Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Shoot House

A new Multiplayer map, Shoot House, encourages fast and frenetic play. Here’s how you can conquer it.

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Shoot House

A new Multiplayer map, Shoot House, encourages fast and frenetic play. Here’s how you can conquer it.

On November 8, the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® map pool welcomed in a new locale – Shoot House – for standard Multiplayer experiences.

One of the smallest maps for 6v6 play, Shoot House represents a traditional three-lane, fast-paced design that encourages frenetic engagements and high-octane battles.

Here, in our second Tactical Map Intel, we break down this new map so you can claim Shoot House as your own:

Lay of the Land

Out in the desert of Urzikstan at a classified location, a military shoot house – or training course – was built for stationed soldiers to conduct intense exercises. 

Through a combination of scrap metal, ruined vehicles, containers, plywood, and other raw materials, Shoot House was constructed; a small urban course that trains elite Operators for a variety of combat situations. The map is divided into thirds, with two yellow catwalks acting as the viewing platforms for higher ranking officers to see how their Operators run the course.

Scattered throughout the map are firing range targets; some are decommissioned, while others are part of the training courses and routes that the Operators go through before more serious infiltrations.

The biggest set-piece of note within Shoot House is the large partial husk of a helicopter perched precariously near the map’s center. A symbol of a previous mission that occurred within Urzikstan, this shell looms over the field as a marker for those following – or giving – training orders.

Map Zones:

The second image in the map carousel (below) showcases all the named Zones; locations appearing in the middle of your on-screen map compass. Here is a complete list of them, before we detail tactical advice within each Zone or Zone Grouping:

1. Alpha Gate

2. Courtyard

3. Underpass

4. Forklift

5. Office

6. Junkyard

7. Center

8. Containers

9. Main Street

10. Shanty Town

11. Back Alley

12. Bravo Gate

Map Overview:

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Shoot House, including the Zones, the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image. Swipe or click left or right to see them all:


Map Detail

1. Alpha Gate

This area, one of two main gates into Shoot House, serves as the main spawn location for Allegiance forces.

Outside of this being a spawn area, this part of the map may not be as important as others within Shoot House. Yes, it is where the C flag is for Domination – you’d be remiss to not capture it the second you spawn in – and the Allegiance’s data center location in Cyber Attack, but this feels more like a jumping off point rather than a place where one can gain a tactical advantage.

From here, there are three main routes out of this westernmost part of the map, allowing you and the whole team to switch up strategies should the enemy forces lock down a lane or two.

2. Courtyard

A destroyed truck set ablaze is the icon for this southwest corner of the map, acting as the beginning of the southern route running west to east across Shoot House.

Here, short-range engagements could occur around the ruined vehicle and the concrete blocks next to it.

Alternatively, one can look through the alley to the east and potentially see a hostile force coming from the Shanty Town over the Courtyard. Snipers could peer around the concrete block down range, hop on top of it with the help of a nearby crate, or even peer through the flames of the destroyed vehicle to see what may come from the east.

And, along with these options, a third potential engagement route exists by way of a staircase leading up to the Office. This is where you may want to be careful, as an enemy inside this area with a close-quarters loadout could be particularly deadly.

The Courtyard has significant objective purpose across multiple modes; it’s the fifth location in Headquarters and the A bomb site in Search and Destroy. Because of this the path to the Courtyard from the Junkyard to the east could be dangerous territory and the other two areas of the map’s western portion – the Underpass and Forklift – could be used as potential flank routes into here.

3. Underpass

The Office above this area creates a small makeshift tunnel where two security cameras normally monitor progress within the training course.

While small, the Underpass serves as a transition area to the Shoot House’s Center and a long-range sniping point. With little separating the space between here and the Main Street on the opposite side, this place may serve as a sharpshooter’s haven.

Some snipers may also want to look down this tunnel while up on the workbench within the Alpha Gate area, using the cinderblock wall as cover or a mounting spot.

4. Forklift

A forklift carrying potable water defines the final area of Shoot House’s western third, with a crude white smiley face on a diagonal wall overlooking the action down below.

