Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Scrapyard

This Map Snapshot visits an abandoned aircraft boneyard with spare parts littered throughout playspaces in this classic Modern Warfare® 2 map now available on Mobile

Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Scrapyard

This Map Snapshot visits an abandoned aircraft boneyard with spare parts littered throughout playspaces in this classic Modern Warfare® 2 map now available on Mobile

Welcome to Season Three and the newest Multiplayer map – Scrapyard. Another awesome map pulled from the Call of Duty® franchise. Now experience this graveyard for aircraft parts during the height of combat in the palm of your hand. 

Read on for more intel on Scrapyard. 

Lay of the Land

Scrapyard is original based on a Campaign level in Modern Warfare2, “The Enemy of My Enemy.” As a Multiplayer map, it is a haven for medium to short range combat. 

When you first play a match in Scrapyard, nostalgia may rear its head. Just don’t stay in that moment too long, lest your enemies take advantage. This medium-sized three lane map is almost a perfect rectangle with buildings and environmental set pieces to play through as you take on your opponent. 

Scrapyard is the site of a specialized junkyard – one for airplanes. The space features multilevel offices that surround its center, and the center of the map is hosts the skeletal remains of airplanes. You can move through, around, and past these pieces as this is a typically heavily congested area. 

There are buildings near the east and west spawn hold staircases where a second level overlooks the map center. The buildings on the north and south side of the map provide excellent cover, but don’t add in additional verticality. 

The map’s center is somewhat protected from snipers near the east and west spawn and rests nestled between two larger aircraft parts. You can access the center by rushing through any of the hollow airplane skeletons or rushing from the buildings on the north and south side. 

Boot Camp: Basic Tips

Scrapyard’s design favors mid-range weapons but offers mixed engagement in various areas while providing opportunities for snipers and CQB players to find success. 

The two east and west buildings are the initial infiltration points in team game modes and those that rush out quickly into the scrapyard might have a chance to find first blood. Alternatively taking the stairs and peering through your scope might be another one to drop an enemy opponent first. 

Whichever playstyle you favor, try to utilize the set pieces like cars, airplane pieces, and more to give yourself cover during a firefight or if you need to perform a quick reload. It’s also good because it can give you time to step back and re-adjust your aim, particularly if your aiming for sniper shots. 

Be wary of enemies in the buildings above you and other players on the ground. There are different spaces on the map, like near the center inside of the hollow airplane or on the side buildings, where snipers on the top level of buildings won’t be able to reach you. Get to know the map and find these “safe” spots, so you can still play efficiently without being taken down by enemy sharpshooters.

Mobile Master Tactics

There are multiple ways to play Scrapyard, but it’s best to navigate the map in a way you enjoy that plays to your strengths. 

From the initial spawns, players can choose to go up their stairs in their building which might be a good choice for longshot and sniper enthusiasts or out into the scrapyard. 

The lanes to the outside of the fallen plane scraps are long straight ways with excellent sightlines. If you want to get longshots, but also get into the action this might be a good strategy for you. An abandoned car provides minimal cover, or you can rush into the side building if you are being rapidly fired upon. 

Close-quarters play is most advantageous in the interiors of the map. This includes the hollow plane in the map center. If you favor up close combat, consider using the planes as cover to make your way across the center and blast anyone who comes in your path. 

While the center itself is broken up by the scattered airplane pieces, there is a far outside lane north and south through the building that can be a route of solitude. Take this path to potentially avoid enemies and flank the other team to rack up unsuspecting kills. 

It may take a few playthroughs to find your natural rhythm on Scrapyard but like with anything it can be mastered with time and practice. 

Scorestreak Field Guide

Scrapyard’s various interiors make Scorestreak usage tricky, but placement is the key to finding success with these tide turning elements of warfare. For those on defense, the interiors can be your friend but be careful Sentry Guns and the fiery explosion of the Molotov Cocktail.  

Sentry Guns can be useful if placed near objective points, during standard Team Deathmatch it may be harder to predict enemy movement patterns and determine ideal placement. Aerial Scorestreaks play well if the center has become a hotbed for activity, but if you’re playing a team of sharpshooters you may not find the same level of success.

Airdrops are best called in off to the sides of spawn, just make sure you are a clear of long sightlines or you might be dropping a package that can be easily stolen by the other team. 

Survey of Objective Play

In objective modes, the play doesn’t funnel towards the center like one might expect. Instead the location of the objectives circles the play around the interiors of several buildings. Learning the entrances of each building is key to being able to hold down objectives.

The warehouse on the southern side of the map is the home to a bomb in Search and Destroy and the B flag in Domination. It can be accessed via the southern flank, so reaching the objective before the enemy could be key to your survival. Just remember to proceed cautiously, particular in single-life modes. 

The high ground has its place in objective modes for players traipsing across the center of Scrapyard. However, as the B location can’t be targeted from these perched positions, the lay of the land might be safer. Just now that when you exit out of B in the east and west directions, you may be exposed to a sniper lying in wait. 

Use the flanks and cover to move about discreetly and don’t forget that taking objectives with teammates often brings you a higher chance of success. Your teammates are a resource. 

In addition, lethal equipment works well to take out an opponent planting or defusing a bomb or an enemy player attempting to ‘cap’ an objective. 

Top 10 Tips

10. Scrapyard’s side lanes feature long sightlines, so be prepared to encounter a sharpshooter.

9. When selecting Scorestreaks lean towards ground and intel-based streaks like UAVs and Sentry Guns as the interiors provide plenty of protection.

8.  The warehouses on the east and west of the map, near spawn, both have second levels with multiple windows. Use these to overlook the field or take out enemy. 

7. Speaking of those warehouses, focus on heads up gameplay meaning watch all directions, so you aren’t taken out from above. 

6. The nature of Scrapyard’s center lends itself well to close-quarters-build. If that’s how you want to play, get into cover quickly from the spawn and take out enemies while ducking in and out of the skeletal remains of airplanes. 

5. Flanking through the warehouses on either side is a safer way to approach an enemy spawn. Just be on alert for snipers upon your exit. 

4. The majority of objective locations are indoors, safe from sniping range. Use this knowledge to hold positions with confidence that your enemies are only on the ground. 

3. Knowing all the entry points in a warehouse is the best way to prevent meeting a fatal surprise, and key to securing indoors objectives.

2. While the center is often a place rife with combat, there is plenty of cover. You can fire through the old window holes in the fallen planes to take out enemies crouching inside. 

1. While snipers and CQB players may have success in certain areas of the map, an agile mid-range loadout is a good option to take into battle on Scrapyard.

Enjoy Scrapyard, and we'll see you online!


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