Warzone: Multiplayer Free Access Weekend is Back for Season Three!

Season Three maps and classic Modern Warfare® Multiplayer modes are FREE to play, for a limited time!

Warzone: Multiplayer Free Access Weekend is Back for Season Three!

Season Three maps and classic Modern Warfare® Multiplayer modes are FREE to play, for a limited time!

Discover Season Three Multiplayer, Free.

Starting at 10AM PT April 24, free-to-play Warzone players can experience the latest additions to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer – free. For one weekend only, the entire online community can face off in an all-new Multiplayer Moshpit. Play 6v6 Multiplayer modes on five popular maps, including three NEW Season Three maps, until 10AM PT April 27.

If you haven’t played Modern Warfare Multiplayer, now’s the chance to see what you’ve been missing. Or, if you enjoyed the first Multiplayer Free Access Weekend and want to preview what’s new, you’re in the right place!

Get to know the maps and modes on deck for the weekend. Then, log on, lobby up and get ready to crush it in Modern Warfare Multiplayer, the ultimate online playground.

How to Play Multiplayer, Free

This weekend only, anyone who has free-to-play Warzone can navigate to the Lobby and join the Multiplayer action, FREE. In the Warzone Lobby, you’ll see the 24/7 Playlist. Jump in and discover Modern Warfare’s newest 6v6 maps alongside a fan-favorite, Shoot House, all which  feature a variety of combat environments to really put your skills to the test.

And, in true Moshpit style, players will have the opportunity to play a variety of team-based game modes, like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and more.

Meet the Maps

Season Three brings THREE unique Multiplayer maps to the fight. This weekend, experience them all!

Season Three Maps

Aniyah Incursion

Aniyah Incursion

 Aniyah Incursion is a smaller, 6v6 version of its massive, palatial cousin. Here, combat is contained to the central palace atrium and courtyard, for a tight, close-quarters fight.

From our tactical map guide: “Aniyah Incursion rewards all styles of play, from CQB loadouts shooting it out in the palace to sharpshooters exchanging shots over and through the streets. Success goes to the Operators who can best navigate the royal terrain and outflank the opposition.”

For full gameplay tips, including an illustrated guide to each map zone and information about objective locations, read our official guide here.

Hovec Sawmill

This brand-new Season Three map is set in a sleepy Kastovian mountain town. Despite the quaint surroundings, there is a crisis: the central sawmill building has caught fire. Fight through the burning wreckage, and between shops in the village square. If you pass the beekeeper’s, watch out for live hives!

From our tactical map guide: “Although this humble town is beautiful….Sawmill is a dangerous 6v6 map with opportunities for all playstyles to shine. Here, you can expect everything from cross-map sightlines to rooftop engagements and interior skirmishes, with objective game modes forcing players into chaotic battles while surrounded by gorgeous scenery.”

Read the full guide to Hovec Sawmill here.

Talsik Backlot

Based on an iconic map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Talsik Backlot features the fan-favorite, multi-story combat and sprawling village lanes beloved by players for years.

Now set in an empty Urzikstani city, ‘Talsik Backlot’ features a massive but abandoned construction project at its center. Expect dense, door-to-door combat as teams fight to control overlooks, rooftops, and buildings.

From our tactical map guide: “[A] construction company’s latest project is now idle in the middle of Urzikstan due to the growing conflict….Talsik Backlot is a medium sized, building dense map that is suited for 6v6 playlists. The diversity of zones within this map opens the opportunity for all playstyles to be viable. “

Read the full guide to Talsik Backlot here.

Even More Maps

The Multiplayer Free Access Weekend scales up the fun, adding two more maps that made their debut in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Khandor Hideout

This isolated desert compound is no retreat, that’s for sure. ‘Khandor Hideout’ features a central safehouse, made for high-speed, face-to-face fights. Outside, the long outdoor lanes create ample sightlines, making it relatively easy to scan for movement.

