Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time Available Now — Save the Multiverse in this New Original Adventure

Join Crash and friends in the direct sequel to the original Crash trilogy, featuring a new art style and a modern take on the classic platforming experience you know and love.

Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time Available Now — Save the Multiverse in this New Original Adventure

Join Crash and friends in the direct sequel to the original Crash trilogy, featuring a new art style and a modern take on the classic platforming experience you know and love.

Everyone’s favorite jumping marsupial is back! Developed by Toys for Bob, Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time is now available for purchase on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 4 Pro, and the family of Xbox One devices from Microsoft, including the Xbox One X.

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In this direct sequel to the original trilogy, nefarious villains Neo Cortex and Dr. N. Tropy have escaped their interdimensional prison, leaving an evil scientist sized hole in the universe. It’s up to bandicoots Crash and Coco to prevent the evildoers conquering not just this dimension, but all dimensions!

Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to as you jump, spin, wall run, rail grind, and blast every crate in sight through the multidimensional universe.

An All New, Original Adventure

It’s About Time marks the first new installment in the Crash series in over 10 years! Taking place directly after the events of Crash Bandicoot: WarpedIt’s About Time sets Crash and Coco against Neo Cortex and Doctor N. Tropy’s evil quest to dominate the multiverse.

Players can jump and spin through this single-player adventure as Crash or Coco with new gameplay mechanics like wall running, rail grinding, and rope swinging. The addition of Quantum Masks gives the bandicoots even more abilities to stop Neo Cortex and save the multiverse. 

Experience the same over the top action platforming the series is known for, including modern additions like quality of life improvements, visual upgrades, and the choice between Modern and Retro mode to match the appetite of both new players and longtime fans of the series. 

Quantum Masks — Guardians of Time and Space

In their fight against Neo Cortex, Crash and Coco will need all the help they can get. Enter the Quantum Masks, guardians of time and space who have been awakened to aid Crash and Coco in their quest to save the multiverse. Quantum Masks grant special abilities that allow our intrepid bandicoots to bend the rules of reality and overcome the most dangerous platforming obstacles.

Don Lani-Loli, phase shift mask, to phase crates and obstacles in and out of existence. Find the stoic ‘Akano, dark matter mask, to create a whirlwind of energy that can break the stoutest crates. Slow down time with Kupuna-Wa, time mask, allowing Crash and Coco to jump across fast moving platforms and dodge rapid enemy attacks. Defy physics with Ika-Ika, gravity mask, by flipping gravity to walk on the ceiling and then back to the floor. 

Shift Perspectives with Timelines

Crash and Coco may be the stars of the show, but they’re not the only dimension hopping denizens you can play. When you complete specific levels as Crash or Coco, its alternate timeline version becomes available, letting you replay past events from another character’s perspective.

Play Tawna’s timelines to hook shot and wall jump your way through the most daring platforming challenges. She may prefer to fly solo, but this Tawna from an alternate dimension definitely lends Crash and Coco a helping hand in their quest to restoring multidimensional order.

See things from the evil side as Neo Cortex. Use the villain’s ray gun to transform unwitting creatures into platforms and jump pads. Avoid pitfalls with his mid-air dash and revisit story elements from the bad guy’s perspective.

For the first time in the platformers, stomp around as Dingodile! Reformed from his life of villainy, Dingodile is ripped into another dimension while pursuing his culinary dreams. Blast crates and enemies with his tail swipe and use his versatile vacuum gun to traverse tricky platforms and make things go boom.

Flashback Tapes and N. Verted Mode

Hungry for the toughest platforming challenges you can get your hands on? Scattered throughout the game, Flashback Tapes lie along various main path levels. However, you can only collect them if you can reach their location without dying. These tapes unlock Flashback levels that take Crash and Coco back in time to the ‘90s to encounter Neo Cortex’s most challenging crate puzzles.

And it gets crazier. Toys for Bob teamed up with Beenox to develop the new N. Verted mode unlocked after beating the final level in the 4th dimension. N. Verted levels mark a creative and challenging twist on the traditional mirror mode, featuring new art styles like an old timey film reel or black and white levels that Crash coats with color after every spin. These aren’t always just visual changes, either, sometimes they affect the way you replay levels in new and interesting ways.

Do it All in Style with Earnable Skins

If you’re going to restore order to the multiverse, you might as well look good while doing it. Luckily, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is packed with wacky skins to match every mood and occasion. Skins are earned by collecting gems within each level, with each level sporting its own unique skin. Players can find gems on a normal playthrough and collect additional gems when playing in N. Verted mode. Lookin’ good, marsupial.

Compete Against Friends in Bandicoot Battle

Prove your spot as top marsupial in Bandicoot Battle, a local competitive mode where two to four players can compete head to head. See who’s the fastest as you race to the finish line in Checkpoint Races or get smashing and try for the highest score in Crate Combo. If you prefer to cooperate, load up Pass N. Play and take turns progressing through levels in normal or N. Verted mode. All competitive and cooperative modes only require a single controller, so you can pass, play, and easily join in on Crash’s misadventures.   

5 Tips to Save the Multiverse

1. Retro or Modern? Take Your Pick. In Retro, players have a limited number of lives. Run out and restart the level. In the Modern setting, you always continue from the last checkpoint after running out of lives. The gameplay difficulty in each mode is the same, so you can switch between settings at any time without losing out on any rewards. Experiment and find what works for you.

2. Leave No Crate Unsmashed. Calling all completionists! Crates might be shoved into every corner and side path along the way. Explore everything and leave no crate unsmashed!

3. Wumpa for Gems. Need a new style? Collect at least 80% of the Wumpa fruit in a stage to secure three of the six available gems in each main path level. 

4. Get N. Verted, Get New Digs. The N. Verted levels contain additional gems that you can use to unlock skins. Plus unlike normal boss levels, defeating a boss in N. Verted mode unlocks a new skin.

5. Get Crazy, Have Fun! The Crash Bandicoot series is all about crazy precision platforming, and it’s no different in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Get playing and discover expansive new worlds, unexpected allies, larger-than-life boss battles, and oh so much more!

Restore Order to the Multiverse Today!

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is available for purchase through the game’s official website at the price of $59.99 USD (MSRP). Get the game digitally and receive the Totally Tubular Skins (available upon completion of the second level), which put Crash and Coco into some digs that shows off their radical 90s roots.

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