Mode Recon: Hardpoint

Modern Warfare® returns the fan-favorite game mode

Mode Recon: Hardpoint

Modern Warfare® returns the fan-favorite game mode

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® released an update of new FREE content on November 8. This release is packed with free-to-play content that includes the ‘Shoot House’ Multiplayer map, a new Ground War map called ‘Krovnik Farmland,’ and the return of a classic Call of Duty mode: Hardpoint.

The entire update, including Hardpoint is free for all platforms. Get ready: this hyper-popular game of area control makes for nail-biting Multiplayer matches. Read on to refresh your Hardpoint knowledge and pick up our favorite tactics for holding the hardpoints down.

“Capture and defend the Hardpoint. When it moves, you follow.”

Hardpoint takes objective gameplay to the next level. To earn points, your team must capture a set of rotating map locations and occupy them for as long as possible. Keep the hardpoint or ‘hill’ clear of enemies and hold your ground until the next location is marked for capture. 

As long as friendly forces control the ‘hill’, your team earns 1 point for every second it’s occupied. The first team to 250 points gets the victory.

At the match’s start, a locked target marker appears over the first hardpoint. Its distance from your team is displayed in meters. After an initial 15 seconds, the hardpoint unlocks and can be occupied. The ‘hill’ remains at that location for 50 seconds, then the hardpoint rotates.

If an enemy does push their way in the hill, the objective is marked as “contested,” keeping your team from collecting the points needed to gain an advantage. While the objective is “contested” neither team gains points, but the game timer counts down. The match can also end when the time runs out, and the team in the lead will claim victory. 


Strategies for Taking the Hill

There are multiple tactics you can employ to occupy the hardpoint and earn points for you team.

If you occupy the hardpoint, make the most of your time. Try using lethal equipment, like a C4, to interrupt enemy travel routes. Or, use tactical equipment, like a Stun Grenade, to disorient any approaching enemies.

If you are trying to breach the hardpoint, consider approaching from multiple angles with your team. Attacking different entry points at once can disorient enemy forces. Or you can try using tactical and lethal equipment like Smoke or Grenades to sneak in or blast away foes. 

When the next hardpoint spawns, it can be tempting to travel with your team as a group. But that can make you an easier target. Consider spreading out and making use of alternate paths as you go between objectives. When you and your teammates approach a hardpoint from all sides, any occupying enemies will have a harder time shutting you down.

If you manage to eliminate an enemy while capturing a hardpoint, you’ll rack up bonus XP. 

Bonus XP can also be earned by being the first to occupy the ‘hill’, and by landing kills while defending your team’s hardpoint. These objective-based boosts make hardpoint a great mode choice when going after the next rank.

Prepare for all engagements

Some hardpoints are unique in layout, requiring Operators to get creative with tactics. Get an overview of what to expect in the highlighted maps below:

Azhir Cave

Are you ready for the far-flung hardpoints of Azhir Cave? Avoid detection in the tiny Cliff Path hardpoint. Or, advance with caution to the wide-open Soccer Field hardpoint. 

Because Azhir Cave is a massive map, with various levels of engagement, the next hardpoint could spawn very far away from the last. Consider a Perk like Double Time to help you sprint faster between objectives.


On the Picadilly map, one hardpoint spawns in the narrow route between buses. This cramped space, with uneven sightlines, makes for intense firefights between teams.

Another hardpoint appears in the Library. Though the open layout can provide a sight advantage, the Library is filled with entry points. To hold off hostiles from taking the Library, keep a steady eye on the doorways.

Key tactics for Hardpoint.

Still want more? Check out our inside tips for this Call of Dutyfan-favorite. Then, get out there and hold down those hardpoints.

1.    No Safe Spaces

Consider taking a measured approach when clearing out a hostile hardpoint. Like Captain Price says, “Check those corners.” Use corner mounting to scan the ‘hill’ and look for enemies before you approach. Or, use tactical equipment, like a Snapshot Grenade, to illuminate hidden threats.

2.    If You Can, Communicate.
A few wrong turns could set your team back for a minute. It’s what makes the mode so damn fun! But, it’s a good idea to use your mic, if you can.  Share intel with your team, like “Enemy entered the hardpoint!” Or, “There’s three of them in there!” Communication helps your team press forward and can aid in eliminate foes.

3.    Aim Down Sights and Scan.

If you’re holding the hardpoint, you’re not on break – especially if you’re alone. Scan the entrances and exits, as an enemy could attempt a capture at any time. Being aware of your surroundings in the hardpoint helps you keep the upper hand.

4.    Clear the Skies.

Stop enemy intel as soon as it starts. Consider taking a launcher along. It usually takes just one shot to wipe the sky of enemy UAVs, Advanced UAVs and Recon Drones, keeping their team in the dark.

5.    No Sleep ‘til 250 points.

Hardpoints are continually rotating, time-based objectives, which means no two matches are the same. It’s important to keep the pressure turned on and up, as the course of a game could change in seconds. Stay alert, stay aware, and most importantly: have a blast.

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