The Rank Up Report #25: Badass Ronin and 25 Warzone Tip Celebration

Our Lead Writer breaks down the signature assault rifle of the Ronin bundle, as well as shares his 25 favorite tips from the free Warzone Strategy Guide.

The Rank Up Report #25: Badass Ronin and 25 Warzone Tip Celebration

Our Lead Writer breaks down the signature assault rifle of the Ronin bundle, as well as shares his 25 favorite tips from the free Warzone Strategy Guide.

Operation: Rank Up Report #0025

Day 175 – 10:29:36 PST

Somewhere in California

AGB – Lead Writer

Welcome to the 25th edition of the Rank Up Report, your week-ending briefing on what’s new in Call of Duty®, and the tips you need to rank up quick, blaze through that Battle Pass, or simply improve your game.

Besides this being the 25th installment of this (usually weekly) series, today’s Rank Up Report is special, as you can see in my featured Operators. First, for the Allegiance, we have Azur in his Brother’s Keeper skin, which is featured in the Sentinel Bundle that entered the Store at the start of Season Three.

Then there is the Coalition, who just enlisted Ronin into their ranks. 

Along with this new Operator, the Ronin Bundle includes a new  assault rifle blueprint. Although the other items included in this bundle – an axe that falls in the melee class, a cool handgun, a super badass Finishing Move, and some more cosmetic items – are great, I want to delve deeper into the Soulful Wanderer.

This weapon is a combat-ready carbine; the combination of attachments included with this blueprint weapon allows an Operator to snap from a hip-fire stance to aiming down sights, acquire a target quickly, and stay on target.

In general, this weapon is superb for close to medium-range engagements, which are more than common within Multiplayer and Warzone. It can also do well for long-distance fights, so long as you mount the weapon on a piece of cover or a wall. Overall, the Soulful Wanderer is built for success right away, especially with multiple attachments on it not being unlocked for some time through normal progression.

Outside of the Ronin Bundle, this week was also special because there is another Multiplayer free trial weekend for Warzone players. If you are coming into Modern Warfare through Warzone, then I hope you have plenty of fun with Multiplayer during this limited time event.

Speaking of Warzone, if you haven’t already checked out the full (and completely free) Warzone Official Strategy Guide, I seriously recommend it. We put a ton of great nuggets of information and advice – not to mention an interactable Tac Map – within this massive free guide, and I wanted to take part of this special 25th Rank Up Report to share my 25 favorites out of the 250+ I helped to write for the guide.

These tips, ranging from the absolute basics to weaponry and advanced tactics for specific areas, give a good cross-section of what you’ll find in this guide. Hopefully, the following tips get you interested in diving back into this guide and use it either during your matches as a second screen reference, or a bit of light reading when you’re taking a break to fuel up to play some more Warzone

Click the link for each tip to be taken to the section of the guide that it is from.

Tip #001: Navigation and Call-Outs 101

The Mini Map and Compass are two of the biggest pieces of reconnaissance technology in the game – and they come standard on your HUD. Use them to call out enemies – e.g. “two snipers at 90 degrees/East/90” – or plan your next move. Also, look on the bottom of the Compass to see the name of the location you are currently in, which can also help with navigation and call outs in combination with our map.

Tip #012: Shoots on Ladders

Remember: if you don’t have a handgun in your loadout, you will be unable to fire a weapon on ladders. And, if you do have a pistol, it may be wise to use it as self-defense while taking a climb.

Tip #018: Operators, Mount Up

If you already are near a wall or ledge, such as on a sniping perch, why not take the extra milliseconds to mount? Having less recoil and steadier aim certainly doesn’t hurt, especially when using high magnification optics.

Tip #026: Going Solo? Intel is Your Best Teammate

In a game where you find it’s your Operator against the world, intel becomes the most powerful weapon for survival. Along with paying attention to the Tac Map and Compass, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV.

Tip #043: LMG: Let’s Mount (This) Gun

LMGs come with some serious recoil. If you find them hard to handle, try mounting an LMG onto a wall or piece of cover and fire a bit more freely knowing it won’t kick you around like a mule.

Tip #045: Marksman Rifles: GET QUICKSCOPED!!!

The high mobility of all marksman rifles makes them prime candidates for skilled quickscopers. Don’t know how to do it? Run around, acquire target, aim down sight, fire quickly, and repeat.


Finishing Moves can be interrupted during their animation. If you are performing one, be sure to stay far away from an enemy’s teammates. If you are getting finished… be sure to have reliable teammates who can save you from an embarrassing death.

Tip #074: HAHO Drops for Distance

Opening a parachute at a high altitude may not get you to the ground quickly, but it’s a fantastic tactic for covering great distances and getting off the beaten path of where you may think other Operators are heading.

