles, it might be difficult to accurately aim when battling up close.

·      Sniper Rifles – A long range hero, sniper rifles have a place even on a small Gunfight map like Winter Docks. Consider positioning these weapons on spots you predict your opponents will be like the second-story window of the house. Just remember to fire quickly as the “glint” will be visible to your opponent.

·      Equipment – Smoke stands out above the rest of the equipment to keep your movements covert. Because the starting spawn is so tight, you and your teammate can throw smoke to the areas left and right of your spawn to completely conceal your direction. If your enemies don’t know where you are going, you’ll have a higher chance of taking them by surprise. 

General Tips:

1.   And Slide: In order to move to the sewers, you have to crouch. Crouching slows down your speed and hinders your mobility. Instead if you sprint in the open areas of the sewer trench, you can almost completely slide under the other portions to not lose your mobility.

2.   Peeking Tips: At the initial spawn, the support arches of the bridge partially block the lane in front of you. Instead, look opposite to get visibility on your opponents as soon as they exit spawn.

3.   Aim then Throw: While chucking a grenade to bomb the other team is never bad strategy, look before you toss. If you’re aiming for the house, make sure you are lined up and throw the equipment through the window. Otherwise, it might bounce back off the wall and eliminate you.

4.   Ride the Rails: You can mantle on the railings on the second level of both houses. While the position isn’t the most protected, the vantage point isn’t bad, and it can throw an opponent off-guard as players don’t always look up to clear spaces for enemies.

5.   To Ladder or Not to Ladder: Although the ladder is one way to exit the sewer trench, you can just as easily jump and mantle out. If you want to get out, consider jumping out at a point in the trench where you’ll have some cover. From there, make your next move wisely to take out any foes.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty. Literally.

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