Modern Warfare®: Season Two Brings on the Bundles

New Season Bundles are now available in the Store. Score newly-released weapon blueprints, flashy Operator skins, striking emblems and calling cards, and more!

Modern Warfare®: Season Two Brings on the Bundles

New Season Bundles are now available in the Store. Score newly-released weapon blueprints, flashy Operator skins, striking emblems and calling cards, and more!

The War Rages On

Season Two brings on the new: a new conflict, a new set of maps, and new Operators. As the fight swiftly escalates in Verdansk, this dire situation calls for a different arsenal of weapons and gear.

Besides the 100+ new items to unlock in the Battle Pass system, there’s a trove of state-of-the-art weapons and customizations available in bundles – right now! Pick up a bundle from the Store and get your hands on a sweet set of stylish items, assembled just for Season Two: battle-ready weapon blueprints, Operator skins, emblems, calling cards, charms, and maybe even a few Battle Pass Tier Skips. 

Read on to see what’s coming this Season, and check the Store to explore all the cool new Bundles available now. And, keep your eye on the Store as new content arrives throughout the Season.

Featured Bundles

Available on a rotating basis, Featured Bundles offer the very latest blueprints, Operator skin sets, and thematic gear. These standout bundles are curated for the battlefield, so you’re bound to uncover some next-level weaponry in each. Check out a few of our favorite Season Two Bundles below:

Wasteland Bundle

Lay waste to the enemy with this post-apocalyptic pack for Krueger. Pick up this Featured Bundle and treat Krueger to the ‘Waster’ Operator skin, the ‘Three Strikes’ Finishing Move, and a new Operator quip.

Plus, get the ‘Radioactive’ watch, 2 Battle Pass Tier Skips, an animated emblem, and three tricked-out weapon blueprints. That includes the Legendary ‘End State’ sniper blueprint and the Rare ‘Condenser’ LMG blueprint – two weapons guaranteed to introduce your enemies to the end times.

Executive Armory IV

This one comes straight from the top. Pick up the ‘Executive Armory IV’ to get a stash of weapons and gear that’s good as gold.

Treat your foes to the ‘Golden Rule’ SMG blueprint. Show off your tolerance for risk with the ‘Sell High’ sniper blueprint. And, make bullets rain when you give the ‘Moneymaker’ handgun a shake. 

Get the ‘Executive Armory IV’ bundle now.



This bundle shines so bright, you’ll need to wear shades. Pick up the ‘Supernova’ and get your hands on the mighty ‘Sunspot’ sniper rifle: a Legendary blueprint to make your targets see stars.

Besides the ‘Sunspot,’ this bundle packs a few fiery customizations to keep you lookin’ cool in the heat of battle. Discover the ‘Rogue Wave’ calling card, the ‘Cremation’ emblem and the ‘Fire Hazard’ spray. Get the ‘Supernova’ bundle now before it fades away.


Operator & Identity Bundles

Each of these bundles are tailor-made to showcase an Operator, and new Operator & Identity bundles will arrive every week. Keep checking this section of the Store to style your favorite Operator in the latest look!

Valentine’s Slay Bundle for Minotaur

It’s officially cuffing season. Lock down the ‘Valentine’s Slay’ bundle while it’s still on the market!

You’ll get the ‘Valentaur’ Operator skin for Minotaur, two sweet charms, and a new sticker. But that’s not all: the ‘Valentine’s Slay’ bundle also includes the Epic ‘Heartthrob’ marksman rifle blueprint and the ‘Pixie Cutter’ handgun blueprint. So, make a date with destruction. Pick up the ‘Valentine’s Slay’ and give your foes the kiss of death.

Tactical Human III Bundle for Syd

Syd gets tactical in her new, tailor-made ‘Tactical Human III’ bundle.

Discover an elite array of weapons and gear. Get the Legendary ‘Vespertine’ SMG blueprint, the Epic ‘Greenback’ handgun blueprint, 1 Battle Pass Tier Skip, and the ‘Tactics Tracker’ watch.

That’s not to mention all the new Operator customizations available for Syd. Also included is Syd’s Epic ‘Marathon’ skin, a new voice Quip, and the ‘Precision Point’ Finishing Move. Pick up the ‘Tactical Human III’ now, and help Syd get a little more vicious.

‘Enlisted’ Operator Bundle for Zane

Zane keeps a low profile, but the new ‘Enlisted’ bundle – made just for Zane – gives this D.L. Operator plenty to show off.

Pick up this pack to get Zane’s ‘Militant’ Operator skin, the ‘Hold This’ Finishing Move, and a unique Operator quip. You’ll also snag 1 Battle Pass Tier Skip, an animated calling card, the ‘Night Light’ charm and the Epic ‘Tank’ assault rifle blueprint. 

Weapon Blueprint Bundles

Flex your firepower with new weapon blueprints available in Blueprint Bundles. Each of these curated bundles scores you a unique weapon, with exciting identity customizations thrown in the mix.

Hunter’s Paradise
It’s open season on the competition with the ‘Hunter’s Paradise’ Blueprint Bundle. This woodsy weapons pack offers the Rare ‘Early Riser’ sniper blueprint, plus the ‘Fowl Play’ mallard charm and the animated ‘Squatch’ calling card.


Now, It’s Time to Flex.
The next-level bundles highlighted here aren’t the only packs of Season Two content on the docket. Visit the Store now to see all the new content that awaits you.

And, keep your eye on the Store throughout Season Two. As the war rages on, more Featured Bundles, Operator & Identity Bundles, and Weapon Bundles will appear – so you can get armed for the next advance.

As always: get online, get your gear on, and stay frosty.


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