Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Petrov Oil Rig

This large 6v6 map based on an abandoned rig in an undisclosed location arrives as part of Season Five.

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Petrov Oil Rig

This large 6v6 map based on an abandoned rig in an undisclosed location arrives as part of Season Five.

Season Five is here – alongside the clandestine ops unit Shadow Company, Coalition and Allegiance forces are gearing up to plunge right into combat on an abandoned oil rig.

Large, yet built for close-quarters engagements, this new Multiplayer map quartet member will test all operators holistically as they battle for control of this important classified energy source.

This is your Tactical Map Intel for Petrov Oil Rig:

Lay of the Land:

Over a third of a year has passed since Armistice first mobilized to counteract a global threat. Now, Coalition and Allegiance fireteams arrive on opposite ends of an offshore oil rig with amission to capture this key energy resource. However, the motive behind this operation is unknown; is the platform really under Al-Qatala’s control? Or is this all a plot to further infighting between former alliance members?

Map Detail:

Petrov Oil Rig is a larger 6v6 Multiplayer map that is a traditional, three-lane map mixing long sightlines, intricate flank routes via interior routes, and few, yet meaningful, points of verticality. In team game modes, Allegiance members will spawn north at a lifeboat muster station, while Coalition forces will arrive via the rig’s southern helicopter landing pad.

On the surface, the map features three north-south lanes with key areas of control: a central bridge, an oil storage tank, interior cafeteria and infirmary (west lane), and the mighty oil drill itself bookended by a fire station and overlook area (central east lane).

Map Overview

The following set of maps detail the entirety of Petrov Oil Rig, including the locations of important areas in different game modes, and a topographical image. Swipe or click left or right to see them all:

Basic Strategies

Mastering Petrov Oil Rig is all about learning sightlines down range and chokepoints between lanes.

Each route has its own interior spaces, but certain buildings, such as the Quarters between the oil storage tank and central bridge, offer fantastic positions for flanking enemies, especially in objective modes.

Although these interior spaces feed into a CQB playstyle, don’t underestimate long-range weaponry, especially on the east and west lanes. While oil storage zone sightlines will take some time to find, the buildings that overlook the drill beg for a sniper to take advantage of the second-story views.

Roll Past the Competition with the Death Roll Blueprint

While every weapon can be used to dominate your competition on Petrov Oil Rig, we have one blueprint suggestion that could be part of a winning strategy:

Found in the new ‘Wetland Protection’ Store bundle, the Death Roll is an SMG at heart configured for mid-range firefights. That’s thanks to its ammo conversation attachment, allowing it to fire 5.56 NATO rounds used by assault rifles, along with an Extended Barrel, Commando Foregrip, and Integral 3.0x Optic. 

Combined, these attachments turn this SMG into an incredible hybrid weapon well-suited for Oil Rig, able to hold its own in close-quarters while stretching its effectiveness into the mid-range. Furthermore, because it’s an Epic blueprint, there is one attachment slot open, meaning you could complete the weapon with a 1mW or 5mW Laser for better hip fire accuracy, or add another attachment of your choice.

Killstreak Field Guide

Both spawn areas and each lane are prime for Killstreak fire, especially if it’s a Precision Airstrike ready to make a run right down an entire route.

Knowing this, it’s wise to break for nearby buildings and use nearby open-air spaces to seek and destroy Killstreaks. 

As for ground Killstreaks, don’t be surprised if you see a Sentry Gun or Shield Turret perched on the central lane’s high ground, or in one of those buildings near the drill. If placed properly, those underrated turrets can wipe down advances through an entire lane.

Objective Play

Given the map’s natural design, objective-based players can use the above tips to lock down key areas for their squad’s success.

How can it translate over to the various modes? Let’s start with Search & Destroy; both bomb sites are placed on lanes with long sightlines. On either team, CQB players could use interior spaces to inch closer, mid-range players could take to the central lane flank, and snipers can find their angle to pick off opposing sharpshooters or out of position players.

For Domination, Allegiance members get the first crack at the rig flag, while the Coalition get prime positioning for locking down the oil storage lane. The B flag is right on the bridge – be prepared for absolute chaos from all sides, as it can, and will, happen early and often.

Cyber Attack players get a taste of Domination and S&D strategies, as the EMP Device moves each round. 

Last, but not least, Hardpoint and Headquarters players have an objective spawn in each lane, plus the two spawn zones. 

10 Tips:

In summary, here’s the intel for success during your next operation at Petrov Oil Rig:

10. Building Up CQB Engagements. Shotguns, SMG and other CQB weaponry could rule over the various buildings of Petrov Oil Rig. Add in some quality lethal and tactical equipment throws, and you can get an idea for how confined and crazy engagements can get within the map’s interior spaces.

9. Mid-Range, Mid-Lane. The map’s mid-lane dynamic offers itself up to great mid-range weapon play, such as from assault rifles and LMGs. Combined with opportunities elsewhere, don’t hesitate to pack one of these weapons if you like to lock down those mid-range sightlines.

8. Hidden Sniping Gems. The east and west lanes offer long-range weapon users fantastic sightlines if they can find them. They are easier to find around the giant drill, but the ones on the opposite lane may take some work to figure out… Yet could be even more valuable than obvious second-story window spots.

7. Hybrid Warfare. Unusual weapons – e.g. marksman rifles or ammo-converted weapons like the Death Roll – can fill gaps in the roles played by CQB and mid-range weaponry, which could potentially help you turn the tide of battle for your squad.

6. Killstreak Hunting Spots. Want to shoot down Killstreaks? Find those spaces between buildings, such as near the Fire Station, where a launcher rocket can be fired before ducking back and taking cover.

5. Search & Destroy: Passive Attacking. Snipers on an attacking team within Search & Destroy have access to the Overlook space near B, and a shipping container near A. Consider these spots if you usually go for opening picks before your team advances forward.

4. Domination: Bridge to No Man’s Land. Because the bridge (B flag site) goes over mid-map and offers a place for equipment – or even Operators – to hide, tread carefully on or below the bridge, as you may find an unpleasant surprise.

3. Cyber Attack: Go with the Flow. Given the EMP Device location change every round, it’s ok to switch your loadouts between rounds to play towards a specific zone’s strengths for combat.

2. Hardpoint Rotations. Central, East, West, South, North. Like Domination, locking down the central lane could be key to success.

1. Divide and Conquer. Given the map’s design, be wary whenever your entire squad is advancing together on the same route. Mind the flanks or peel off from the pack to catch enemies behind your lines before they go in for the team wipe.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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