Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: ISO

Compact and fast-firing, the ISO is all systems go when it comes to CQB combat. Read on for our breakdown and recommended loadouts for this Season Five Battle Pass system weapon.

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: ISO

Compact and fast-firing, the ISO is all systems go when it comes to CQB combat. Read on for our breakdown and recommended loadouts for this Season Five Battle Pass system weapon.

At Tier 15 of the Season Five Battle Pass system – a free tier for all players – is the ISO SMG.

A rival to the Fennec from the previous season, this compact weapon is meant for clearing interior spaces, conquering close-quarters small squad engagements, and most importantly, providing a highly mobile and compact platform for an Operator to use for high-intensity, fast-moving operations.

“Precision crafted 9mm sub machine gun with a fast rate of fire. This lightweight and reliable firearm is designed to control the close range battlefield.”

ISO Overview

Like other high-fire rate SMGs, this weapon can down an enemy from point blank range out to about a dozen meters in four body shots. Its fire rate is only surpassed by its Season Four’s Fennec, so don’t be surprised if its mag runs dry before you know it.

Just like the Fennec, the ISO only has a 20-round magazine as standard, with the option to bump it up to 30 or 50 with optional Extended Mags or Drum Mags. It does hold 9mm ammo (common), so you may be able to replenish it from fallen players.

Furthermore, although headshots will help you down enemies quicker, you’ll have to hit three in a row on a 100 health, no armor enemy to take them down, and that’s at minimal range.

The ISO does boast stable and controllable recoil. Without a single recoil-reducing attachment, this weapon is manageable from the hip or while aiming down sights within its effective range.

As it fires more down range, you’ll notice a more pronounced kick up and to the right after the first few shots. So kit it out appropriately for longshots, or consider sticking to close quarters engagements.

It has one unique attachment: the FSS Nightblade barrel. It acts as a muzzle and barrel with sound suppression, recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range beneficial properties. So, it may be worth considering when you configure your loadout.

Blueprint Review and Loadout

The Conduit

Available at Tier 85 in the Season Five Battle Pass, the Conduit includes the FSS Revolution, the third-longest barrel attachment, which gives better bullet velocity and damage range to this weapon. The Commando Foregrip combines aiming and recoil stability benefits, while the 30 Round Mags and FTAC Vanguard Stock up your magazine size and aim down sight (ADS) speed, respectively.

With the included Viper Reflex Sight for a more precise sight picture, you have one well balanced SMG in your loadout, no matter the game mode.

Made it to the final circle of a Battle Royale? This weapon is built for that crucial short to medium range game-winning engagement. Exploring Stadium to gain some serious Cash in Plunder? This weapon is great in hallways or in individual rooms, and not so much for sniping across the pitch. What about in Multiplayer, where key chokepoint defenses or advances can be the difference between victory and defeat? Stick close to cover and away from long sightlines, and this weapon will help lead you to that hard-earned W.

Here’s a loadout you could use with this blueprint for Warzone™ and Multiplayer:

Primary: The Conduit Blueprint

Secondary: Kali Sticks

Perks: Kill Chain, Hardline, Tune Up

Equipment: Molotov Cocktail, Decoy Grenade

This class, built for CQB engagements, has dual use in both modes… right down to its perks:

The Kali Sticks are the fastest melee weapon in the game currently, allowing your Operator to run across a Multiplayer map or Verdansk swiftly.

Kill Chain is a dual-threat Perk 1: it counts Killstreak kills (earned and used during the current life) towards your next Killstreak in Multiplayer, and provides a raw increase to Killstreak drop rates out of Supply Boxes in Warzone.

Hardline is another dual-threat, as it reduces all Killstreaks by one in Multiplayer, or reduces Buy Station Prices in Warzone.

The third perk with differing uses across Multiplayer and Warzone is Tune Up, which cuts Field Upgrade time by 40% (MP) or reduces revive time by 25% (WZ). Use this with Dead Silence in Multiplayer to use silenced and quicker movement more often, or be that speedy reviving savior for your Warzone squad.

As for Equipment, a Molotov does great damage to both enemies and vehicles, while the Decoy can confound your opponents as you rush in from elsewhere for the wipe.

Two Warzone Loadout Suggestions

1. Plat Power

Primary: ISO

Monolithic Suppressor, FTAC 225 Dominator, Tac Laser, 50 Round Drums, FTAC Elite ISO Grip

Secondary: PILA

Perks: Cold-Blooded, Ghost, Tracker

Equipment: C4, Heartbeat Sensor

Primary SMG users in Warzone often want to get themselves in close-quarters engagements within interior locations, but if the circle falls outside the newly-opened Stadium, Train Station, or sprawling Downtown, the weapon most likely has to be able to hold its own in the mid-range.

