Lerch leads the Shadow Company and the Season Five Battle Pass of Modern Warfare®

Instantly unlock a ruthless Operator when you purchase the Season Five Battle Pass

Lerch leads the Shadow Company and the Season Five Battle Pass of Modern Warfare®

Instantly unlock a ruthless Operator when you purchase the Season Five Battle Pass

A memorable and explosive entrance into Stadium marked the Shadow Company’s debut in Modern Warfare.The imposing SC leader, Marcus “Lerch” Ortega is a former U.S. Marine Forces Special Operators Command (MARSOC) soldier turned Operator-for-hire. 

Read on to learn more about Lerch and how to add him to your roster for your next Multiplayer or Warzone™ match.

Origins of an Operator

Born in Plano, Texas, Lerch was somewhat of a loner growing up and as a teen possessed natural size and strength. Those attributes led him to the gridiron where he was dominant on the field and prone to causing injuries to others.

Disinterested in college or a 9 to 5, Lerch jumped at the opportunity to join the USMC and boot camp was everything he hoped for. After joining the 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Lerch thrived on the battlefield and his enjoyment of the fight wasn’t lost on his squadmates. Everyone noted it was better to have Lerch fighting beside you versus against you. 

After an unfortunate mishap with use of excessive force and insurgents, Lerch was honorably discharged (though some of his more questionable choices made this a borderline case). Civilian life didn’t particularly appeal to him, and it wasn’t long until he was approached by an international private security firm, the Shadow Company. The Company is tasked with mission support and risk management, and Lerch’s raw skill and moral flexibility made him the perfect Operator for the job. 

Never one to turn down any contract, Lerch is known as a cold-hearted Operator who is a one-force multiplier. He thrives in the private sector where he can work under his own terms and loosely considers himself and his crew, members of the Allegiance. 

Get Lerch and an Evolving Skin at Tier 0 (Instant Unlock)

Tier 0 of the Season Five Battle Pass is packed with multiple items including the leader of the Shadow Company, Lerch. 

Initially, you’ll pick up the ‘Behemoth’ skin a beefy all black look that comes with a tactical backpack. Complete Lerch’s Operator Missions to see increasingly tactical variants of the skin: The ‘Gargantua’ adds a cap and turns the backpack into a tactical vest, and the third skin in the set the ‘Colossus’ transform the vest to full-on riot gear and replaces the hat with helmet.

Complete the missions and along the way, you’ll also earn a Lerch calling card and quip. 

Three other items are available at Tier 0, the ‘Archangel’ skin for Rodion and an Operator Mission, war tracks a new customization item allowing players to listen to specific songs when the drive a vehicle (including ‘Sepulchre’ the Juggernaut theme),  and an XP boost that last the duration of the Season. 

Head to the Battle Pass menu to purchase and unlock Lerch or get the Battle Pass bundle (includes 20 tier skips) to also instantly own three blueprints, the ISO SMG, a Shadow Company mil-sim Operator, the deadly raven ‘Nevermore’ Finishing Move, and more.

Learn more about the Battle Pass on the Games Blog or check it out in-game. 

See you in the Shadows…


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