Specialist Spotlight: Shedding Some Light on Firebreak

We’re not saying these tips for Firebreak are lit… but they may help you put a fire under the enemy team in your next Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer game.

Specialist Spotlight: Shedding Some Light on Firebreak

We’re not saying these tips for Firebreak are lit… but they may help you put a fire under the enemy team in your next Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer game.

As we’re firing up the grill at the Activision Games Blog now summer is here, we thought we’d spotlight a Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Specialist that would be perfect for a good ol’ cookout: Krystof "Firebreak" Hejek. Here’s our Specialist Spotlight on Firebreak, which breaks down his two biggest strengths and how to counter them:

The Reactor Core

Firebreak’s Specialist Equipment, the Reactor Core, is a powerful area-of-effect tool that can be used both aggressively and defensively on the battlefield.

Upon activation, Firebreak pops open the core and exposes its deadly radiation. The radiation travels through walls and objects and continually emanates by holding the equipment button. The closer an enemy is to this Special Issue Equipment the more severe the damage will be.

While the Reactor Core is exposed, the emanating heat melts incoming bullets lessening their damage, allowing him to withstand more than the average amount of hits. However, the Reactor Core does damage Firebreak if the gauge enters the “red”. The trade-off is once the Reactor Core is in the “red” it deals extra damage and has a larger area of effect.

The Reactor Core is easy to use, but mastery requires a bit of map knowledge, intel on enemy positions, and teamwork. One of the interesting properties of the Reactor Core is its ability to do damage through cover. That means if someone pops one of these open outside of a building next to a wall, people inside can still be cooked by it.

A prime example of this can be found in the Operation Grand Heist trailer right when the map Lockup is being shown off.

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Firebreak pops his Reactor Core underneath a team of enemy forces. That’s definitely one way to consider using the Reactor Core.

If an enemy is on an objective or on high ground, a potentially rewarding strategy is to use the Reactor Core near them and behind cover. It is a potential win-win: the enemy gets roasted like a marshmallow while you avoid facing a potentially huge threat head-on.

The Purifier

If the Reactor Core isn’t hot enough, Firebreak also has a flamethrower he calls the Purifier to crank up the heat.

The Purifier is a highly effective short-range weapon, as the scorching heat will incinerate any foe within a few feet of the barrel. Along with a short range, the Purifier has limited ammunition, so don’t play too much with fire, or the flammable well will run dry.

Due to the weapon’s short range, consider aggressive plays with it and/or use it indoors. If you misjudge the Purifier’s range, you might be easily taken down. Using it in smaller, tighter spaces may maximize the weapon’s potential, especially when multiple enemies are grouped up.

Burn Baby, Burn

For both the Reactor Core and Purifier, enemies are not only damaged, but also sustain burns. Players cannot heal burn damage for about fifteen seconds, resulting in lower overall health. Healing does return, but their health can also be boosted via Crash’s TAK-5.

With this temporary debuff, enemies may become less effective in gunfights, as they have less health to expend before kicking the bucket. This is where teamwork and aggressive play can be effective; after using a Purifier or Reactor Core, your team can mop up those affected by burn with the health advantage.

Cooling Down Firebreak

One of the biggest counters to help ice out this Specialist is the Flak Jacket.

The Flak Jacket has resistance to fire and radiation damage, which is what Firebreak does with both his Special Issue Weaponry and Equipment. Those who have this equipped will take reduced damage from these items, among others. Flak Jack also reduces the duration of a burn wound, so players can heal up quicker.

Flak Jacket costs a Perk 1 slot, and it is a potential direct counter to Firebreak.

Another potential way to limit Firebreak’s effectiveness is Crash’s TAK-5. When activated, it gives all active players max health and a bonus, mitigating the effects of burn. The only drawback about this is the frequency at which the TAK-5 is used; even a great Crash player may only be able to use the TAK-5 once in a game.

Last, but certainly not least, you may have noticed that Firebreak’s arsenal is more effective at short-range. At longer ranges, the Purifier and Reactor Core can’t damage enemies. Using longer ranged weaponry, such as a sniper rifle, and keeping your distance from a Firebreak could be a fantastic way to neutralize his effectiveness.

This, of course, is easier said than done, as any Firebreak aims to deal death up close and personal to their enemies.

No matter how you use Firebreak, he is a unique pick among the Specialist pack and is tough to pass up on for your squad… Yet that could be said for the other Specialists found in Multiplayer.

If you’re looking for another Specialist to use, take a look at our other Spotlights here and be on the lookout for more in the future.

We’ll see you online.

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