The forklift and the cargo around it can serve as cover during close-range engagements in this otherwise open space. Furthermore, this area, along with the Courtyard and Alpha Gate, are in mostly open space, making them prime for Killstreak targeting or destroying, depending on who owns the skies at that moment.

Unlike the Underpass and Courtyard, the Forklift does not have a clear sightline deep into the other side of the map, as the Containers section divides up the map’s northern path. Therefore, this route may be better for players utilizing short-range weaponry opposed to the more open central and southern paths across Shoot House where short-range loadouts could be at a disadvantage. 

5. Office

This container set acts as a makeshift office, complete with a whiteboard, couch, and a few desks… Including one with an adorable wall calendar. This office, accessible through staircases from the Courtyard or Container areas, may be used before exercises or in emergencies for briefings, but at other times, this may be where breach-and-clear training sessions may occur.

A breach and clear methodology is a tactic worth considering when infiltrating the office; close engagements may occur within the space, as well as the sweeping of potential traps set up by enemy forces. One might have to take special caution in the southern-most room, as a wall creates a tiny back area with three targets that may also house hostiles.

Those who lock down the Office have an overwatch position on the Containers area into the Back Alley to the east, or, by taking a more dangerous angle, the rest of Shoot House’s central third.

Doing some tactical parkour could also get you from one of these windows across the container sets and over to the Main Street or Center locations… Albeit with plenty of risk given the lack of cover atop the Containers and other high ground.

6. Junkyard

Along with the iconic decommissioned helicopter, the Junkyard contains multiple destroyed vehicles that break up the otherwise open space.

Among these vehicles, close-up engagements are favorable, but what some may not notice is a tiny corner made by the tower holding up the helicopter. While this may be a unique escape routes at times, it can also become a defensive position; taking Captain Price’s “check those corners” adage around this space may just save your life.

In objective game modes, the Junkyard acts as the fourth Headquarters spawn, as well as the first Cyber Attack EMP device location. This not only may make the area more highly trafficked than it was already, but also susceptible to even more crossfire from the west and east.

It would be wise to use the vehicles and walls as cover around here, should a sharpshooter threaten your presence while in the Junkyard.

7. Center

Shoot House’s Center is made for beautiful chaos; although it is partially blocked by tire stacks and sand gabions, there is little cover here outside of four wirework containers of sand in the dead center.

Like the Courtyard and Junkyard, this area could be defined by close combat due to its small size. However, it is also a potential hotbed for crossfire. Not only can sharpshooters from the Underpass and Main Street aim down here, but flankers from the Junkyard and Containers can also cause trouble. And, of course, it’s in the open air, which means Killstreaks could rain down fire here as well.

The Center could be even more hectic across many objective game modes: in Domination, it’s the B flag site, in Hardpoint or Headquarters, it’s the first location, and in Cyber Attack, it’s the second EMP device position.

In other words, be ready for a fight when crossing into the Center; you’re more than likely to find one and, if you’re not careful, you won’t last long here.

8. Containers

Multiple shipping containers mark the northern part of Shoot House’s central third, dividing the area up into an irregular shape that breaks up lines of sight.

Within this area, you could use a weapon with short range lethality to control action between the containers. However, these containers can also be jumped onto with the help of the Office windows or a gabion in the area’s eastern portion.

Running atop the containers may leave you more exposed to crossfire, but it does give a high ground advantage that could catch an enemy by surprise. Alternatively, in the case of the red container block, taking the high ground could lead to a route over to the Main Street.

With its irregular structure, the Containers also offers a unique place for objective play. Whether it is the site of the third Headquarters spawn, the B bomb site in Search and Destroy, or the third EMP device location in Cyber Attack, this area could be great for those using close quarters builds to complete objectives.

A special mention may have to be made of the Container’s purpose in S&D; The Courtyard bomb site is closer to the enemy spawn, which may make the Container’s bomb site easier to assault. However, results may vary; defending teams might overcommit to here, leaving the Courtyard with a lack of defense.

