Mode Spotlight: The No-Frills Overview to Barebones in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4

This simple rundown of Barebones gives you a good overview about this newly-released game mode.

by James Mattone on April 10, 2019

Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features the Barebones playlist, you can experience matches that capture the classic Black Ops Multiplayer feeling.

No Specialists? No Problem!

The first major difference between Barebones and regular Multiplayer playlists is the absence of Specialists...

Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to show off your favorite Specialist with their customized look. However, both Special Issue Weaponry and Equipment are disabled.

Barebones highlights Specialists’ personal flair rather than their roles and skills in combat. Your loadout comes completely from your created classes, which also have some restrictions within the playlist.

Operator Mods, Gear Also Restricted

In Barebones, Operator Mods, as well as Gear, will not work and are rendered inoperable.

When crafting your loadout, bear in mind that selecting restricted items will waste one of your Create-a-Class picks. You might wish to switch out picks that would have been used on Operator Mods and Gear for a secondary weapon, additional perks, or equipment, and you’ll be good to go.

You Only Use Equipment Once (Or Twice)

Unlike a typical Multiplayer game, Barebones spawns you in with equipment fully charged. However, that equipment can only be used once per life, so think about using that Frag, Molotov, or other piece of equipment wisely.

There are some exceptions to this rule. The Trophy System and Concussion can be doubled up on in Create-A-Class. In other words, for two Pick-10 points, those two equipment pieces can be used twice per life.

And, only for the Combat Axe, if you find your Axe after throwing it (hopefully after it gets lodged into some hapless foe), it can be used over and over again.

No Spawn Selection

Plus, Barebones features the absence of the Select Spawn screen. After a killcam, you’ll immediately spawn back in without the option of choosing where to spawn in. That means you get right back into the action, so it may benefit you to stay alert!

Weapon Focused Gameplay

Barebones focuses on gunplay and tactical decision making – Barebones is all about you and your weapon.

This playlist can be a great way to practice with a particular weapon against live opponents. Focus on hitting your shots, craft the loadout of your choice, and play to your strengths.

We hope you enjoy and play this limited time game mode, and we’ll see you in the pre-game lobby!

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