Spyro and Elora Glide into Crash Team Rumble Season 3

Spyro and Elora Glide into Crash Team Rumble Season 3

Winter comes to the shores of N. Sanity Island during Crash Team Rumble™ Season 3, launching December 7! Join Spyro the Dragon™, his friends, and enemies, as they enter Crash Team Rumble just in time for the holiday season. Throw down across a snowy wonderland of tropical locales, touched up with festive decorations and goodies during the winter seasonal event. It’s time to cozy up next to the dragon fire and get in the spirit of the season!



Spyro™ and Elora Join the Rumble

From the world of Avalar, everyone’s favorite purple dragon and lovable faun are arriving during Season 3! All that experience collecting gems will carry over to Crash Team Rumble, as Spyro joins the team as an agile scorer. Charge around the map with all his signature moves, complete with fire breathing, gliding, and headbashing flair. In addition, the new Bank Portal power invites an all-new layer of strategy to your game plan. Instantly teleport to your bank for a sneaky Wumpa score or go on the offensive by teleporting to the enemy bank to wreak some havoc instead. Gather your favorite Spyro and Crash Bandicoot™ heroes and villains to craft the ultimate dream team! Then later this season, Elora the Faun joins Spyro on the hero roster – be sure to stay tuned for further details.



Explore the Dragon Realms in Two New Maps

The beautiful worlds of Artisans and Summer Forest are transformed into new maps, with exciting relic stations and surprises in store! Artisans Arena brings the Spyro home world to life with friends and foes to assist in the fight. Utilize the Fairy relic stations to give your team extra defenses, or summon the Ice Wizards to freeze enemies with fearsome frost attacks. Make use of the Epic Relic Station, Gulp, to rain terror from the sky and create savage earthquakes. Later in the season, Summer Forest arrives along with new Party Mode remixes, meaning more ways to play in both competitive and co-op!

Get Festive with the Winter Seasonal Event

Gear up for the holiday season with new themed skins and cosmetics, coming soon in the Winter Seasonal Event! The maps you know and love will be getting a frosty makeover, inviting you to drop in for some holiday fun. Customize your look with brand-new gear when the Winter Seasonal Event drops later in Season 3!


Spyro Early Access and Season 3 are both live today, so jump into the arena and get ready to torch some sheep! 


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