The Top Ten Skylanders Imaginators Videos... So Far!

The best part of Skylanders is our awesome community. Check out some of the best videos we’ve seen so far where players unleash their powers of creativity!

by Kevin Kelly on October 28, 2016

Skylanders Imaginators has only been out for two weeks, but already players all over the world are unleashing their creativity! We've assembled the Top Ten Skylanders Imaginators videos (so far) that we think show off the fun, excitment, and pure awesomeness that the game has to offer. Take a look, and jump into Skylanders Imaginators yourself, or get creating in the free Skylanders Creator app!

AngryCentaurGaming gives an extended review of the game

Blitzwinger with an exciting unboxing of the Crash Bandicoot Starter Pack

EthanGamerTV jumps into Skylands and creates his own Skylander - Tiny Head!

Sky Dad and Chase jump into the game on NIGHTMARE MODE!

The8bitheater provides a fun "unboxing music video" of almost every figure available at launch

Stampy kicks off a new running series and tells us about playing as Crash Bandicoot

GhostRobo also fires up the game to play as Crash Bandicoot, and others

MinecraftPuppetSteve shares an overview of all the characters on the store shelves at launch

Skylanders Boy and Girl get their hands on the (totally not real) Brain Hack Edition of the game

MrZebraGamer absolutely loses his mind at the package he gets with Skylanders in it

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