9. Main Street

The middle route within Shoot House’s eastern third, Main Street offers paths from the Center to the Bravo Gate, as well as to the Shanty Town and Containers with the help of some gabions.

Much like the Underpass, there is plenty of open space between the Main Street and the center lane, which may lead to long-range shootouts. And, similar to the Underpass, there is a similar mounting and cover area that can be taken from the Bravo Gate to aim down this perilous path.

The Main Street may also be an important place to fight off invading flankers through the Shanty Town. By jumping up on the gabions and using the wall (or container) for cover, one can see a glimpse of this area, which may be enough to stop someone from breaching too far into the map’s eastern third.

10. Shanty Town

As the name suggests, Shanty Town’s defining feature are some crudely built shacks.

One of them, shown on the right in the image above, is accessible and can be a place for a cage match against an enemy intruder. The other, to the left, is inaccessible, but can be used for cover against those coming or shooting from the west.

The area’s northwest corner has a gabion stack that leads to the Main Street. Just like the gabions on the Main Street, these can be used as an unconventional route between lanes, or a perch to check on those within the street or on top of the containers.

In Headquarters, Shanty Town marks the second location. Given its design, expect it to be a popular spot for close-quarters combat where players should consider looking out for enemies and lethal equipment.

11. Back Alley

Another area of tactical importance on Shoot House is the Back Alley, a rather unobstructed space like the Forklift that it has partial symmetry to.

Here, a concrete slab breaks up the otherwise open areas, which may help those who use mid-range weapons – i.e. assault rifles – get some distance in between them and close quarters build users. Those who may have to fend those rifle users off may want to hug the concrete center for cover.

The Back Alley also has a slightly better view of the Containers section than the Forklift. With that in mind, using caution when peeking down the space between the Back Alley and Containers is a wise choice.

12. Bravo Gate

Much like the Alpha Gate, the Bravo Gate is merely a spawn location in team game modes.

Coalition members will start the match here and, in objective game modes, it serves as the A flag site for Domination and the Data Center location for Cyber Attack.

Other than using the gabions for desperate cover and the makeshift bench for a potential sharpshooting perch, the Bravo Gate may not be where you’ll find all the frenetic action on Shoot House. You may want to use this area to take a breather or shoot down an enemy Killstreak.

General Tips

·      Those who are dedicated enough with the right loadout can get from Alpha Gate to Bravo Gate in around 10 seconds. In other words, Shoot House is a small map. Keep that in mind no matter what strategy you take.

·      An easy way to break up the map is into thirds: the Allegiance third (west of the center), the Coalition third (east of the center), and the contested center third. More action may take place in the middle third rather than the other two, but always watch your six for potential flankers.

·      Another way to break up Shoot House is into three lanes. The north lane (Forklift, Containers, Back Alley), the center lane (Underpass, Center, and Main Street), and south lane (Courtyard, Junkyard, Shanty Town). You could use these callouts interchangeably, or switch between lanes should the enemy team lock down a route.

·      Despite the map being conducive to close quarters builds, there are enough sightlines for long-range weapons to prosper. As a good rule of thumb, watch out for high ground spots and the ends of long sightlines for potential sharpshooters.

·      Aerial Killstreaks can cover most of the map. Whether you’re skilled enough to earn a Gunship or want to play it safe with a Cluster Strike, earning any air-to-land could turn the tide of battle within this open air shoothouse.

·      Alternatively, the Shield Turret and Sentry Turrets could make easy work of those who love to clock into the Office. These ground-based Killstreaks, along with the Wheelson, can cover the few spaces where an aerial Killstreak is blocked.

·      Watch out for flying grenades and other projectiles across the map. Because most of Shoot House is outdoors, using bank shots and hail mary throws could result in a downed or stunned opponent.

·      Last, but certainly not least, communication is key on Shoot House. Given the map’s size, an enemy in a power position becomes that much more important to destroy. Use those callouts, be a good teammate, and go into that next infiltration with a winning attitude.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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