Introducing Kaos Doom Challenge Mode for Skylanders Trap Team

Players build defenses and take on waves of Kaos’ most wretched minions in the latest challenge mode for Skylanders Trap Team.

by Scott Lowe on September 15, 2014

When it launches on October 5, Skylanders Trap Team will introduce a host of new features and gameplay to the franchise. Alongside series firsts, like the capacity to capture and play as Skylanders' most notorious villains, Skylanders Trap Team will also feature a brand new gametype, called Kaos Doom Challenge Mode, which tasks players with battling waves of enemies with the help of a variety of deployable defenses.


Kaos Challenge Mode blends strategy and traditional combat, as players must unlock and build elemental defenses using Skylanders characters from their collection. After an initial planning phase, the floodgates open and Kaos' minions begin their assault. However, as you repel enemies, you have to keep a close eye on your defenses, making sure enemy forces don't destroy them and repairing them when necessary.



As time goes on, the difficulty increases and enemies become stronger, requiring vigilance and might in order to survive each passing wave — totaling 100 unique waves. For an added challenge, there's also the Mystery Box of Doom, which houses a gigantic villain for you to defeat.


Check out a screenshot from Kaos Doom Challenge Mode above and follow @SkylandersGame on Twitter for updates.