Tip #079: Don’t Miss Out on XP and Camo Challenge Completion

Kills in the in-game lobby give you XP, and count towards a camo and reticle challenges. Even if you think you have plenty of practice, it doesn’t hurt to play around in here and get some “free XP.”

Tip #089: Plunder: You Are Now Free to Move Around Verdansk

The circle collapse doesn’t exist in Plunder, allowing you to explore all of Verdansk without fear – or at least, only with the fear of enemy players. Seek out the far-flung locales in this game mode, and you may be rewarded with untouched Supply Boxes.

Tip #092: Plunder: Bank Heist

The National Acropolis Bank branches still have some Cash in their coffers. Visit them if you are low on money… But be warned that their alarms will alert all squads in the area to the robbery in progress.

Tip #097: The Collapse: An Underrated Tool for an Operator

Although the collapse can be deadly, risky players can use it to circumnavigate threats or sneak up on enemies that think they are in safe territory. If you have the health to lose and keep it in check, don’t be afraid to use this collapse as another weapon in your arsenal.

Tip #100: Check Those Corners!

Whether it’s travelling through Downtown Tavorsk or a residential block, it’s never a bad idea to check corners for hostile forces or their traps, such as Proximity Mines. Usually, equipment pieces like Snapshot Grenades can weed out enemies or equipment in hiding.

Tip #104: Recon: A Flash of the Future

Recon Contracts alert nearby enemies to your position by firing a flare into the air when the objective is being captured. Although you will have to be extra cautious while completing this task, the loot and a look into a future circle are definitely worth the trouble.

Tip #112: Mask On

Gas Masks become more valuable loot items as the collapse progresses and takes over more of Verdansk. Unless you absolutely need to use it to survive, consider saving it for the last collapse to make those final fights less claustrophobic.

Tip #118: Pay No Attention to the Operator Behind the Turret

Shield Turrets may take some time to put down and position correctly, but when it is ready, it can rip through soldiers and vehicles alike. Just be aware that your back will be completely exposed while using one, so either have a buddy watch your six or set up defensive equipment accordingly.

Tip #124: Practice Your Revives in Modern Warfare

Knowing when, and how, to effectively and efficiently revive teammates can be tough. If you need practice, head over to the full version of Modern Warfare experience to play some Special Ops or Cyber Attack in Multiplayer, which both feature this easy to learn, difficult to master mechanic.

Tip #130: Gulag Map Variant 2: The Ninth Circle

If your Gulag fight has a massive circular stall in the middle, be prepared to use it to cut down sightlines and engage in close quarters combat. Alternatively, hug its sides and aim down the north or south lanes to get a solid longer-range show on your enemy.

Tip #136: SUV: Better Protection on Four Wheels

The SUV seats just as many people as the Tactical Rover while also offering plenty more protection. If you are taking this for a spin, be sure to take it on actual roads, as it may not perform as well in tighter spaces or rockier terrain.

Tip #155: A Dam Good Sightline

Whether its atop the Fire Station or the Upper Dam, few vistas compare to what you’ll get atop the Gora Dam. Come here with the longest scope you have and look down below for any enemies worth engaging with.

Tip #186: Towering Over the Junkyard

The various structures in the Junkyard don’t have verticality, save for the Comms Tower. It can give you incredible sights over most of Verdank’s West side but will leave you with little cover... Be sure to coordinate with your teammates if you decide to take the climb up here.

Tip #198: Hospital Hills

Between Verdansk’s Train Station and Hospital is a wooded hillside with prime views of both locales. If your squad is looking for an unconventional way to get between these two major zones, or wants to do some scouting, head to these hills.

Tip #209: Living in an SUV Down by the River

Logically, one would think to drive over the rivers, but given that they are both barren, it is possible to take a ground vehicle down the Gora and Karst River. In fact, navigating along the rivers can be a faster, and possibly sneakier, way to drive up and down Verdansk.

Tip #225: Gate Check

While the interior of the Stadium is currently inaccessible, the various gates that would lead into it have an underrated number of loot opportunities. Just be sure to use the security features and stadium architecture for cover, since Downtown Tavorsk skyscrapers have solid views of the Stadium’s southeast-facing side.

Tip #253: Out on the Yard

The Zordaya Prison Complex Yard can hold valuable loot and even vehicles, but the guard towers and wall can house enemy sharpshooters. Be cautious when wandering out onto the yard, lest you be sent to the Gulag.

Whether you are diving into more Warzone or trying out the Multiplayer free trial this weekend, I’ll be seeing you online.

Stay frosty.


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