Pre-Order Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions to Gain Two Exclusive Bonus Levels

Get two additional grids, including one inspired by the console of your choice.

by Scott Lowe on November 19, 2014

With just under a week to go until Geometry Wars makes its triumphant return, we’re excited to announce that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is now available for pre-order via the PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam.  In addition to the 50 singleplayer levels already in the game, those that pre-order Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will gain access to one of two exclusive bonus levels — Blood Count or Secret Eye — as well as a level inspired by their platform of choice.

Those on Xbox One or Xbox 360 will receive Blood Count, a unique Torus-shaped grid, and Titan Box, a cube-shaped grid with an Xbox green background. PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 players will get Secret Eye, a triangle-shaped grid with an evolving cubed wall, and Symbolic, which spawns enemies in clusters shaped like PlayStation controller button icons. PC players who pre-order through Steam will earn both Secret Eye and Blood Count.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions launches on November 25 across the PSN and PC and November 26 on Xbox Live for a price of $14.99. For more information and how to pre-order, check out the official website and follow @GeometryWars on Twitter.