Top Ten Tips for 200-Player Quads in Warzone™

How can you and your squad survive some serious reinforcements in Verdansk? Here are ten tips for the newly expanded 200-player Quad games, live now in Warzone

Top Ten Tips for 200-Player Quads in Warzone™

How can you and your squad survive some serious reinforcements in Verdansk? Here are ten tips for the newly expanded 200-player Quad games, live now in Warzone

Season Four Reloaded is now live and with it came the major expansion of Battle Royale Quads to 200 players.

We’ve already broken down the general tips for Warzone Quads, but a 200-player lobby brings new challenges that expand upon what you already know… Or at least, what you think you know.

Let’s talk about how you can beat the odds with these 10 ways to survive a 200-person Warzone lobby:

10. Don’t Get Overwhelmed. Getting cold feet once you see all those Operators spill out of the plane? Shake off the nerves and remain confident; a scared Operator is just as good as the one who doesn’t show up.

9. Stick Together off and after the Drop. Land together, loot together, fight together, and work to win together.

8. Leave No Stone Unturned. Even with 200 players in a lobby, there are bound to be unchecked houses, tents, and other loot locations, especially when they are far away from a Contract or the safe zone. Quads with an attention to detail may find themselves richer than others, so always check those corners both for enemies and loot.

7. Chaos Control. Multi-team fights may be more commonplace, and you may be a third, fourth or possibly the tenth party to show up to the dance. Do you engage when everyone else’s resources are depleted? Or use the chaos to sneak around? Think tactically about these chaotic moments, and maybe, just maybe, your Quad will survive.

6. Trigger Control. To that point, those with an itchy trigger finger – or ones who ADS with a high-powered optic frequently – will be punished even moreso than usual in a bigger lobby. Scope glints and accidental fire can easily alert quads to your location, and that intel may be all they need to crush you from all sides.

5. Know your Role. A tip that even applies to traditional Quads, not everyone’s skillset is suited for the assault rifle / sniper rifle combo. Although those weapons fit common situations within the Warzone, there are times where a shotgun, launcher, or even a Riot Shield could be the best weapon for survival. In other words, play to your individual strengths to add up to well-rounded Quad.

4. Rides are Here! If your team decides to use vehicles for faster movement or as unconventional offense, it may be best to split up your quad into multiple vehicles to avoid an untimely squad wipe, or at least deploy a Trophy System to defend against rockets and lethal equipment.

3. Prioritize your Challenges. A tip that is crucial during this Triple Feed weekend. Activate Missions or shoot for Officer Rank Challenges based on kill requirements (e.g. Rank 61’s Triple Killer I challenge, which requires you to get 15 Triple Kills), and maybe stray away from ones that involve gathering intel... There are a lot more enemies to fight now, so scavenger hunts may be best suited for respawn-based modes.

2. Win Your Gulags. That 1v1 for an extra life can be the difference between a Quad at full strength and one fighting an Operator down against an even more lopsided numbers game. Second chances are there for a reason – take them.

1. Survive. It’s a Battle Royale. I mean, what did you expect the #1 tip to be? Read up on the Warzone Guide here to learn the basics – and advanced techniques – for survival, and keep trying and changing your approach until your Quad gets that much deserved W.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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