Earn Rewards to equip in Modern Warfare® Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone by Watching Twitch [Update - Event Extended!]

Watch Twitch and earn in-game rewards

by Stephanie Glover on March 18, 2020

Call of Duty®: Warzone is now live. This epic cross-platform massive combat experience from the world of Modern Warfare featuring two modes is FREE TO PLAY for everyone. Download Warzone from your platform store to get access and start playing. 

Want to earn some rewards for when you drop into your next match? Watch Warzone in the Modern Warfare category on Twitch from March 11 at 10AM PT to March 20 at 12PM PT to earn rewards, then equip then in-game and jump into the action of Warzone. 

Here’s the steps to watching and earning rewards on Twitch:

Step 1: Get a Call of Duty Account

Registering for a Call of Duty® account is a relatively easy process that gives you some awesome benefits. Accounts make it possible for cross-play to be enabled in Modern Warfare including Warzone. Plus, you can get the latest intel and personalized stats.

Get an account by going here. If you already have an account, you’re all set.

Step 2: Link and Re-link

Once you have a Call of Duty account, connect it to your Twitch Account, so you can start earning!

Go here to link your Call of Duty and Twitch accounts. 

If you already have a Twitch account linked, you may need to re-link. Re-linking ensures you have enabled the correct permissions, so you can earn rewards.

Go here to re-link your Call of Duty and Twitch accounts.

Step 3: Watch and Earn

Then, you’ll need to head to Twitch and get a look at the streamers who are playing Warzone. On drop eligible streams you’ll see a callout that “drops are enabled”, so you know you are officially watching and earning. From there, click the stream and enjoy the gameplay. 

You can watch multiple streamers or one stream but as long as they are “drop eligible” your total watch time will be tallied up, so you can earn rewards.

Are you a Twitch streamer? If you’d like your stream to be eligible to earn rewards follow steps one and two, then make sure you are streaming on the official Warzone Twitch directory. 

Step 4: Get the Goods

So, you’ve watched some awesome gameplay and want to know what’s headed to your inventory? Details below:

Watching 1 hour – earns a ‘Airborne Commander’ shiny emblem

Watching 2 hours – earns 1 Hour of Double XP Token

Watching 3 hours – earns the ‘Cataclysmic’ Weapon Blueprint

Enjoy the rewards and test out the Cataclysmic in your loadouts for Battle Royale and Plunder. 

The Cataclysmic is a fast-firing SMG with mobility that makes it fit for taking on Scavenger Contracts and any agile firefight in close quarters. Add it to your loadout, then test it out in a match to see how it stacks up against the competition. 

Warzone is live now and free to play for everyone. 

Need more intel on Warzone? Check out the FREE Official Warzone Strategy Guide featuring over 250 tips, in-depth game mode profiles and strategies, loadout suggestions, and interactive atlas with over 300 points of interests, and more on CallofDuty.com.

See you online. 

Have more questions on Twitch drops or linking your account? Read our support article here or message @ATVIassist on Twitter.


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