Call of Duty®: Mobile Bootcamp Part 3: Getting Started in the Game: Battle Royale Edition

In this guide, we break down what you should expect in the first few moments of the Call of Duty®: Mobile: Battle Royale experience.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Bootcamp Part 3: Getting Started in the Game: Battle Royale Edition

In this guide, we break down what you should expect in the first few moments of the Call of Duty®: Mobile: Battle Royale experience.

The tutorial is done, those first Multiplayer games have flown by, and now, you are ready to drop into Battle Royale in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Similar to Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4®, Battle Royale in Call of Duty: Mobile is a massive test of survival on a large open map featuring locales from across the Call of Duty universe. Here, you can expect to drop in with up to 99 other players in a fight to see who can come out on top in either Solo, Duo, or four-player competitions.

To access Battle Royale, simply go to the main menu and select the Battle Royale option next to Multiplayer. When selecting Battle Royale mode for the first time, you will see an on-screen card that showcases the basic components of the game mode. Here is what they are in greater detail (as well as a few extra steps to help walk you through this mode):

Select a Game Mode and Camera

Upon entering the Battle Royale lobby, you must choose a camera style: First-Person Perspective (FPP) or Third-Person Perspective (TPP).

First-Person Perspective is what the camera is within Call of Duty®: Mobile Multiplayer. However, if you like seeing an in-game character from a few feet back and having a bit more peripheral vision, choose Third-Person Perspective. Don’t worry; you can switch between the two in the Battle Royale lobby, and TTP/FPP players are split in-game by their preferred camera type.

You can also choose the Battle Royale game type while in the lobby: single-player (designated by the image of a single person), two-player, and four-player squads.

For two and four player games, you will have the option of either inviting friends, going for a “Squad Fill,” which auto-populates the team with fellow players also looking for teams, or turning Squad Fill off, which usually isn’t recommended for these modes.

Choose a Skill (with Classes)

At the beginning of a Battle Royale game, you must choose one out of six Classes. These Classes all have a piece of equipment and perk for use in battle, and are as follows:

Defender: Able to place a Transform Shield, which acts as portable cover. This class also has the Reinforced perk, which raises resistance to all damage except bullets.

Mechanic: This class has an EMP Drone that disables enemy technology for a short period of time. It also has the Engineer ability, granting augmented sight to vehicles, hostile traps, and other equipment.

Scout: Get intel using the Sensor Dart, which can show enemy positions near its location on the mini map, as well as the Tracker ability; which allows you to see fresh footprints from hostile players.

Medic: This class can place a Medical Station that continuously heals the Medic and associated allies within its range. The Medic also has the Master Healer ability, which allows you to heal at a quicker pace and revive teammates faster.

Ninja: As the name suggests, picking this class hushes your movement with the Dead Silence ability. You can also get across the map quickly or rappel up on buildings with the Grapple Gun.

Clown: A wildcard class that uses the undead to inflict attacks. Use the Toy Bomb to summon zombies that only attack hostiles, while also avoiding the undead with the Anti-Zombie ability, which reduces the zombies’ aggression distance.


After selecting your class and moving around during the pre-game warm-up period, the game puts the whole lobby on a plane flying over the Isolated island, the main Battle Royale map.

Pull up the map by pressing it on the top-right portion of screen and determine where you want to drop in before the plane completes is flyover. After pressing the on-screen prompt to drop in, tap and drag around to look at the surrounding area.

Pointing an Operator’s body straight down in this manner will achieve a faster drop, while remaining level will have your soldier gliding down to earth. Either way, at a specific elevation level, a parachute will activate and bring you right down to earth for the start of the Battle Royale.


Once on the ground, you will have to survive against the threat of other players in the lobby and, potentially, the undead.

By default, moving around the map is done by pressing and moving a joystick on the left side of the screen, while the Crouching, Jumping, Firing, and Skill buttons are all on the right side of the screen.

Keep an eye out on the ground for items such as weapons, healing supplies, ammunition, equipment, and armor that will all help in surviving in-game. These items can also be found in supply caches, which are spread out all throughout the map.

The game will automatically select and swap out the best items for you, but items can also be picked up and swapped manually if desired.

During the game, you may come across supply crates that drop from the sky. These sometimes contain powerful items that might turn the tide of battle, but beware; other players may notice these drops too and flock to it.

Another powerful in-game area are Class Upgrade beacons of light. Here, a player can upgrade their respective class’ skills.

Once you pick up a few items, view them all in the Loadout, which is marked by a backpack on the bottom part of the screen.

Moving Quickly and Hiding

So, you found a weapon, got a couple of items, and are ready to fight the good fight.

However, before you go on the attack, be sure to watch out for the collapse.

As time goes on in-game, a circle will appear on the map, which marks a safe zone. Any player standing outside this safe zone will be dealt damage over time until death, so it is best to avoid this collapse and stay inside the safe zone.

That does not necessarily mean to run to the safe zone’s center at every turn; be aware of where other players are on-screen, and consider staying in an area within the safe zone if no players are around, even if it is far away from the center.

This also brings up the topic of hiding; not every engagement in Battle Royale is as quick as in Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Mobile. Sometimes, the player who is smart by using cover and healing items can outlast a rushing player.

Use the crouch button to hide behind cover, and be sure to look around before temporarily finding shelter in a building or close to an object.

Last, but certainly not least, there are a few vehicles on the map that will transport you faster than just walking or running. These range from ground-based ATVs to Light Helicopters.

While these vehicles will expedite movement, be forewarned: the noise from these vehicle’s engines might attract players to your position.

Reviving Teammates (if playing two-player or four-player games)

Should you enter the Battle Royale with teammates, you may have to revive them during the match.

In non-Solo game modes, teammates will drop dog tags when they drop to 0 health. Run over to their dog tag and tap the Revive button to attempt a revive, which takes a couple of seconds in-game.

If done correctly and uninterrupted, your teammate will get back on the plane and be ready to jump right back into battle!


Outside of looting and moving around the massive map, the other fundamental part of Battle Royale is fighting.

Fighting in this game mode is similar to that in Multiplayer; shoot your weapon using the on-screen buttons, consider using that skill if available, and take those enemies down.

If you do, it is possible to look their downed bodies to grab their items, which may or may not be more powerful than what you currently own. More takedowns means more opportunities to loot for potentially powerful gear off opponents, so consider being active and fighting hard, but smart, in Battle Royale.

Survive for as Long as you Can!

In your first few games, getting that first-ever victory may be a bit challenging. That is because up to 100-players, 50 two-player teams, or 25 four-player teams are all vying to become the last soldier standing.

By design, Battle Royale is a hard mode to win, and any victory earned – even if it is just one takedown – should be celebrated.

Keep trying out different classes and drop locations, keep practicing by playing the game, and eventually, you may find yourself claiming victory in the Battle Royale.

Got another 30 minutes to spare? Hop on over to our starting guide to Multiplayer and explore the finer details within this easy to play, difficult to master experience inside Call of Duty: Mobile.

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We’ll see you on the go, and online.


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