Enter Plat Power: the Monolithic Suppressor and Dominator Barrel max out the weapon’s range, while the Drum Mag gives that 150% increase to standard mag capacity you’ll truly feel (because it’s also a very heavy magazine). The FTAC Elite ISO Grip and Tac Laser mitigate the penalties to ADS and sprint to fire speed respectively.

For a Secondary, the PILA is a great anti-vehicle tool with optional free-fire mode for those “rocket and a prayer” long distance engagements that your squadmates, who should be running rifle or LMG builds, take part in.

The perks are standard for someone looking to go off the grid and track down enemy players, with Ghost being especially useful against those that rely on Heartbeat Sensors. Speaking of it, this class includes one as well for hunting down your own enemies, with the C4 here as a utility.

2. Sidearm 2.0 

Primary: Foxhound Blueprint (Available at Tier 81 of the Season Five Battle Pass)

Secondary: ISO

ISO 140mm CQB, Merc Foregrip, 5mW Laser, FTAC Elite ISO Grip, ISO Collapsible

Perks: E.O.D., Overkill, Battle Hardened

Equipment: Thermite, Flash Grenade

Again, in a similar way to the Fennec, the ISO can just as easily be used as a secondary weapon as it could be a primary.

If you decide to use an ISO secondary, pair it with an accurate mid-distance rifle – like the Foxhound – or a long-range sniper rifle to cover all bases. Then, kit your ISO for speed. Everything on this weapon either benefits the weapon’s movement and sprint to fire speeds; it also boosts hip fire accuracy, which is great for engagements that devolve into near-fisticuffs.

E.O.D and Battle Hardened will leave you well-prepared for enemy equipment pieces, with Overkill being a necessity to make this loadout happen. For your own equipment, pick Thermite for great damage against vehicles or foot soldiers, and Flash Grenades to chuck into rooms before entering, especially if you know someone is in there lying in wait.

Two Multiplayer Loadout Suggestions

1. Going Dark

Primary: ISO

FSS Nightblade, Tactical Foregrip, Thermal Hybrid, FSS Vice Iso Grip, FORGE TAC Stalker

Secondary: Old Fuss and Feathers Blueprint (Available at Tier 42 of the Season Five Battle Pass)

Perks: Cold-Blooded, Restock, Spotter

Equipment: Throwing Knife, Smoke Grenade

This configuration and loadout are for those by live by the tenet of “Shock & Awe.” 

While aiming down sight, the two grips and the stock all provide near rock-solid aiming stability which, combined with mounting this weapon, allows for incredibly precise initial shots while ADS. The Thermal Hybrid Optic cuts through Smoke Grenades – which you’ll have plenty of, thanks to Restock – and the barrel is a two-for-one suppressor/barrel extender combo ideal for longer, quieter engagements.

The secondary, while loud and proud, is a great back-up in a pinch, especially with headshots. It could also announce your presence as a decoy before ducking back into smoke, where you’ll be harder to find thanks to Cold Blooded.

Rounding out this Loadout is the Throwing Knife, a multi-use tool capable of one-hit kills, and Spotter, which can let you see enemy equipment and hack it to make it your own.

2. Protector

Primary: ISO

Ranger Foregrip, 30 Round Mags, Tac Laser, APX5 Holographic Sight, FTAC Vanguard

Secondary: Phantom Limb Blueprint (Available at Tier 18 of the Season Five Battle Pass)

Perks: Quick Fix, Pointman, Shrapnel

Equipment: Frag, Stun Grenade

This configuration is built for ruling mid to short-range objective locations in those game modes – e.g. holding down the B Flag in Suldal Harbor – or for players that love to help their team in any Multiplayer affair.

The attachments on this ISO make for a balanced set-up, plus 10 extra rounds in each mag. Just be aware that the Tac Laser cane be seen by enemies whenever you ADS, so consider snapping to ADS rather than walking and aiming.

Sidearms are another all-around utility tool, and the Phantom Limb is no different. Both these weapons can hold their own at the mid-range, but put your enemies in an interior space or elsewhere where you two will be too close for comfort, and they will shine even brighter.

Quick Fix and Pointman open the door for quicker healing and points towards Pointstreaks – rather than Killstreaks – and Shrapnel gives that sneakily-dangerous explosive buff that delays enemy health regeneration, which can be a great opening move to securing an objective.

That can be done with the might of the Frag Grenade, with the Stun being another effective engagement tool as it can slow down your enemy’s reactions and movements.

These are only just a few ways to configure the ISO in the Gunsmith. Have fun with it once you unlock it and keep levelling it up to see the near-infinite possibilities it provides for your loadouts.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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