Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Live-Action Trailer

Sometimes, when things just get to be too much to handle, it’s time to say “Screw It, Let’s Go To Space"

by Kevin Kelly on October 25, 2016

World gone mad? Screw it, let's go to space! Directed by Peter Berg, follow a crew of gamers – including Michael Phelps and Danny McBride – as they escape the frustrations of Earth and launch into intense dogfights, zero-G combat and classic boots-on-the-ground action across the solar system in this epic new installment in the Call of Duty franchise.

Pre-order now and get the Terminal Multiplayer Bonus Map and the ‘Zombies in Spaceland’ Pack on Day 1. Get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in select editions of Infinite Warfare.

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