From our tactical map guide: “Set in the middle of a desert, this medium-sized map is built for frenetic and competitive action, no matter what kind of loadout you use….[It’s a] three-lane style map that contains long sightlines along with dense interiors, allowing for a variety of combat situations to take place.”

Read the full guide to Khandor Hideout here.

Shoot House

One of Modern Warfare’s ultimate crowd-pleasers, the ‘Shoot House’ map has been an instant classic since its debut. Every playstyle has a place here: from the stealthy soldier with Dead Silence and a Combat Knife, to the eagle-eyed sniper with the Focus perk and a Thermal Optic.

From our tactical map guide: ‘One of the smallest maps for 6v6 play, Shoot House represents a traditional three-lane, fast-paced design that encourages frenetic engagements and high-octane battles….The map is divided into thirds, with two yellow catwalks acting as the viewing platforms for higher ranking officers to see how their Operators run the course.’

Read the full guide to Shoot House here

Time for a Refresh! General Multiplayer Tips

Totally new to Modern Warfare Multiplayer modes? First, learn about the core game modes in a Modern Warfare Moshpit before you hop into a Multiplayer match.

Team Deathmatch: Straightforward, but deadly. Teams of six go toe-to-toe to collect the most kills. The manner of death doesn’t matter, so shoot, launch, and toss grenades to your hearts’ content. The first team to reach 70 kills takes the victory!

Kill Confirmed: Team Deathmatch gets a high-stakes twist, where killed players drop dog tags. Collect teammates’ dog tags to deny your enemies’ kills and pick up your enemies’ dog tags to earn points for your team. The first team to earn 70 points (collect 70 dog tags), also collects the W.

Domination: Three flags are set on the map, each in a static location. Players compete to “capture” each flag for their team by occupying the flag zone for 10 seconds. Flags can be highly contested and captured often, especially on smaller maps. Always check your six.

Hardpoint: Like Domination, players must “capture” a location. However, instead of a flag, the objective is a rotating map zone, or ‘hardpoint,’ that moves to a different area every 45 seconds. Hold down the hardpoint and get a point for every second your team occupies it. If members of both teams are in the hardpoint, the zone becomes contested and no one scores. First team to 250 points wins.

Headquarters: Similar to Hardpoint, teams rush to “capture” a rotating objective – the headquarters. Capture and hold the headquarters to earn points for your team. The team the holds the HQ doesn’t respawn. The first team to 200 points wins.

PLUS: This weekend is the perfect opportunity to experiment with Killstreaks, perks, and Field Upgrades at a deeper level. Get to know these loadout components as you deploy them in Multiplayer, and you’ll soon handle them with ease in Warzone. Use this weekend to become a Cluster Strike master, an ‘Overkill’ perk powerhouse, or a badass boss with a ‘Deployable Barrier.’

For more about the basics of Modern Warfare Multiplayer, check out our Top 10 Tips for Multiplayer right here.

Only Three Days to Play: Let’s Go!
Now’s your chance to get to know Modern Warfare Multiplayer combat in five fan-favorite and visually stunning settings. You’ll encounter the very latest maps, weapons, and Operators joining the fight in Season Three. And, you’ll get a deeper knowledge of the weapons and equipment you’ve encountered in Warzone.

There’s no time to waste: Experience Modern Warfare Multiplayer starting on April 24 at 10AM PDT and ending at 10AM PT on April 27. Season Three’s latest take on Multiplayer all but guarantees a high-octane fight where combat is constant and there’s a skirmish at every turn. So, grab your friends, hit the lobby, and get your dukes up!

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Any items - purchased or earned, player rank, weapon rank, and Battle Pass progression gained in free-to-play Warzone will carry over to the full version of Modern Warfare once purchased. 

PLUS, all digital purchases guarantee you’ll start your game with the XRK Weapons Pack which includes a Legendary assault rifle and handgun blueprint. So, don’t let the party end. Buy Modern Warfare today and don’t miss a minute of the action.

Now, get to Warzone and join the fun for the NEW Multiplayer Free Access Weekend. Stay frosty out there!


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